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  1. Did my first every HIIT session today. Holy sweet mother of God, I think I over did it a bit. I tried to do six 45 second sprinting intervals with 1:30 jogging intervals, but I could only do four of them. I just could not get another one in and the cooldown was somewhat hard to get through, felt like I was going to toss my cookies the entire time. In other news, I weighed in today. At not quite three weeks of paleo eating I am down 9lbs. Not too shabby.
  2. So far, I am just a lot more even in my energy levels. Anytime I start straying from my diet too badly, I starting crashing and have a lot harder time saying "no" to food that is off-list. Monday was terrible, had a crap breakfast (day old pizza) and my day was just shite after that. I felt like I needed a nap at 3PM and was so tired I was in bed by 9. Tuesday was totally different, had bacon, eggs, and asparagus, rest of the day was awesome, and I worked out twice with nary a twinge of sleepiness. Woke up today without the aid of an alarm and the day is going well in terms of resisting temptation.
  3. Had my first rough day yesterday. Made the mistake of skipping lunch and wound up eating all kinds of bar food when I was watching my 49ers win. I have noticed I have it a lot rougher if I do not eat enough at breakfast, where the desire for sugary stuff is harder to ignore. That happened yesterday, where I had a small hamburger at breakfast and that was it. Normally I would have some veggies and more protein, like and egg or some bacon. You win some, you lose some.
  4. Finally got moving today, did a 40 min walk at lunch. Last week I was dragging ass at lunch, but now I feel like I am adjusted to the lower intake of carbs, so I got moving today.
  5. Just don't let this be the thing that makes you quit. Get right back on the horse.
  6. Oh score! Went out to lunch today and found a restaurant that does grass fed meat and will change out the bun and frys for a salad when you order a combo. I now have a backup plan if I fail to prepare my lunches. .
  7. Monday is weigh-in day for me. This morning, before anything else, I weighed in at 304.2. That makes a -7.6 lb change in one week for me.
  8. I also struggled with the at home issue. My brother and roommate, who are both also struggling to loose weight, broke down and got a pizza. I managed to stay strong and eat some hamburger topped with egg and caramelized onion for lunch. Breakfast was piece of salmon, some baby carrots, handful of blue berries. Dinner is going to be a chicken salad with olive oil and a vinaigrette dressing. I have also made chocolate pudding for desert tonight, in what appears to be a paleo friendly recipe. Avacado, coconut oil, honey, bam: http://stevepaleo.blogspot.com/2011/04/paleo-chocolate-pudding.html My next step is to start hitting the gym again. I am past the point where I have headaches in the morning and during the day, so I have no excuses. Stay strong people.
  9. Day Five. Had hamburgers with guac and carmelized onions. Had chicken breast and baby carrots for breakfast.
  10. This is day 4 for me and the headaches are gone. I made coconut/almond meal pancakes last night and they turned out pretty good. This morning I woke up late to cook something for breakfast so I stopped at the local Fresh & Easy and got 0.5lb thing of pre-cooked jumbo shrimp, small bag of baby carrots, and 16 oz. of blackberries. I already had my lunch at the office, with some other snacks stashed away so I am rocking it.
  11. Here is something I am going to attempt this evening if I can get some coconut water. I LOVE breakfast for dinner, but pancakes usually all grains. MMMMM, honey is in my future.
  12. Day 3 for me, headache is still there but it is at a more tolerable level. Yesterday it was at "New Years Eve party hungover" level, now it is just a dull background pain. I am beginning to think it may be lack of refined sugars as well that is causing it, I had an apple yesterday afternoon as a snack and the headache was noticably less intense 15 later until I got on the road for home.
  13. It is called "blanching" and you can actually do it a lot quicker by putting the almonds in boiling water for about 10 second and then quickly moving it to bold water. The skin will contract off of the nut and the removing it by hand is easier. I do that before I make Almond butter. I will also put the blanched almonds overnight in a dehydrator and then make almond flower that way. Saves you moola since it is about $10/lbs for almost flour and it get even pricier for the finer grained stuff.
  14. I too have made these delicious fattys from Heaven. My favorite is making a bacon rub for the bacon that touches the meat and then a honey glaze for the outside, then smoke it. The slow cooking, low heat allow the honey glaze to harden on the outside, making it crispy without over cooking. I typically use Italian sausage or buffalo meat or a combo for the meat part. The bacon with kinda contract and keep in all the fat when you smoke it, the meat then gets a buttery rich flavor and texture. Kinda melts in your mouth. I have tried BBQ-ing but I always wind up over cooking and it is not as good.
  15. Day two and I am still going strong. I actually woke up late and with a RAGING headache (probably from the lack of caffeine, this is not the first time I have given up soda and this usually goes on for 3 days). Day one went good, I actually was very satiated with breakfast lunch and dinner. Today I woke up with the headache and dragging some butt until I had blueberries with shrimp and baby carrots for breakfast.
  16. - Reason(s) why you're choosing to go Paleo and participate I did paleo for 30 days for the month of June and it lost ~20lbs. I just lost momentum afterwords and got depressed, so I got right back on the SAD. My brother is losing weight like gangbusters and is inspiring me. Does not matter what he feels like, he exercises and eats right and he has lost 50lbs. - Personal goals you'll be working towards workout at least 4 days a week. I need to develop a habit of exercise. No soda. I LOVE coca-cola and drink way too much of it. I have gone successfully without drinking it and the weight just falls off if I just make that change. - Starting stats (for example: gender, age, height, weight, bodyfat %, measurements, etc.) Male 33 5'11" 311.8lbs I am gathering all the other stuff later tonight. Have a scale that does BF% and my brother is going to be taking my measurements. - "Before" pics (optional, but encouraged) Again, later tonight. I actually started on the 2nd, but did not put my "Hey, I am doing it too" post until just now.
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