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  1. Before and After: +4 WIS, +35 XP A - Everything done B - 8-10 things done C - 5-7 things done D - 2-4 things done F - Did nothing Explore China: +4 CON, +4 CHA, +30 XP A - Weeklong exploration B - Explored 4-5 days C - Explored 2-3 days D - Explored 1 day F - Locked myself up in hotel room Maintain Fitness: +1 DEX, +1 STA, +1 STR, +35 XP A - Fitness Maintained B - 9-11 days C - 6-8 days D - 3-5 days F - Lazy Potato Linguistic Mastery: +18 EXP A - Pass F - Fail Gold Keeping: +4 EXP A - Pass F - Fail Knowledge Expansion: +2 EXP A - Pass F - Fail
  2. Hey adventurers, I'm new here! My fitness and life goals are split down the middle between Assassins and Adventurers, and since this month I'll be going to China, I'll be shacking up here for the next four weeks. Main Quest: Travel like an Adult Traveling is not a new thing for me, but while going through airport security and customs isn't a big deal for me...everything else is. All my anxiety and stress comes from packing, getting the house ready, and taking my furry baby to the sitters. When I come back I don't unpack anything for MONTHS. I also am notorious for over packing or worse leaving something extremely important behind (like a cell phone charger). Also when I'm out adventuring I tend to stay in some sort of comfort zone, mainly with food, and have a bout of laziness if there's not already planned events. These 4 weeks I will work on NOT doing what I normally do when I travel. 1) Before and After During week one I have to prepare my home and prepare myself for the upcoming travels. During week three and four I have to unpack and put away things, and of course tell everyone on Facebook what happened. In total there are 11 things that I need to do in order for this side quest to be a success. 
 2) Explore China A simple quest in my opinion. Go out and explore! Eat new things! Take lots of pictures and write down the memories before bed. 3) Maintain Fitness Again super simple, just keep fit during these four weeks. I'll be doing ballet videos 3x a week and swimming whenever possible. During my week in China, I'll be doing yoga instead due to the strict Internet censorship preventing me access to my normal youtube videos. Side Quests With any good adventure, there's always side quests to complete. These little add-ons will not give me any attribute stats, but will instead contribute to my XP. These are things I need to work on often throughout the year. Quests are as follows: Linguistic Mastery II Review Vocab 2x a week Gold Keeping II Save $26 this month Knowledge Expansion II Read 2 books this month
  3. Today was my last day of exercise for this challenge. Here are the results: 2x8 55lb leg curl 2x10 roman chair ball thing 2x8 55lbs leg extensions^ 3x8 190 lb glutes machine 3x8 55lb hip flexor 1x8 115lbs addiction, abduction 3x8 40lbs lateral raises 3x8 65lbs triceps press 3x8 20lbs shoulder press Back extensions 1x10 Weighted back extensions: level 8 1x10 Leg raises 1x10 Bodyweight: Knee Push-ups 20 Assisted shrimp squats: 10 Flutter kicks: 40 Inflated ball crunches 25 Swimming: 450m
  4. Fayrn

    Yraen Does it Over

    Almost done! Can't wait to read your update!
  5. How's everything going? I'm hoping this cold weather doesn't have you down! Keep going strong!
  6. So I did it! I made my Japanese learning goal this challenge!
  7. So I'm COMPLETELY completed my language quest! First time ever being done in a challenge! Woo!!!! Also had my first freediving session today and the instructor said I did great. I swam 50m dynamic apnea and 1:50 min breath hold in static apnea. Apparently Beginner Freediver goals are 25m dynamic and 1:30 breath hold. And then I just had some fun in the pool, learned how to properly duck dive, messed around with my camera, and found out I can't fit through the hoops they have floating on the bottom because my monofin is too big. But all in all great lesson!
  8. Had a nice chill work out today. I'm still sore from Saturday, so I switched out my usual strength training for my final legs video, the full arm video, and some Fitness Marshall videos. I'm also almost done with my language quest, which I'm really happy about. I usually do terribly on my language quests during my challenges.
  9. Amazing! Another traveler! I'm glad to hear your doing great with your goals while abroad. Can't wait to hear more!
  10. I'm honestly impressed that I'm almost done with my Japanese goal. I usually don't do very well every challenge I've added it to.
  11. Thank you for the advice! I'll Definitely try fixing the order of my workout for my final week.
  12. Fayrn

