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  1. Get Dressed: +1 STR, +2 STA, +1 DEX A - 18 days B - 13-17 days C - 9-12 days D - 4-8 days F - 3 days or less Bring Wedding Presents: +2 WIS, +2 CHA A - 10 gifts acquired, wrapped and sent B - 10 gifts acquired and wrapped C - 10 gifts acquired F - No presents ready Enjoy the Banquet: +2 CON A - 42 days B - 31-41 days C - 21-30 days D - 10-20 days F - 9 days or less Dance the night away: +2 DEX, +1 STR, +1 STA, +1 CHA A - 6 classes B - 4-5 classes C - 2-3 classes D - 1 class F - No classes
  2. Get Dressed 66.7%66.7% Bring Wedding Presents 25%25% Enjoy the Banquet 75%75% Dance the Night Away 2%2%
  3. Starting Weight: 73 kg Ending Weight: 73 kg
  4. Main Quest: Attend the Nutcracker's Wedding Now that it’s the holiday season and fall, I don’t want to lose my progress. My main goal is to not gain weight. That’s it. If I maintain or lose that’s fine, but no gaining weight. Get Dressed: I want to look my best for a wedding. In order to do this I will continue mermaid training once or more a week, along with yoga twice a week. Bring Wedding Presents: I plan on sending my friends back home some presents this year! Only problem is I usually suck at remembering to do that kind of thing. So it’s a quest now. I plan on sending 10 packages. This quest is broken up into three parts: acquire gifts, wrap gifts, send gifts. Enjoy the Banquet: 'Tis the season for food, and while I don’t want to deprive myself or miss out I also don’t want to gain unhealthy weight. I will control my calorie intake for the next 6 weeks. Dance the Night Away: I’ve have been wanting to get back into ballet and have been holding back for stupid reasons. My goal is to sign up for classes and attend 6 ballet classes for this challenge.
  5. Wow Jothra your killing it! 506? Tha means you've actually done over 1,000 bear crawl steps! What's your secret????
  6. Oh my god.....leave me on the battle field to die a warriors death....those burpees were MURDER
  7. Where have I been? Great question! I've been taking way too much stuff this challenge and failing!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Long story short, I'm not doing parkour anymore. I injured myself, I say fuck it. I'm outtie. I'm also going to quit playing catch up. What I'm doing now: I will start over, so to say, and pretend the last few weeks didn't happen. I won't play catch up, whatever doesn't get done that day doesn't get done, period. Next challenge I hope to do better.
  8. I feel like I've been away forever. I managed to do all 7 (that was some crazy yoga towards the end) and got a completion bonus. And I'll be doing lots of pull-up related workouts so yay!! Have we decided who will be our champion? I'm going to be not so humble and volunteer my name into the pot. I have all kinds of energy and I feel like I'm on a roll!
  9. Yesterday was great. I swam 25 meters in one breath! And my husband swam in my monofin, successfully teaching me different ways to put it on and take it off. I also started on the Second Trial, which is working out great, with Zombies, Run being pretty fun to play, even if I walk my dog. Now if I could just catch up on my Japanese that'd be great. 9x10 push-ups (knees) 3x4 bodyweight rows (underhand) 3x8 assisted pull-ups (70-lb, overhand) 3x8 assisted dips (70-lb) 10x10 squats 5x1 negative pull-ups 5 lands 5 precision jumps 5 two-handed vaults 3x8 leg lifts Mission 1 of Zombies, Run! Free monofin swim
  10. 45 min LISS cardioAshley Conrad's ab challenge 1x8x10 push-ups (knees)3x4 bodyweight rows (overhand)3x8 assisted pull-ups (70-lb, underhand)3x8 assisted dips (70-lb)3x10 squats5x1 negative pull-ups700m monofin swimFirst Trial down, and like Sam, it's taken it's toll on me. I'm feeling a bit under...I hope I feel better. I just have lack of energy to workout. I'm falling behind on my Japanese lessons...things are getting crazy. Now the second trial is going to start tomorrow. It's looking more and more like I don't want to continue with parkour after this challenge.
