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  1. Last couple day's have gone alright! On Wednesday I hot a general shoulder-based day, and then on Thursday I just destroyed my legs witha lot of unilateral work, and then this WOD: EVERY THREE MINUTES, FOR FIVE ROUNDS: R1 10 front squat w 135 15 situps 20 wallballs R2 8 front squat w 155 15 situps 16 wallballs R3 6 front squats w 165 15 situps 12 wallballs R4 4 front squats w 185 15 situps 8 wallballs R5 2 front squats w 205 15 situps max unbroken wallballs (got 32) Whew. Yesterday was a rest day, but took a longer ruck (been keeping up with my daily rucks, but been keeping them to 1-1.25 miles, yesterday I went nearly 3). Today I'm gearing up for another short ruck, and then will probably do some chest and light cardio later, before packing for a trip. I'll be out of town for 4 days, but will post updates on how well I'm staying on track while down there!
  2. Yesterday’s lift session went pretty well! Worked up to a heavy single on deadlifts, did a little WOD, and get in some accessory work for the back. DEADLIFTS worked up to 475 for a slow grind of a single WOD for time: 15-20-15 of * bike cals * rower cals rest a few minutes and then… AMRAP5 of 1 power cleans w 155 3 pushups 2 power cleans 6 pushups 3 power cleans 9 pushups etc I managed to get through the 6/18 round, though I had to finish most of the pushups after the buzzer. Whew. Then I finished up with some unweighted one leg RDLs to work balance and control and whatnot, some banded facepulls, and some one arm DB rows with the Fatgripz.
  3. OK, week two! This weekend was a mixed bag, if I'm being honest. I still managed to get in my ruck both days, and I really didn't THINK my diet was as disasterous as my usual weekend escapades. But I had a genuinely dreadful workout on Saturday that messed with my thinking waaaaaaay more than it should have (I've been at this game for a coupe decades now, I know that sometimes there's just lousy workouts, and they don't have to mean a thing), but there you go. And then this AM, I weighed in and saw that I somehow gained, um, 5 pounds. Since Friday. Again, this isn't even really possible, and it's clearly a lot of water and such, but man. I'm not sure what could have caused that. I really did think it would be down another chunk and would help motivate me, but instead I got a second helping of doubt. What's going on with mah dang brain? Anyway, I still managed to force myself through another Elements session this morning, and I'll soon head out for my mile of rucking, and hit a back workout. Details of that to come later! Hope everyone is having a good Monday so far!
  4. The fact that you guys get out in those temps AT ALL is an achievement!
  5. Checking in! This morning I did a one mile ruck, keeping it to the minimum today since it was the middle of a snow storm. Midday, I did a low-intensity version of Elements, playing around with all four of the base movements. The frog and crab are just brutal for me, but I think I'm already gaining just a tiny bit of insight into what I need to work on. Finally, I went and got in a brief lifting session before coaching all evening. HANDSTAND PUSHUPS I did a couple warmup reps of partial ROM, and then full ROM and strict a pyramid set of, 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 ARNOLD PRESS 15's Sort of like the classic 21's, I did 5 reps from the bottom of the rep to midway, 5 from midway to lockout, and then 5 full ROM per set 40s x 5/5/5 50s x 5/5/5 60s x 5/5/5 ONE SIDE LAT RAISES Here I used a drop set, first utilizing sort of swinging cheat reps, then dropped the weight and did strict reps 35x8/20x8 35x8/20x8 35x8/20x8 And that was it for today! Tomorrow I'll be rucking again, and then likely hit a WOD later on without any specific strength portion.
  6. Well I'm glad I'm not alone in that! Just gonna keep plugging away and trust the process.
  7. Alright, lifting session was had this afternoon. It was really simple and straight forward: DEADLIFTS 285 x 5 335 x 5 385 x 5 WOD 3 rounds of: 5 power cleans 10 cals bike 5 power cleans 10 cals row 5 power cleans 10 cals ski erg Finished in something like 13:15 Nice way to get in a pretty quick 90 cals and 45 cleans, which felt like a good follow up to the deadlifts. Time for some TV and stretching.
  8. yes, I was definitely thinking how I’d probably try to do that stretch and variations of it even “off program”, trying to get in that position in some form multiple times a week.
  9. Yesterday was an active rest for day me, where I hit another two mile ruck, and did another session of GMB Elements. That was itself a mixed bag. On the one hand, I was able to get into a much better A-frame (basically downward dog) than I anticipated, and did the bear walk drills pretty well. On the other hand, the drill where I worked....hmm, shoulder extension?, where I clasped my hands behind my back and tried to raise them, was even worse than I anticipated. Holy smokes. I guess I know why the crab walk position is so challenging for me! But at least I have something specific to attack now. The other small bit of training I did was some grip working, first doing a drill with forearm extension, and then a session with the Captains of Crush, again doing 3x5 with the #1. For today, I'm planning on hitting some deadlifts and a WOD with some power cleans and calories, and perhaps some direct back work. I'll check back in with a full report on that workout later!
