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  1. Huge China update! The Internet in our room was sucking out on us. China was great! Lots of fun! I didn't get to do much fitness maintenance or much reading. But I did review some Japanese vocab. Now as Week 2 comes to an end, I'll be looking to week 3 and 4 to get my post-vacation life back to my pre-vacation life.
  2. Sorry my phone is acting up tonight. Hopefully I can get upload what was supposed to be tonight's update, tomorrow morning.
  3. My goals are: 1. Get 11 things off of my to do list done 2. Week 2 only: Eat one new food item a day 3. Week 2 only: Explore for 30 minutes everyday 4. Week 2 only: write in travel journal every night 5. Do yoga/ballet videos 3x a week I think they're SMART goals!
  4. Wow! Way to go! Your just plowing through, your doing great!
  5. Fayrn

    Yraen Keeps at it

    Your doing so great! Broad shoulders and small waist? Sounds good! Even though your workouts weren't to your liking (I know those feels), it's good you reached your goals! I hope you have a nice trip at the barbers!
  6. I have no idea, most people seemed to go for the starfish. I personally wanted to go for the seahorse, since it is a fish. But the scorpions...oh they were creepy. Today I did my yoga practice, hip flexors, which was a great stretch. Also I had several new foods today, including freeze dried bayberries, which were tart but delicious. Anyway onto the pictures!
  7. Wow your doing really great! Sorry I haven't been keeping up with your updates, I just read through them. As long as your taking care of yourself (which sounds like you are), I'm sure you'll feel better in no time.
  8. It's ok! This just means you have a baseline. I know you can make it!
  9. When I went through my last challenge, I started becoming more aware of my body as well. This is a great sign! Your doing good!
  10. Streetlights count down here in Beijing These pictures are from out time on the plane and at PEK
  11. I almost did EVERYTHING on my BEFORE to do list; I didn't finish all the dishes. But I can make up it up when I get back. Amazingly I only forgot to give the spare key to the babysitter. I didn't get to do my ballet video, but I'll just do some Yoga before bed. I've been so stressed, it'll be better this way. Currently underway to the airport. This will be my last post until tonight where I will then update daily on adventures in China. Thanks for your support everyone! I'm so excited for this venture!
  12. WE'RE LEAVING TOMORROW WTF 11:05 PM I've purchased winter clothes, packed up my dog's things, mostly packed my suitcase and backpack, set aside clothes for tomorrow, cleaned out the fridge, did 3/4 of the dishes, and did all the laundry. I've stress eaten a pint of ice cream, literally ran late to work, panicked because I couldn't find my baby's emergency information, and had a nose bleed (stress induced). Listening to music to try and calm down. Full blown freak out mode. Save me. 1:25 AM I'm mostly packed, just missing toothpaste and some camera film. I didn't finish the dishes 100% but maybe I can do it in the morning. I learned all the important Chinese phrases I need for the moment, and can learn the rest on the plane and while I'm there. As long as I pack my missing toiletries and unplug the electronics I should be good. I'm so tired. Oh and I called the bank and informed them we're traveling. So yay. Standard Chinese (I think it's Mandarin?) It's so hard, I thought Japanese verb conjugation and grammar was hard but Chinese pinyin is so far out there I need a formal classroom to really tackle it. Thank you. I just realzied I ddin't do today's exercise......I'll have to do it in the morning...night
  13. Alright, met up with my sub for my class, got a great sitter for my baby, I got some winter clothes, and my stress freak out has started right on time! I also did the ab ballet video which I was quite disappointed with. I'll have to do something else for abs. To make up for it I did a nice bed time vinyasa video, so everything's good now. As for learning Chinese: I can say thank you, hello, and am working on 'this please'. I can't believe we're leaving in three days...maybe I won't believe it until we're on the plane.
  14. Fayrn

    Yraen Keeps at it

    Madness...absolute madness. I'm crying about my sore buns because of my flute workout and here you are being a Spartan!
  15. Thank you everyone for all the well wishes! Today was a good start! I set up a time to meet with my sub, and started the search for a sitter (late in the game I know), and I reviewed some Japanese vocab. I got started learning some survival Chinese, but I don't have high hopes of retaining. I also did my first set of ballet videos. Really tough! Let's see what else...I'm over 25% into Deathly Hallows and I reached my saving goal this month! So yay for one quest down! NEXT DAY UPDATE: MY BUNS!!!! IS THIS DOMS?!?! SAVE MY BUNS THEY'RE GOING TO FALL OFF!!!!!
  16. I'm really interested in this Yoga camp...I may go right on ahead and do it next challenge!
  17. Ooooooo following along, looks like this will be interesting!
  18. Even super simple challenges can be trying...I wish you all the best in your endeavors!
  19. Hello! I'm new here! I'm so excited to workout with you guys!
  20. WEEK FOUR REPORT Build Tail Strength A I did pretty good on this quest! I definitely noticed some improvement in my balance, back and core strength, and a more powerful dolphin kick. So success! My only disappointment is my lack of keeping to my proposed schedule, leading to procrastination. Swim the Distance A+ I did great on this quest too, even with the first week delay! My endurance has improved a lot, although I may need to improve my out of fins skills. I may be able to glide through the water, but I have noticed in human form I'm half-drowning. Training Under the Pressure C According to the Freediving instructor I should be able to obtain my Beginner Freedive certification easy peasy...but not until this summer when we'll be going out to sea for the rest of the training. So for now, I'm in the middle of training. Send Word of my Journey's End A- Now I will count this a success, even though I haven't ACTUALLY sent out the emails. I'm waiting for my photos to send along, but for now I have the emails all set up for each agency just waiting for those photos and to hit SEND. Side Quests Linguistic Mastery A+ Surprised I did so well on this! I have to admit though, I am burnt out on vocab... Knowledge Expansion A+ I've finished the Half-Blood Prince, watched the movie, felt the feels, and am now 18% into Deathly Hallows. SUMMARY This challenge went great! Almost perfect execution! This Journey was great; I'm stronger, wiser, and feeling awesome! I know somethings I should work on in future challenges, but that will have to wait until March. Starting Feb. 1st, I'll be joining the Adventurers as I travel to China for Chinese New Year. Don't worry, I'll be joining the Star Wars minichallenge.
  21. This is AWESOME!!! I live in Japan! If you want we can meet up if your not too busy! I'm so excited for you, I'll be following along and cheering you on! Wishing you all the best this month!
  22. Week One Hips and thighs Legs and Butt II Abs **Posture **Arm toning Week Two Hip Flexor Shoulders Strength and Length Week Three Legs and Buns Inner Thighs Swan Arms **Waist **Shape-up Week Four Legs, thighs, & butt Arms Total body **Cardio **Short videos
  23. Before and After 91%91% 10/11 things done Explore China Eat something new with one meal every day 100%100% 7/7 days Explore for 30 min everyday (if not busy) 100%100% 4/4 days Write in travel diary every night 100%100% 7/7 days Fitness Maintenance 50%50% 6/12 days Side Quests Linguistic Mastery 100%100% 8/8 days
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