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  1. 1st Week: Side Quest 1: Not doing too well with getting bed in time. But not feeling exhausted during the day so that has to be a plus. Side Quest 2: I've been doing great tracking my calories, but not so great in keeping with the goal. However I think I have a hang of it. Apparently anytime I have to travel and a few days after it's hard for me to stay on track. Side Quest 3: so I totally overestimated what I'd be able to do. Body combat puts a lot of strain on my body so I'll cut back to 4x a week so I can have a rest day every other day. Yoga gets bumped up to 3x a week. Meanwhile enjoy these pictures. After 6 years away I miss my favorite foods!
  2. My week one hasn't technically started. I'll be starting a few days late on the 6th. Mainly because we've been traveling and I wanted a good fresh start. But I'm using this time to start tracking and getting into good habits.
  3. Hey Rebels. I have been gone for some time getting ready for a move back to the states. What's new? 1. Gained weight (not healthy weight boo) 2. Moved back to the states 3. Decided to procreate 4. Almost finished registering my business in the US Crazy right? We'll all this craziness has left me to fall back into bad eating habits, bad sleeping habits, and not enough exercise. So let's change that during the holidays! Holidays = Family and that's who I'll be with during this 4 week challenge. All of grandmas homecooking and delicious Puerto Rican street food. Main Quest: Become a Gentleman's Lady! My husband is in training and he'll be undergoing some grueling stuff for the next 3 months. I want to work out and diet in solidarity and to be honest I want to feel good and look good when he sees me again. Side Quest 1: Early to bed and early to rise makes a woman pretty, witty, and wise. During this quest I have to battle with the jet lag and get into good sleeping habits. If I'm well rested I can be less stressed and be more productive in the day. Side Quest 2: An Apple a day keeps the Doctor at bay. I'll be tracking my calories to lose weight and making healthy choices. While making healthy choices is not difficult for me, remembering to track my food is. Now I can enjoy my yummy hometown food and still lose weight. Side Quest 3: Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every lady, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it. Yoga 2x a week, swimming 2x a week, body combat 5x a week.
  4. I just saw this post today. I'm so sorry. I've been having a hard time getting motivated to do much of anything. Also I've been having a lot of trouble with the forum update affecting my challenge.
  5. I see some of you have fixed your progress bars. How do I manage this as well?
  6. Day 17 I CLEANED THE SPARE ROOM. It's totally finished, swept, and organized. Now one can play music, read, or study in nice clean comfort. Now cleaning the rest of the house will be a breeze. Next job will be the living room and hallway. Ahhhhh it's a great feeling I think tonight I'll do some piano practice because I'm behind and I'd like to catch up. I don't know if I'll reach my goal, but I think I bit off more than I can chew. I'll fix that for next challenge. As for yoga. It's been great. I've been falling asleep much easier, I feel like my mermaiding has improved drastically, and I just feel great. I'm balancing better now and have learned so so so much. My Japanese learning had been going well. Vocab is going slower than I'd like, but my reviews are on point. And I'm not finding much enjoyment from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. But I'm determined to finish it. So far this week has been really great. I hope to finish strong!