  11. God today was awful. I hurt myself trying to push myself too hard on these rolls for the trials. I edited the first trial to reflect that the 3rd progression is very difficult for me. I refuse to keep pushing, I don't want a hip injury to ruin my plans for the future. This challenge was to see what I could do, and now I know 300 rolls in two weeks is too much for me. With that said I know now where I stand. My future workouts will reflect that. I thought this would mean leaving the guild, and joining the scouts...but I really think my place is here. While I'll keep fighting the good fight, after this challenge, I don't think parkour will be a goal for me anymore...we'll see. I don't belong in the other guilds; my goal is swimming, but not for speed or stroke form, but for fluid movement and breath holding. To be a better mermaid. Anyway...sorry for that sappy chick flick moment. Back to the important stuff: Safe roll II 30x3x10 squats3x10 pylometric push-upsSafe rolls III 14x5x1 Negative pull-up45 min LISS cardio3x4 bodyweight rows3x8 ass. pull-up3x8 ass. dipsab challengeFrom now on my main focus to use parkour training and techniques to strengthen my mermaid training, not the other way around.
  12. This month I start my Harry Potter marathon; rereading all the books, going on Pottermore, rewatching all the movies, HP themed treats and drinks, and of course....workouts! Tried one today: Voldemort's name=10 squats and a spell cast=5 push-ups. Mind you I just finished the first book so those final two chapters helped rake up 20 attacks and 130 dodges! I haven't even started on my normal workout routine! I'll update this post with my added attacks and dodges! UPDATE: Got another 30 push-ups and 30 squats done!
  13. The sun was pretty bright during the day, but was gone by the time I went for a swim. Safe Rolls II 45x5x1 negative pull-ups3x20 box jumps3x8 pylometric push-ups45 min LISS cardio3x3 bodyweight rows3x8 assisted pull-ups 70-lbs3x8 assisted dips 70-lbsCleared 4 steps 10xAb challenge 1x600m swimWhile the changes I made to my routine did make the workout harder, it was good. I have a feeling I'll be sore tomorrow. EDIT: It's the morning after and I'm beat the hell up.
  14. Good job! How'd your rolls go? My first progression rolls were kind hard at first, but I'm having a lot of fun with the second progression.
  15. I posted my final mileage for today...4.26 miles!!!! Great job brothers and sisters! We did good!
  16. No apologies needed, you've contributed and that's what counts! We're still holding 3rd place which is way better than where we were before! i have some more walking to do but so far I'm at 1.61 before the deadline.
  17. Tundraliliy great job! Now we're ahead of the Dwarves! I walked to the grocery store for some supplies today so I have another 4.8 miles to log.
  18. Another week, more demon ass to kick. Last week was great starter, but now we gotta up the game. I'm dropping weights from 75-lbs to 70-lbs on my assisted dips and pull-ups, dropping the Smith machine bar from the 6th notch to the 7th, and add another 100m to my swim. Today though, I'll work on catching up on deciphering that tablet and completing the first trial.
  19. Week One Report First Mission: I'm glad to say I kept up with my parkour training and my mermaid training this week. Saturday I got to do a zipline/rope course which was a lot of fun, although a bit out of my comfort zone. But I had a blast so who cares! Second Mission: I've stretched with my monofin (which is a lot harder than it sounds, did some yoga and flexibility videos, and made to sure to stretch at least 5 minutes on days where I didn't have time. All good here. Third Mission: Okay. On a normal day I can take 20 min every 4 hours to do my Japanese study. However, being the "I-can-do anything" badass I ended up taking on three new teaching jobs. Since they're in Tokyo, on twice a week I'm gone most of the day (mostly because commuting takes so much time). So right now I'm behind in deciphering the tablet. Good thing is that this is Silver Week so I have time to catch up and get intoa better groove. First Trial: I'm a bit behind completing the first trial. Rolling isn't that easy, so i can't do it on the hard floors of my house. I should be back up to speed by the end of today. Walking to Modor: I've logged in a little over 15 miles for this week's mini challenge. I'm actually suprised I walked so much, so was my husband. But I guess when you don't drive, have a dog, and do 45 min walking on the treadmill 3x a week, it adds up.
  20. Got some much needed supplies this week: MY FINIS MONOFIN It took a lot to not break into the pool and test it out, and I'm so happy that it's here. Today was a good day to kick some demon ass: 45 min LISS cardioSafe Roll I 49xAshley Conrad's ab challenge 2x3x8 pylometric push-ups (knees)3x8 bodyweight rows (underhand)3x8 assisted pull-ups (75-lb, overhand)3x8 assisted dips (75-lb)3x18 box jumpsCleared 4 steps 2xCleared 3 steps 2xCleared 2 steps 4x50m free swim50m Dolphin Kick400m monofin swimI also received some surveillance equipment (early birthday present I got a waterproof camera), so some awesome underwater videos will be posted as soon as I can. Now swimming with a monofin is no joke; drowning in that thing is hella easy. I also had some bad foot cramps after 50m. More training needs to be done, but it was amazing.
  21. Clocked in 4.72 miles today! It's looking like I'll be clocking in even more tomorrow, so stoked!
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