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  1. I’m still here, yo! Fairly strong week so far, really. Just haven’t had a chance to update here. But here’s a glimpse of the last few days of training. Taking a mostly-rest day today, though I did a 2 mile ruck this AM. In other Challenge/goal/progress news, I’ve already knocked one goal off, that of finishing Unit 2 of my PN cert. I’ll be starting in on the third and final unit next week. Woot!
  2. We're back! As usual lately, we'll be taking inspiration from the cool-ass analog-notes-takin'-Batman scene from the most recent movie, that hits me in all the right ways. I'll be sharing views of my own "Notes and Observations", this time again trying to remember that it shouldn't JUST be a workout log, but a place to sketch out any Knightwatch Project related ideas, be they programming notes, nutrition ideas, recipes, workouts to research, and whatever else. That said, here are the specific goals for this Challenge cycle: 1) accumulate 35+ miles of deliberate movement in the form of rucking, running, hiking, or walking. Morning walks with my ruck, evening constitutionals, post-lifting timed-mile shuffles, whatever. Gotta just get out there and cover some small distances, often. 2) show improvement in body comp via three scans, beginning, 2-3 weeks, and at the end of the Challenge. "Progress" can be viewed as a success in a few ways: less bodyfat without too much muscle loss, added muscle without too much fat added with it, or ideally (and least likely) less fat and more muscle. I could also just go by scale weight, but, as a trainer at my gym, I have free access to the InBody scanner thing and frankly I'm kinda afraid to see my numbers so I need to get over myself and just take it as the data that it is. 3) do at least five sessions, or one a week, of heavybag work. A vigilante needs to harden up his reflexes and fists, after all! (and more to the point, man does it ever wipe me out) This doesn't have to be super complicated, just a few rounds of light form-based work with some heavier flurries mixed in. At some point I'm gonna look into getting back into formal martial arts training, BJJ and/or muay thai, but that's just not in the cards at the moment. This will be a way to eaaase back into that mindset. 4) show improvement in both strict pullups, dips, and handstand pushups. I'm at about 5 pullups and 8-9 dips presently, and probably 3-4 full ROM HSPU. Again, this doesn't have to be crazy or specific. I'll test at the end of the challenge; do I get more, or do they feel crisper? Success. Lately it's as much a matter of not backsliding as anything else! 5) finish Unit two of my current coaching cert. I've got two more chapters in the Unit, so that should be doable, especially since I'm just starting to get back into the study habit with it. And that's it! I'll post this week's workouts so far a bit later, and lets all have ourselves a good Challenge!
  3. I’ve been hella busy this week but I’ve continued plugging away. Diet really needs to be dialed in, but I’m getting in my lifts. As you can see there’s nothing too wild going on, basically just hitting one or two main lifts and a quick WOD. Today’s a rest day, so hoping to set myself up to finish the week and enter the weekend from a strong place.
  4. Rest day today! Gonna get back to a lift tomorrow though. Hope everyone has head a great week 1 so far! I’m cheering for you!
  5. Day Three! Today was a pressing/shoulder based day. Started with sets of 3 on strict press, where I worked up to 190. Happy with that given all the issues I had with my shoulders these last few months. Every set was followed up with 15 band pullaparts and one strict pullup. Then I moved onto the day’s programmed WOD, 4 rounds of rowing or skiing, more overhead work, and toes to bars; I scaled this to DBs for the overhead work, and knee raises with a smaller kip from free moving ring-like attachments. I then played with a slower paced circuit to just get in some additional movements and reps, 6 times through a garage sandbag shoulder, 2 handstand pushups, and 3 higher-then-usual-for-me box jumps. Finally, cashed out with some direct delt isolation work, cycling through front raises, lat raises, and some banded facepulls.