  10. Many thanks good sir, and all the best to you as well! Trying! Challenge now is to not burn out too fast.
  11. Checking in at the end of another mostly successful day. On the training end of things, I did a 2 mile ruck, and then headed straight to the gym for a short lifting session: BENCH PRESS 155 x 8 175 x 8 195 x 8 215 x 8 235 x 8 LOW INCLINE DB BENCH 50s x 3 slow reps, 3 fast reps, x 3 (18 total reps) 60s x 3 slow reps, 3 fast reps, x2 (12 total reps) 60s x 3 slow reps, 3 fast reps, x 2 (12 total reps) BANDED FLYES black bands x 8 black bands x 8 black bands x 8 P-BAR TEMPO PUSHUPS 12 12 12 On the diet side of the equation, I’ve done fairly well. Snuck in a couple of those hostess mini donuts, but put them away after two and made myself a big bowl of raw veggies instead. Lame. On plan, but lame.
  12. OK, went back for my lifting and conditioning session, and it went a little something like this: BACK SQUAT 185 x 5 185 x 5 205 x 5 *I was dealing with a quad/knee/IT issue for way too long last year, and it’s still not totally resolved, so I’ve backed waaaaaay up on my loads here. Basically I have no plans to go for 1rm’s or anything like that ANY time in the near future with these. Just gonna be patient with them, creeping em up 5-10 pounds at a time week after week. I may have to change my current STR stat bump benchmark for those, though. FRONT SQUAT 95 x 10 115 x 10 135 x 10 WOD 5 rounds, not for time (my post-sick lungs are still coming back on line) 15 wallballs 15 calories (alternating bike and rowing) 5 burpees 5 toes to bar Just kept it low pressure here, treating it more like a circuit, with a few breaths or sip of water between movements as needed. And that was it! Pretty straightforward session. Diet’s been pretty solid today too, so we’re off to a decent start. Maintaining it, of course, is where the real work is…. Till tomorrow!
  13. I just love the way your work your goals into your class system. That's all. Wait, no. Also, hi fren!
  14. Just read through this whole thread, and wow! I can say that I'm sending out a prayer for your mom's healing and for your K9's comfort and for your whole family. But, impressed at how you're carrying such a load. Lean on your friends here as needed for emotional support, we're all rooting for you!
  15. um, asking for a friend, where might one find such a ranger's cloak?? (it's me, i'm friend)
  16. We're onto day three. Yesterday was a generally successful day, where I got in a ruck of about 1.75 miles, and some mobility. Also did some food prep, whipping up one of my favorites to make ahead, Masonfit's Beef and Rice Skillet. Finally, I started tackling my office. Cleared out a BUNCH of junk, and even that alone lets me breath a bit easier. Now I've got (a little) room to work with, it's time to start reconfiguring and optimizing. Today is off to a solid start as well. I coached a 0530 class, and then used the empty gym after to do a session of GMB Fitness's "Elements" program. Holy smokes, that was humbling. There are positions that I simply can longer get into, so this is gonna be something of a challenging journey, but that's the point, right? Straight out from that I got in my mile ruck. Went with the minimum today, since I've still got squats and a WOD ahead of me later today. Hope everyone is off to a good start this week! Stay strong!
  17. So, today, day one. I'm laying off heavier training until Monday, hopefully allowing myself to more fully recover from my bout with the plague this past week. I did, however, pull out my old Captains of Crush grippers and did a little session with them, as reintroducing them will be one of my benchmarks towards my STR stat bump! Man, has my strength ever fallen off a cliff with them. Here's what I did: Guide x 10, both hands Sport x 10, both hands Trainer x 10, both hands #1 x 5 right, 5 left #1 x 5 right, 4.5 left (shifted on me and I couldn't finish the rep) #1 x 5 right, 5 left light extension band, 3x12, both hands My plan with these is to do a couple more sessions of exactly this. Then, probably three more sessions of pretty much the same, but I'll take the third working set for max reps. After those three sessions, I'll bump all three work sets up to sets of 6, again with the final set being for max reps, or "6+". I'll probably need to stay there for several sessions, and then I'll take the work sets out 7. At that point, I may be ready to start some higher rep burnout sets to finish, alternating with attempts at my "goal gripper". Two or three sessions of this a week is the plan, for now. The other bit of activity I got in today was a short ruck. I utilize rucking on and off, but decided that this year I was going to join in with GORUCK's annual program, Tribe. January's rucking assignment is at least a mile every single day. There's a hill leading up to my apartment complex from one of the roads in town, down and back up the hill being about 1.25 miles. So that'll be my "punch the clock daily minimum" this month. but I'm hoping to get out for slightly longer sessions once or twice a week. (not GORUCK long, mind you, at least not for now. I'm talking 2-3 miles or so. The real longer treks will come back in time) Still to come this evening, before bed, will be a ROMWOD session. I've been having a helluva bit of pain around one of my elbows/forearms recently (see my initial post where I mention age, mileage, etc ), so I'll choose a session focused on that if I can. If I can't find one that feels right for this need, there's always the NF Handstand warmup... Now, if you'll excuse me, I feel compelled to go watch some Batman Begins. For, uh, research.
