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  1. Hello.. I've been lifting for about 3 years, very inconsistently without any plan, made zero gains, lost a lot of weight (was undereating), didn't gain (much better said - I lost strength with losing weight) strength, built up kind of an eating disorder (that's why I couldn't even bulk up). Always had something with my back/spine, I have mild lordosis and winged scapula.. I'd really like to get bigger and stronger (I don't care about abs).. But I don't know how. I've become discouraged to train after I went to physiotherapists, even though they told me I can lift, but not much heavy. And this is even the reason why I am discouraged. Everyone says that first you ahve to get very strong - doing 3x5 or 5x5, which probably isn't very good for my condition.. Now I'd like to start lifting at least a little and get bigger and stronger as I said. I really can't find any program to take on and I don't know what to do.. I feel overwhelmed with all that information about which routine to start etc.. Is there someone, anyone, who could give me a hand a help me a little bit? I'd be very thankful.
  2. I think I explained myself wrong.. I had scoliosis when I was younger but now he says that it has gotten better..
  3. Hey. So I just got back from a doctor (orthopedist) because I was there for my regular check up, because I have f.cked up back. And he said that I should swim and do some BW exercises for back and that I shouldn't lift heavy weight.. So right now, I really don't know what to do.. I am bulking on SL 5x5 with accessory and I like it, want to complete at least those 12 weeks, but on SL you have to lift heavy, you can't lift some light weights.. So I really don't know if I should continue working out in the gym, or if I should transfer to calisthenics or idk.. Would it be even possible to gain weight (of course mainly muscle) on calisthenics?? Oh god, fml..
  4. Hello everyone. I am 18 years old, 178 cm (5’8’’) and only 55 kg (123 lb). When I was younger I was rather a chubby kid, who started to feel worried mainly of his man boobs. So I started working out, going to the gym, started eating healthy.. I was going to the gym without any program or something and made no significant progress..Then I started to count calories.. I was obsessed with it and I was basically undereating and so I got to this weight.. I don’t even look like a man no more..Now I’d really love to gain some weight and muscle. So I started doing Stronglifts 5x5.. The bad thing is that I have big shoulder blades and spine in bad condition and I don’t want to make it even worse.. So I was thinking about bodyweight training, but that’s probably not really effective for getting big (or is it?). And also, I like that feeling of getting stronger on my lifts, but recently I really stalled on my squat and didn’t even complete first 5 reps. The bad thing is that I don’t have squat or power rack I don't shoot for bodybuilders physique, I just want to get bigger and stronger.. But there’s still one problem.. Many guys who were at the same place will know that feeling.. I basically still worry too much about food and I don’t eat enough. It’s still in my head that I’m that fat kid and I just don’t want to go back there.. I don’t know why, but I automatically avoid carbs (basically eating only oatmeal in the morning for carbs). Plus the days I am not working out, sometimes I still undereat on those days (that’s reason why I’d maybe like to train more often - to eat more food). And it really drives me mad.. Another thing is, that even when I am still such skinny, I still worry about my “boobsâ€.. I just still see them like they were and still can’t be confident about them.. So I am including photos and I’d like to hear your opinion (mainly on my chest) and advice.. Does it look like I have gyno or something? I’ll be very thankful for any reply and please don’t hate me if you haven’t been through what I’ve been through.. It’s much harder than it sounds.. Thank you Photos:
  5. Hey. So quick story. I have been chubby kid, then started lifting inconsistently, then I felt sorry for myself (moobs etc..), lost weight, now look like a twig. Now I want to gain weight. Everywhere I read that I should do something like SS or SL.. But now I've stumbled on internet and read that if you want just muscle size, you don't really have to do it. Plus every big guy I know in our town doesn't even know about something like SS or SL, yet they are good looking. I am currently on SL but I am getting tired of it. I am not looking forward my workouts, hate that my legs feel sore all the week and can't do anything because of that.. So basically whatÅ› the point of doing that when I don't enjoy it and feel like skipping workouts? I know I should stick to some program and not jump from one to another, but now I am really considering another one, focused mainly on hypertrophy. I was thinking about some upper/lower split, or PPL or some more hypertrophy focused full body or idk what else.. Is there someone who could guide me a little bit with some advice? Thanks
  6. Yeah they aren't :/ But today I got over it and I'm back on the track motivated to be better than before!
  7. Yeah they aren't :/ But today I got over it and I'm back on the track motivated to be better than before!
  8. Well I'm tracknig my calories too but it just drives me crazy even more :/ And I'm living in a house with my parents and my grandmother and their eating habits are totally crap, so you can imagine what do we have in kitchen and it just makes it harder for me
  9. Well, I'd be glad for someone like that but no...
  10. Hi guys. I'm currently on stronglifts 5x5 with accessory work and I just came home after a workout and after my protein shake. I was hungry and we had roasted chicken and venison with potatoes. So I've put some good portion on my plate, ate it and then I went to the kitchen and started to eat it straight out of the roaster and I ate probably too much.. It was really fatty too.. This was sometimes happening to me more regularly and hasn't happened for a longer time, but today it just struck me ( In fact, I'm trying to gain weigh, but this is probably not the way I feel like I got out of a control and now I don't even feel like eating another meal in the evening ( What should I do with this??
  11. Hey guys. I'd like to ask you, if you think if it's possible to gain some good weight doing stronglifts 5x5 with calisthenics after this workout. I recently took up on stronglifts and I am doing things such as dips, pull ups, chin ups, push ups etc. after I'm done with SL workout. On off days I hit heavy bag and I plan on going to swim from time to time. My goal isn't to have that bodybuilders physique, I just want to look bigger and be stronger. Do you think this is a good approach? Thanks (I'm not sure if i posted in the right section, so sorry if not)
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