    Yraen Does it Over

    That's how I felt about today's workout. But I don't think mine was as intense as yours 0.0
  13. WEEK THREE REPORT Build Tail Strength This week I didn't do well keeping up with my planned schedule of MWF, but I did manage do to both my strength and body training, and my yoga, done this week. Today, in fact. I've noticed some GREAT improvement on my balancing. I should take a video! 4x8 50lb leg curl 2x10 roman chair ball thing 4x8 50 lbs leg extensions 3x8 185 lb glutes machine 1x8 45 lb warm-up, 2x8 50lb hip flexor 1x8 100lbs reverse hip flexor, addiction, abduction 3x8 35lbs lateral raises 3x8 60lbs triceps press 3x8 15lbs shoulder press 3 negative pull-ups 0.5 pull-up 10 machine pull-ups 70lbs Back extensions 2x10 Leg raises 1x10 Bodyweight: Push-ups -uneven knee 6 -10 knee push-ups 5 jack-knife sit ups 10 weighted bicycles Planks: 30 sec Balanced squats: 15 Assisted shrimp squats: 6 Squat jumps: 20 Superman: 20 Flutter kicks: 50 Swim the Distance Not much to add. This week was a good swim. I'm hoping to do even better on my final week. Training Under the Pressure During week 3 I'll be attending my first Freediving session. I'm so excited! Side Quests Linguistic Mastery I'm honestly surprised how well I've kept up with this quest, considering in the past my language learning endeavors usually went terrible. I only have a little over 70 words left to learn, so this last week I'll be bringing it home! Knowledge Expansion A little over half-way with Half-Blood Prince (57%). SUMMARY This week was a bit of a mess. But now approaching the final week of the challenge, it's almost my second wind for finishing strong. Week 4 is gearing up to be a great week!
  14. Too chicken to try XD So I had a great swim today. Practiced some new bubble tricks, and a new backflip. And of course I did ACTUAL training. Along with my 300m I did an extra 150m. And I feel like my dolphin kick is getting more powerful and fluid. Yesterday I did my weekly video, which was more full body than legs, but still good.
  15. Remember when I said the weather was getting colder? Apparently it's snow time now. So there's no way I'm going in the ocean.
  16. Fayrn

    Yraen Does it Over

    Sounds like a great 2nd week!
  17. WEEK TWO REPORT Build Tail Strength Due to an unexpected bout of laziness, I missed my monday training. However, I did end up getting all three intended exercise days, so all good there. I'm feeling more strength in my back and core, and thanks to the mini, I feel like I have some new muscles in mah booty. Swim the Distance I'm getting behind on my swimming. I haven't made up for Week One's missed swim. Hopefully I can get two swims this week. Training Under the Pressure So I have had ZERO luck with Big Blue diving school and I was going frantic, trying to find a school that would work with my broken Japanese to make an appointment, when out of the shadows arose a hero!!! More like a group, than an actual school, the leaders are all PADI certified instructors that now teach PADI's new freediving course. They've already contacted me and I can start learning theory and do the pool portion, however, due the the increasingly freezing weather, we have to postpone ocean training until summer. Due to this info, I'll be changing my grading, since by the end of this month I'll be in the middle of getting my cert instead of actually having gotten it. Side Quests Knowledge Expansion Finally watched OoTP and am currently reading Half-Blood Prince, about 18% (six chapters in).
  18. I never put much thought in it but yeah. A friend of mine does outrigger canoeing and that's cost her so much money in Paddles and canoes. Even some hobbies can cost you a lot of money these days: hosting a YouTube channel, cosplaying, or even just playing an instrument. I guess money is the small (or in this sense expensive) sacrifice we pay to have some fun and entertainment in our lives.
  19. Internet! For my tail I bought the fabric cover for my monofin from a woman who makes them in Hawaii. As for my monofin, a well known freediver/mermaid Mermaid Mahina created the Mahina Merfin. I love it because it's as big as normal freediving monofin but made of rubber and easier on the ankles. It's great for an intermediate swimmer like myself. But there's also special platinum grade silicone prosthetic tails that professional mermaids like Hannah and Melissa have used. They're thousands of dollars...so I'm steadily saving up for one
  20. Haha no I think that'd be a funny site to see; a mermaid perpetually rolling to her side. Shame but your right increasing my arm strength won't be a bad thing, it'll definitely help with lifting myself out of the pool since I can't use my legs. Thanks for all you advice! :3
  21. 0.o I don't understand what you said! I guess you can't call my swim training "traditional". All I do is practice my dolphin kick and breath hold.
  22. Fayrn

    Yraen Does it Over

    You guess? That's fantastic! Keep up with the great work!!!
  23. Today was a great workout! Did week 2's leg video, which was pretty difficult this time around! I also did the swan arm video (7 min in this time) and feet stretch video. Along with my squats for the mini-challenge I decided to add some cardio with some dancing! I've noticed some increased strength in my core, especially towards my mid-back. I'll be going swimming tomorrow and will see if this affects the power of my kick or how long I can stay underwater. In other news; I signed up for a freedving beginners crash course at the end of January. Most likely, I will not be able to get certified this month. In fact...I most likely won't be able to get certified until April. Part of the certification requires open dives, and in this increasingly freezing weather, I'd need a dry suit (which I don't have, requires a different set of certification and is expensive). And part of my Epic Quest, I've updated my website's booking info and about me page and I've also written up a booking agreement and liability waver. I feel so adult. Sort of... ...my house is a mess. I'll have to make proper adulting like house cleaning part of my challenge next month.
  24. I work as an English Teacher in Japan, I wish you all the best! The kids are great no matter the age and Japan really is great! Good luck!
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