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  1. I just realized looking through some videos of my swim training, that I'm unbalanced in the water. If I try lying flat my lower half naturally sinks while my upper body can float. I think I need to add more arm workouts into my routine.
  2. 4x8 45lb leg curl 2x8 roman chair ball thing 4x8 50 lbs leg raises 3x8 185 lb glutes machine 2x8 45 lb hip flexor Plank rows 10 Back extensions 1x15 15:00 treadmill Medicine ball push-ups: standard 6 I also did some squats for the mini-challenge and 4 min into the swan arm workout (seriously that workout is killer). I feel all-in-all today was a good workout. I know with another set, or more weights, next week I'll be hurting (in a good way). In other news I applied for business registration on base (kind of a big deal, since I wasn't planning on doing it until Spring).
  3. Fayrn

    Yraen Does it Over

    Great first week! But I am sorry your sore (even if it's kind of a good thing)
  4. Fayrn

    Yraen Does it Over

    What is DOMS?
  5. I'm really happy to say that I've been making great progress with my Japanese! At least making headway with my vocabulary. I'm already 1/4 done with my goal for this month! (I guess I should be since the first week is over...)
  6. WEEK ONE REPORT Build Tail Strength So far, doing great. Learned what working and what's not. In week 2, I plan on adding more reps, weight, and sets. I also plan on doing the extra videos after each workout. Just cause. Swim the Distance Finally swam today. 300m was challenging, but I can easily add another 50m on my next swim. Because we took the underwater camera, I've noticed I can't hold my breath for long at all. But I did notice marked improvements in form and in my aquabatics. Training Under the Pressure While I have contacted the freediving school, once again language barriers is proving to be a challenge. Since I have not had response to an email, I've decided to head over to the school during Week 2, to register for classes in person. Side Quests Gold Keeping Quest completed! I saved 1500 yen this month, which exchanges to over $10. Knowledge Expansion While I already read one book, and finally sucked it up and finished Order of the Phoenix (which doesn't count) I still have to watch the movie before I get started on the Half Blood Prince. Not the best picture, but my husband took it during our mini "photoshoot" when were goofing around showing him my tricks.
  7. Fayrn

    Yraen Does it Over

    HOW DO YOU STAY SANE ON 1800 calories?!?!? I'm terrible at calorie counting, let alone sticking to an amount. Geese I have a huge respect for you dude. If we ever meet, I shall crown you king of constitution
  8. Syren this is great thank you! My study things are not on my challenge thread, but are goals on my Epic Quest page. So this will really help!
  9. Syren this is great thank you! My study things are not on my challenge thread, but are goals on my Epic Quest page. So this will really help!
  10. Spezzy did a great explanation and you should totes check out her profile for inspiration. In short, do both. You can assign your 3 challenge quests 33 xp (it doesn't divide nicely) or for 4 quests 25 xp, so once completed you can level up once the challenge is complete. If you have other quest goals separate from your challenge, like save money or transition to veganism then just assign those things xp. I did it: 1-25: 4 wk challenge quests or easy quests. 26-70: things that are physically hard, cost a lot of money, need a lot of time (2-4 months), etc. 71-100: could take almost a year, probably need a loan for it, almost dreams, like if I achieve this holy crap that'd be amazing
  11. Good BW workout today, while also doing the swan arms and feet stretching videos. That swan arms video is REALLY hard, but totally necessary. While the feet stretches are pretty painful, also necessary due to the kind of strain my arches and ankles go through while wearing a monofin. As for the BW workout, will have to add more exercises and sets. Just a little easy today: 12 uneven push-ups30 knee push-ups2 30 sec planks2x20 squats2x10 jump squats2x10 supermans2x20 flutterkicks
  12. Are you sure? You can do a lot of cool things judging from your challenges. So due to...let's call it a medical set back...I can't swim this week. But I can make it up next week by just going twice. However I'm starting to eat REALLY badly due to the lack of good and readily cookable foods available in the house. To combat this I'm going shopping tomorrow to make sure we have plenty of healthy choices. I'm also going to make some meals in advance so there's no excuse for eating out.
  13. Alright did the first weeks video. I should have watched it. A little disappointed, it was too easy. I will watch the next videos and change them out for more difficult ones as I see fit. But I've been stretching throughout the day and have noticed more flexibility. Yay improvements!
  14. Today's workout notes: 4x8 90lbs leg press 3x8 40lb leg curl 3x8 60lbs hip abductor 2x8 30lbs hip adductor 3x8 135lbs seated leg press 2x8 roman chair ball thing 3x8 45lbs leg raises 7:00 elliptical I'll be cutting out the leg presses and adding more core and hip next week.
  15. 1. I was hellah sleep drunk when I wrote that post. 2. Thank you! Here's the video: So I'm actually really new to freediving and haven't started any lessons yet, but I can shed light on what i do know (or at least think I know). 1. I'm naturally a very anxious person. With that said, I just remind myself that the "panicky need for air" is just a biological response to a build up of CO2 in the body. I always push myself to make it a certain distance, but sometimes, I just exhale a bit, which eases up the "need" for air. I do know my limits and when I start...well I call it air vomiting. It looks and for me feels like I will barf but without the nausea. Anyway when I start doing that, I know I need air or I will panic and drown. 2. As for freedivers in general...I'm not sure if they play mind games. Freediving has been compared to yoga and meditation in the sense that you need to focus on your clear mind, your body, and breathing (in the case of freedving you focus on your oxygen needs). 3. When you do a sport like SCUBA, then decompression and Nitrogen narcosis are things to think about, because you are inhaling compressed air. With freediving, there is no need for decompression. And normally, you wouldn't breath compressed air during freediving. You ready youself at the surface, dive, and then come back up. Typically for about 2-5 min, depending on the person. In Japan, some freedivers hold records of about 10 min! With all that said, I want to learn to freedive so i can increase my breath holding ability. i don't really care how deep I can go, just how long one breath can give me under the water. Also it would really help my modeling.
  16. Fayrn

    Yraen Does it Over

    You got this Yraen!!!!!
  17. Thank you both for clarifying. I've learned something new. And am now peeved about this info. I hope their computer(s) crash...and their cooling fans malfunction!
  18. Thank you! I feel very confident this time around! First day of the challenge and I didn't do strength training! Gah! But I have a good reason! I had a photoshoot today and then a long and tearful phonecall with my mother. These two things have literally taken ALL day. I was no lazy bones today no sir! I was swimming in a tank and posing for photos...underwater...holding my breath...eyes wide open...and smiling! It's a lot harder than it sounds. And I'll be sore tomorrow! But also tomorrow I will get back on schedule!
  19. So this is our fault? Too many people on the server?
  20. I didn't introduce myself either! Gah! Fayrn, 23, Vet. Tech Graduate now aspiring business owner. I study at home, by myself, out of textbooks or (soon) mooching off of my husbands classes. Due to money constraints and my current goals and my current job, I'm unable to learn from a traditional classroom setting, where I would normally excel. So I'm hoping this group will help me stay on track. I have a 2-day Japanese learning streak so that's great.
  21. Thank you! I wish you all kinds of luck on your studies! I hope I don't end up bombarding you with questions!!!
  22. Ok so this will sound weird, but I'll be taking my husbands Financial Accounting class alongside with him. I won't be getting any credit...and I also wouldn't be turning in any of the work for a grade. But I'm trying to start my own business, and I figured since he's learning financial accounting, I should learn it alongside with him. So I'll be studying that too.
  23. Videos ​Week One Yoga Week Two Yoga Week Three Yoga Week Four YogaFeet Stretching Arms Excercise
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