  18. KNIGHTWATCH 1st LEVEL RANGER/FIELD AGENT/STREET LEVEL HERO STATS: STR 13 DEX 10 CON 9 INT 12 WIS 12 CHA 10 * I used one of those online test things to get a general sense of where my stats currently stand, and then I honestly brought them all down a little bit. Why? Well, I'm thinking of myself as "first level" here, and want to give myself "room to grow", so to speak. CURRENT BENCHMARKS/PROGRESS FOR STAT BUMPS STR Press 190 x5 Squat 305 x 5 Bench Press 265 x 5 Deadlift 415 x 5 Close CoC #1 gripper 8 times per hand * I feel this is something that's presently within reach, but I'll have to dedicate a little bit longer to them, and get back on track with grip training. That's really fallen off. As I hit these numbers in the course of my training, I'll check them off, and then all are completed I'll get +1 STR DEX 16 unbroken dips 8 unbroken pullups 20 unbroken doubleunders * Alright, so, obviously the dips and pullups are still kinda under the realm of "strength". But when I consider dexterous characters, especially in the way I'm thinking of them (Bruce Wayne with gymnast rings in his gym), I also imagine handstands and muscle ups. I'm waaaay off from both, but the dips and pullups are basic building blocks towards them. And there's not much simpler in the realm of "body control" than just moving it up and down. The dubs, meanwhile, are just a real basic "skill" involving coordination and timing and such that I used to be able to do in limited numbers, but have lost along the way. Once I can pass all three tests, I'll set new benchmarks and gain a +1 DEX CON 1 mile unbroken run 4 mile ruck Lose 10 pounds * Obviously the basics of endurance are covered here, but also the pure health element, too. After I hit these I'll add a +1 to my CON, and set new, higher goals. INT Finish 8 books Accumulate 8 hours in study or practice in a non-fitness skill * Pretty straight forward, here. Finish 8 books of any length, and practice or study something for 8 hours total. Can be split among a few skills (3 hours each of Duolingo and, I dunno, researching how to get HAM radio certified, and a couple hours of lessons on guitar) That'll earn me a +1 INT, and a new set of benchmarks. WIS Accumulate 2 hours of meditation Complete 2 books of Bible * Another simple concept. Obviously Wisdom can be reflected in lots of ways, but a real basic one is to work on calming my mind and studying my faith. After this +1. maybe I'll explore some of those other manifestations of WIS. CHA Finish 3 chapters of PN L1cert Write and publish 3 blog entries * Like WIS, Charisma can take many forms. I'm thinking of it in terms of "leadership" and communication this time, two ways that I can work around my social awkwardness and interact with people
  19. Happy New Year, everyone! I think it's pretty safe to say that, from time to time, the world around us kinda feels in peril. Like maybe it needs heroes to step up and take responsibility for themselves, and then to go on to show folks a better way. That’s going to be one of my driving motivators this year, which so many of us are hoping will be one of rebuilding and restoration. I often think of the storylines from The Division. Thankfully things never quite got to be like that, but man, couldn't we all use a cadre of hyper-competent and selfless agents helping to rebuild communities and restoring hope? And then I consider my favorite motivations for fitness, the classic vigilante, “street level” superheroes, like Batman, Daredevil, Green Arrow, and others. Plus, the ever-capable and autonomous superspy characters I’ve always loved, like Jason Bourne and James Bond. And what if you then added a dash of a wisecracking, gritty investigator type, who recognizes that some threats to their fellow man come from…beyond? Charlie Parker and Harry Dresden are two very different takes on this theme that still manage to share many core character traits. Well… If you mashed them all together, that’s what Knightwatch, my idealized alter-ego this year, would look like: an activated field agent working within the system when he can, outside the system and alone at other times, and occasionally, when the times call for it, donning a hood and hitting the streets to deliver a message of hope and resilience to their city….and a warning to those that would seek its downfall, mundane and otherwise. My middle to longer term goals are going to be tracked over the year, via my character sheet, seen in the next post. My daily routines and workouts and habits and all that will be directed towards developing that, stat bump by stat bump, accumulating skills and feats as we progress through the year. But each month will have smaller, shorter term goals in the service to that larger vision. We’ll be starting out the year with the following: LOSE 10 POUNDS So, I weighed in this AM. Oof. Oof. It wasn't pretty. I've been sick this past week+, and honestly, I've been surviving on pizza, ramen, mac and cheese, and everything imaginable from a box. I assume at least a few pounds of this recent gain, then, is merely