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  1. I went missing! I had two extremely long workdays this weekend, and I didn't drink nearly enough water. But! Today I'm back at it, and am only one quart away from my daily goal. I feel great. I've kept up with my challenge not to smoke -- haven't even been tempted. And I've made it to every rowing practice so far. I LOVE it! Time flies on the water! I have another practice tonight, and I'll be at that one, too. I did connect with a friend about some things I needed to talk about... but I'm not feeling satisfied in that realm yet - so I'll d
  2. Day 2! Doing well. About to go tubing on the river with some friends. I drank my half gallon of water by 12:15! Just another half to go today! No smoking.
  3. I was actually very inspired by your water goal, which is why I made it mine! It's a great one! I've always wanted to play soccer!! How cool that you've started! Did you play when you were younger, or are you a total newcomer? Very impressive. About lack of skill: yes, I've historically been soooo harsh with myself about sucking at things, which has made me into kind of a dilettante ... I tend to start a lot of new things, with great zeal, and then give up once I realize it's going to take some effort. I'm working on deepening my relationship to the longterm vision o
  4. Thank you, BlackTezca! I've been so touched by the warm welcome I'm receiving from other NF members! I'd be happy to quench your curiosity! ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It's basically a physical response that some people get to soft sounds such as whispering, tapping on things lightly, and playing with slime (which is actually hugely popular, I've learned). Many people experience a positive sensation of tingling in their scalp or down their neck. I just experience it as extremely relaxing, and sometimes I get pleasing sensations in my belly, too.
  5. Thank you! What a noble welcome!
  6. I fulfilled the day's challenges!! I drank four quarts of water, and then some, made it to rowing practice (loved it so much that the time flew!), and didn't smoke any cigarettes. Feeling on top of the world! I began to get discouraged by my lack of rowing ability mid-practice, but then gently reminded myself that I'm a beginner, and immediately began having fun again. Progress!
  7. So, it's Day 1 of my challenge! I slept in, but it's before noon and I'm almost done with my first quart of water! I'm going to head into the garden and harvest some breakfast vegetables before I go to the gym with a friend, and I aim to get my second quart of water in before 12. I won't be smoking today. And my second rowing practice is tonight!! I'll check in afterwards to post on how it goes.
  8. Hiiiiiii all! I'm late to this challenge, as I'm just coming back to Nerd Fitness. I'd forgotten challenges were a thing! I've made so much progress in the past year, since first finding the site I've learned to barbell lift, had some success at maintaining regular workout schedules, and run three 5ks! However - I need support for the next leg of my journey, as I still struggle with procrastination, self-doubt, and lethargy. I know I need to have reeeeeally bite-sized goals, so I can succeed! Here are my goals for this challenge:
  9. quichelapain

    Here we go

    Hello! I'm late to this, but I'm following! Love your goals! They seem very manageable and realistic!
  10. Hey everyone!!! I'm coming back to Nerd Fitness after a long time away. I just started a new creative project, which I haven't shared with anyone except my boyfriend. It's an instagram devoted to ASMR videos! I'm excited to see / read about all your work!!!!
  11. Hey everyone, I'm just starting the strong lifts program and I'm on day 3. My assignment is to bench 32 lbs, and I'm not sure what equipment to use to do this (as I'm not up to barbell level yet and dumb bells go up in 5 lb increments). Any pointers? Thanks!
  12. Thanks, both of you! I totally cried during pushups yesterday.
  13. Hi to women who strength train - I've been doing my bodyweight strength routine for about 3 weeks now. A few days before my period, and now on my period, I'm noticing I can't finish the routine! Is it typical to be weaker during one's period, and what do you do about strength training during this time? It may also be my diet / more needs for iron. Input? Thanks!
  14. Thank you so much, everyone!! I really appreciate your help! I don't want to let my confusion get in the way of continuing to move forward. Do people ever buddy up on here to check each other's workout plans?
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