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  1. Thanks for your post. Being automatic is a good idea...funny about the sickness thing. We had the same issue. Daycare baby is the vector for the worst germs. Was your wife motivated to get in shape also? I think it would be easier if my wife was as motivated to change her fitness level/physical appearance/endurance as I was. BTW I did sign up for the Mudder, so I have 7 months to train.
  2. hey martinb...I just started myself. It is amazing how much the diet can help you feel better. I am interested in the rowing machine. what did you get and what is your work out. Are you going to do weights at all? I think even alittle lifting or just body weight stuff like push-ups and pull ups will make you feel better. I started just trying to do push ups in the morning and night and have seen improvements in just 2 weeks.
  3. Ever wake up in your mid thirties and say to yourself, "I need to start working out!" only to realize that over the past 15 years, while you have been living the american dream, your body has gone into hibernation. Well this has hit me like a brick to the head. One night when going into sooth my new son, I reached to pick him out of the crib and felt a searing pain in my back when trying to lift him. The next day I decided to start working out as I had when I was in college. However, I could not run at all. Felt like I was gonna faint just during the warm up. Tried lifting wieghts and co
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