from the 6 tons or so of sodium that I've consumed, but even allowing that, something got seriously out of hand this month. I've got a longer term goal of losing 22 pound for 2022, and keeping it off, and I want to jumpstart this with an aggressive attack these first several weeks. I'd usually aim for something like 5 or 6 pounds in a month, but, as I said, I feel like my current weight is a little "artificially" high, so 10 should be manageable. I don't have any particular wild plan for this, just getting back to what I know is a halfway decent dietary approach for me, getting back on my training schedule, sleep, and lots of water. These first 10 pounds should come off fairly easily, and then the real work will begin! I'm starting at 258. Ending this Challenge at 248 or less will be a win here. ACCUMULATE AT LEAST 10 SESSIONS OF MOBILITY OR MOVEMENT WORK As a more, ahem, seasoned agent, I've begun to start feeling the toll of my past adventures. I'm not quite a broken down ol' jalopy yet or anything, no, but maintenance and care is something I'm being forced to take a much closer look at. To that end, I'm planning make more time for stretching, mobility, and agility work. These sessions can include random yoga classes from youtube, a session of ROMWOD, or, something I'm hoping to start adding in more and more, an installment of GMB's "Elements" program. This last one is something I have high hopes for, and yet I know may be the most challenging to incorporate. I will share my speedbumps and successes in finding a balance here as go. BUILD OUT A KAYDUBCAVE Every superhero needs a secret base, and every field agent needs a safehouse and loadout room. I have way, way too much "stuff" in my life, and my office is the most cluttered it's been in a long time, right at the time that I'm trying to spend more time there for dedicated, focused work. Getting my apartment up to the standards I have in mind will be a longer term project, but I can start with my tiny little office and work out from there. This month will be all about that, turning it from a dumping zone into a space that allows me to focus and be inspired towards my goals. EDIT: RUCK AT LEAST ONE MILE EVERY DAY (see explanation a couple posts down) Sort of a last minute add, this one, but I joined up for GORUCK's "Tribe" program, and each month has a tasking for rucking, a hero style workout, and a book to read. This month's rucking task is pretty simple: one mile, every day of the month. Many day's I'll probably go a bit longer, but one mile is a minimum! So there we have it! Three fairly straightforward goals to start out the new year, with a vision of a character I'd like to embody over time. It may feel a bit daunting, the overall vision that is. But, damn, I need to tackle it. Time to stop waiting on a hero. Let's become the one we need. Let's get this, friends. Kaydub out.
  20. KW, checking in! Things have gone pretty well this week! I haven't reweighed in, despite my plan to do so every couple days, but I likely will tomorrow, to see if there's been any progress on that front. I did have a fairly disastrous strength session on Monday, where I've learned that my handstand pushup strength has fallen right off a cliff. Ah well, I'll be sure to add in some extra light sessions of them in coming weeks, and hopefully they'll start creeping back up again. Otherwise, I had two decent strength sessions, and two WODs. First strength session I hit some shoulders (to make up for the atrocious handstand work!) including some strict pressing with the axle bar, and working up to a heavy single on deadlifts. Second session was a lot of squatting, which is a movement that's given me a lot of pains lately, both literally and figuratively. I've scaled back pretty far on load, and just trying to be patient in building it back up. Otherwise I'm using a lot of other unloaded movements to keep the ol' legs progressing. The first WOD I got in was a more obstacle course style one my friend and I pieced together, which included some traversing of the monkey bars, which, lemme tell you, is something I haven't done for, uh, DECADES. Man, I'm awful at it haha. But I figure that's like step one in being a roof jumpin' skyline runnin' vigalante type! The other was a lot of squats, thrusters, and cals on the ski erg and bike, done with a partner, but the "non working" partner had to hold a sandbag the entire time. And it lasted 40 minutes. Ow. Finally, I've gone for two light runs so far this week. Well, they've been more walk-jog intervals a la one of those C25K programs, but it's a start! I'll be getting in a ruck tomorrow or Saturday morning, as well. Tomorrow will also be a chest/bench day, and I think I've got the framework for a fun conditioning session I'll plug in afterwards. Otherwise, today's a rest day, though I'll probably do some mobility/stretching later on. Gonna work on the KDubcave a bit too. I'm decidedly butlerless, and I can see why that's such a popular option for my crimefighting peers.
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