  7. Day 15 My super Monday was actually very super! The weather was absolute GARBAGE. But I got SOOOOO much cleaning done. The spare room is looking so much better. I can walk in it and honestly my next day off should be able to finish it. I'm very excited! I also did an exhausting but invigorating 700m on my swim today. Had a nice beef bowl dinner. And I have dinner ideas for the week. I didn't get to touch my piano today, but it's ok because it was worth the amount of progress I made in the house. I'm talking switching our summer/winter clothes, setting up the lights in the living room, getting rid of our move in boxes from LAST YEAR. Tomorrow is my last day at one of my schools. While I'll be a little sad, I like my students and ill miss them, along with my coworkers who've always been kind and great. I am happy to not make such a long commute and get my Tuesday's back. Hopefully the weather is a bit better tomorrow. UPDATE: The weather is nice and sunny today
  8. Week 2 Still feeling a bit out of control but now I'm starting to feel ok. Maybe it's because starting next week I'll get my Tuesdays back. Maybe it's because the yoga is giving me a thread of sanity. While I've lagged behind on my other quests, I'm strangely ok about it. Tomorrow I plan on pushing really hard on my swimming. Tomorrow I'll plan paleo dinners for the WHOLE week. Tomorrow I won't set a limit to my piano practice and see how long I can go. Tomorrow I tackle the apocalyptic nuclear waste land that is our spare room (the room I play my piano in). Why tomorrow? Because I'll be riding the high that I'm on tonight. I went and bought a silicone tail. Then I panicked and paced the house for what felt like hours. Today I had to get all my anxiety and chaotic energy out with lots of thinking, walking, and freaking out. Now I feel extremely happy and excited. I was feeling a bit down because of some hardships at my job and this spring weather has been absolute shit. But this has breathed new life into me and I want to work my ass off. Monday will kick off Week 3 to a great start and I'm going to ride that momentum all the way to the end of this challenge.
  9. UPDATE Week one went well enough. But now midway though week two and I find myself not just lagging behind on my goals, but also feeling once again, out of control. I though it was me and my tendency to stress out. I've come to find it's my job and constant, last minute schedule changes. I'm now having trouble sleeping and having anxiety dreams. I don't have a routine in place for anything and it's throwing me way way way off. I'm not sure what i can do to remedy this at this point in time. I'm hoping the following will work: slowly incorporate a morning/evening routine that can be done everydayDo not take on any more teaching jobs outside of March Make commuting time productive internet/learning timeWe'll see what happens. On the brightside I got to meet fellow NF Rebel Schaengel and yoga has been really great for me this challenge, and is something I may just incorporate in all my challenges.
  10. Day 5 Long story short I had a shit day. But yoga and some cleaning has prepared me for some great sleep. So night ya'll.
  11. Day 4 Today was so weird. I ended up working last minute, but it was still a pretty good day. Learned new vocab and reviewed some more. I had a nice lunch. Walked my pup. Did my 30 min clean. And I did my daily yoga. I think I'm getting more from it than I thought. After yoga my morning and early afternoon I had a pretty calm mind (when usually I'm freaking out about something). Also it just feels nice. I really look forward to my yoga videos and I always feel like I have to do them, not because of the challenge, but because it will make me happier. I'm really glad I decided to yoga for my challenge this month
  12. I loved Kyoto I'm so glad its rejuvenating for you! There's so many things to do in Kyoto that honestly the most important thing is to just enjoy! I'm hoping the rest of your trip is full of energy and fun!
  13. Day 3 Personally today was terrible. I don't know WHAT got into me but I was a mess. I got my work schedule confused, took all the wrong trains, was sooo late to work and just. A mess. Fortunately my favorite limited edition ice cream is back in season and I'm determined to not pig out, but instead buy it all out and hoard it in my house where I can savor them (in correct sensible portions) everyday. Also my husband is getting very excited lately and tells me all about it and it brings a smile to my face. I did my third day of Yoga, threw some laundry to wash, picked up a bit, and took out the trash. I also read a whole book (Fairest) today while on the trains. Now I'm just ready to rest and have a better day tomorrow.
  14. It's ok. Im not controlling my speed and volume, and I've added or missed notes in a couple places. With this I was more concerned with remembering notes and getting muscle memory down than anything else. Once I'm confident that I'll know the notes no matter what, I work on improving my pedal work and even using different "tones" on my piano (I really like the harpsichord function, it's a lot of fun).
  15. Day 2 Pretty great day today. Another day of for the Yoga challenge, did some vocab review, cleaned up the living room, and had a nice simple chicken and potato dinner and even bought a new book! I also did 1-hour of piano practice and am pretty happy with the result. By the end of this challenge I should be able to play perfectly.
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