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  1. Yesterday I took a rest day (man, too bad more people in DC didn’t), and today I was back at it with another day of working up to a heavy single. This time, deadlifts. DEADLIFT 135 x 5 185 x 4 225 x 3 275 x 2 315 x 1 365 x 1 405 x 1 455 x 1 https://www.instagram.com/p/CJwgWcBnL0F/?igshid=1ard85bka6g47 Aaaand then I nearly killed myself with a really straightforward WOD that I told myself I wasn’t gonna go too hard on....but going moderate was so terrible too I ended up going hard just to get it over with.
  2. Just plain ol’ crushed the chesticles today. BENCH PRESS 135 x 10 185 x 8 225 x 5 245 x 4 255 x 3 265 x 2 275 x 1 SUPERSET: 10 flat DB bench w/ 3 sec negative, into 15 incline DB bench with fast reps 70s x 10 + 50s x 15 70s x 10 + 50s x 15 (had to break it up 8/7) 70s x 10 + 35s x 15 SUPERSET: 8 incline DB bench w/ 3 sec negative, into 12 flat DB bench w/ fast reps 50s x 8 + 50s x 12 50s x 8 + 50s x 12 (had to break it up 8/4) 50s x 8 + 35s x 12
  3. Update time! Arrived home a couple days ago, and was suddenly reminded of why I've gotta do this whole decluttering/reorgainzing mission. I've yet to, uh, even unpack. Oh boy. But, otherwise I've managed to plug away at my goals. Meditated every day so far, and I got in a couple workouts. Yesterday was reaaaaallllllllllyyyyy simple as I'd slept like total garbage, but I managed some very light weight back squats (lets just say the squat benchmark for STR was not struck a mighty blow yesterday....) and then a conditioning session with wallballs and calories on the
  4. Agreed! Ive seen so many awesome takes it was tough to decide on a "theme", but figured I'd go with some simple for now. Happy New Year!
  5. Ooh. Good find, mighty interesting! I'm rarely in one spot for 8 hours straight, as I often have a one hour commitment or two scattered through the day, BUT, I can build something off this idea. Thanks!
  6. OK, my "character sheet" has been added to my second post! Those are some of my longer-but-not-quite-long-range goals that I'll be plugging away towards. So what are my shorter term goals for this Challenge, or how will I start making progress? GOAL ONE Consistent, focused workouts. Gyms are still open here, even though they're at very limited capacity. Even better, though, I'm a coach there and have access to the place between classes and such. So, safe workout space isn't too much of an issue for me. What has been, is just kinda meandering though my
  7. haha yes, It's weird to go from HOW JACKED CAN I GET to, man, there's a lot of mileage on this thing...
  8. CHARACTER SHEET 1st Level STATS STR 13 DEX 10 CON 9 INT 12 WIS 12 CHA 10 * I used one of those online test things to get a general sense of where my stats currently stand, and then I honestly brought them all down a little bit. Why? Well, I'm thinking of myself as "first level" here, and want to give myself "room to grow", so to speak. CURRENT BENCHMARKS/PROGRESS FOR STAT BUMPS STR Press 190 x5 Squat 305 x 5 Bench Press 265 x 5 Deadlift 415 x 5 Close CoC #1
  9. If there was ever a year when we needed heroes to rise up from the ashes, to remember who they were, and the missions they were called to, it would be 2021. Hey there guys. I'm Jon, or as I was known around these parts a long, long time ago, Knightwatch, or Kdub or KW. I used to be super active on these forums, but fell off in a big way in recent years. I've had a number of attempted restarts since then, but I keep falling out of the habit of posting and lose my way, and for that I'm sorry. I miss y'all. I miss the community, and I miss what the Rebellion stands for. And, hol
  10. Today was Squat day! BACK SQUAT 245 x 5 245 x 5 245 x 9 ONE LEG RDL 20's x 8 per leg 20's x 8 per leg 20's x 8 per leg HEELS ELEVATED GOBLET SQUAT 80 x 10 80 x 10 PULLUPS 4 5 4 Tomorrow I'm gonna hit a little direct back work, and get in a conditioning session, which I haven't done yet this week! Also on the agenda is making some headway with my apartment decluttering. Perhaps a before and after pic will keep me motivated there? One thin
  11. Alright then, back on task. Came home late Friday night, and took the weekend for some golf (um, keeping up the image on the philanthropist billionaire playboy, y'see) and resettling and, well, promptly putting back on 3 or 4 pounds. Haha, oops. But that's OK, I since mostly lost it again over the last couple days, putting be back to roughly 2 pounds down towards my goal. Yesterday I hit the press again as my primary movement. PRESS 167.5 x 5 167.5 x 5 167.5 x 9 PULLUP CLUSTERS (alternated sets with press) 1 rep
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