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  1. I did have fun, even if it was demanding and tiring. And recently,I'm not that energized to begin with Saturday saw me having some not so healthy snacks - I had planned to drive back in the afternoon because my boyfriend and I had concert tickets in the evening. I was not going to go back home in between so I knew there would not be any food between noon and 11pm. I was hoping to find some somewhat healthy options at the train station if there was enough time between arrival and departure (which there wasn't). And right when we were about to leave, they brought the cake. And it was delici
  2. I will when I'm back from my weekend trip with the choir. Leaving today after work and a bit stressed out because I spent the evening yesterday trying to figure out how to get there with public transportation since everyone else leaves earlier than me. Ah, the joys of college life, to be able to skip any class and lecture without anyone noticing (or caring). Anyways, I just wanted to drop by with a short update with how I've been doing. This week has been really stressfull at work, with a solid 10 hour shift yesterday and lots of things not working out the way the should have. It
  3. congrats, flea!!! I'm so happy to see that all the work and tears and sweat and lack of sleep you put into this acutally paid off you're awesome! As for that e-mail... what sylvaa said
  4. Holly crap, I'm late to this thread. Good luck with the presentation, yuccat this! Everything is going to be pine. (I'm so sorry )
  5. Plant puns? I gotta see this... (Also, go do your homework. Despite the ughs. This, too, shall pass.)
  6. woot!!! Thank you <3 Wooooo!!! I'm doing the thing! (notice the singular there? )
  7. Thank you. I do feel this is the best way to go (or I wouldn't be doing it ), but it's still difficult to get into that mindset. <3333 I really got to catch up on how you've been doing! Haha, glad to have you following along. Now go and get that cleaning done
  8. Aaaaand the new challenge is set up
  9. If you're looking for a fancy, themed, gif-ified challenge with a detailed backstory, rpg-elements and fancy spreadsheets, this is not it. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't have the time or the energy to set something up right now. So this will be just me trying to get back into habits while still settling in with a new job, working full-time for the first time in my life. But maybe, not having energy or time to set up anything big isn't such a bad thing. Maybe that way I won't fall into the trap of taking on too much, too fast and reign in that rangerbrain of mine. I jus
  10. Haha, that fits right in with the article I read just now: http://www.nomeatathlete.com/limitless/ The habit tracker is done, but I think I'll use next challenge to see which habits already stuck and decide on which ones to work on after that. Uh, this is going to be tough, especially for my rangerbrain.
  11. Well... I didn't really find the time to set up a new challenge and that definitely influenced how motivated I felt to do stuff. Lot's of energy drainage from the job. But I stuck to what I could in the last week of april, with 72/133 points. I just set up my new tracker for may and will try to get a challenge up, too, but it won't be anything fancy, just enough to keep me accountable. I do want to get back into fitness and handstands and stuff! I met up with a few friends yesterday and became a bit reminiscent of last summer when I was at the peak of my fitness and could do all that cool stuf
  12. Challenge Summary I started with the Super Sim Theme, ordering my numerous goals by the basic needs in the game The Sims 4. I struggled through week 1, then was sick for week 2 and the first few days of week 3 and decided to set up my tried and trusted habit tracker again for the rest of the challenge. I used trackers like that last year (before my newly acquired full time position robbed me of all energy) and you can see some examples in my bullet journal album here. These trackers are set up by month, so this one only has the last two weeks of the challenge and will continue unti
  13. Love the theme I've been going without artificial sugar again and I think I'd choose bread. There's more sugar than salt in some breads. But it was really interesting to think about this, there's no typical sweet stuff I can think off that I couldn't go without. Sweet
  14. Thanks, guys!! The last two days of the challenge landed on a solid 15/19. I'll post a summary tomorrow with pics of my trackers and such. I already got plans for next challenge
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