  6. Day Two BACK SQUAT 250 x 5 250 x 5 250 x 5 FRONT SQUAT 145 x 10 145 x 10 145 x 10 BANDED HAMSTRING CURLS supersetted with TOES ELEVATED RDL WOD 10 rounds of 10 russian KB swings 5 pushups 5 goblet squats 2 chest to bar pullups
  7. Day One. Not a great start mentally, given a challenging weekend, but glad I’m underway!
  8. As a total analog nerd at heart, I can't tell you how much I loved this scene from The Batman. Bruce keeping physical, analog journals of his "project"?? Oh, MAN. That lil' clip gets ALL my lil' KW motivations firing again. So, in that spirit, I'll be starting a new workout log that doubles as a semi-journal. Basically I'll log things the way I always do, but add in more thoughts as often as I have something to say, regarding how I'm feeling, what seems to be working, what's not, recovery, diet, all that. Some of that maybe I'll just take photos of and post here, others I'll expand into full posts with more explanation. But here are the goals for the next 5 to 6 weeks! GOAL ONE: LOSE 10 POUNDS This one is pretty straight forward. No matter how you cut it, regardless of how much muscle I may carry, I'm also carrying way too much fat. I have a goal to lose 45 pounds this year (in this case, a "year" being a year in my life as I just passed a birthday; 45 pounds by the end of 2022 may be a lil' too optimistic. ) GOAL TWO: WALK, RUCK, OR RUN A TOTAL OF 50 MILES OR MORE If I do 2 miles a day most days, this shouldn't be a problem. The challenge is just getting going again. GOAL THREE: 5 STRICT PULLUPS AND 5 STRICT HANDSTAND PUSHUPS Basic body weight push/pull strength here. I should be better at both, but I've been healing up some wear and tear injuries, so I think this is really quite manageable. If I blow by those numbers early, hey, excellent! I'll do a video test at the end of the challenge though to see where I end up. GOAL FOUR: DECLUTTER APARTMENT I need a serious clothes purge, and an even more serious "stuff" purge. I'm not saying I have to be a pristine minimalist monk in 5 weeks, but I'm going to share what I am able to process through. GOAL FIVE: MEDITATE AT LEAST 20 DAYS Only 4 days a week to have a win here. That should be doable, though obviously I won't complain if I do more. This can take several forms, but it's about quiet and stillness for about 10 minutes at a pop. GOAL SIX: FINISH ONE CHAPTER OF PRECISION NUTRITION CERT I've kinda stalled out on my progress here after a good run on it. I want to finish studying and take the test for at least one chapter over the next 5 weeks. And there we go. Here's to a successful challenge for all!
  9. My body is kind of a giant mess lately, so this Challenge will be all about fixing myself up some, and reestablishing certain baselines from which to build a superhero. After all, Batman can't be huffing and puffing climbing the stairs of a creepy bell tower, can he? Oliver Queen wouldn't be too impressive if he tripped over every fence he tried to climb. And would Frank Castle strike as much fear into the hearts of the criminal underworld if he couldn't zip up his tactical vest over his belly? How about if Jason Bourne had to ask for a few minutes to warm up his shoulders before a knife fight? You see where I'm going with all this. COMPLETE 10 ONE-MILE RUNS I'm positively dreadful at running. Just trash. Despite lots of strength and conditioning training, I can't run a mile unbroken. YET. It will soon come though. So I'm not doing anything fancy here in programming, I'm literally just gonna cover a one-mile route at least 10 times over the next 5 weeks. I'll walk when I have to walk, but I'll work to improve my overall time. The stretch goal is to do the whole thing "unbroken" by Challenge's end. COMPLETE 10 GMB ELEMENTS SESSIONS To improve my agility, I need to get back on the habit of supplementing my S&C routines with some movement practice. I was doing GMB Elements for a while but fell off the wagon, so, I'm going to restart it and strive for at least 10 sessions throughout the Challenge. I have a feeling that these sessions will also help me along with the next goal's intent.... COMPLETE 10 SHOULDER-SPECIFIC REHAB/PREHAB/MOBILTY SESSIONS My shoulders (and elbows for that matter) can only, at present, be described as a raging dumpster fire. I think there's some impingement around my AC joint on my left shoulder, and both elbows seem to be suffering from golfers AND tennis elbow, lol. Just general "old man lifters elbows", I guess. So, once again, 10 sessions over the Challenge, either as warmups, cooldowns, or stand alone mini-workouts. Sometimes they'll be stretching based, sometimes rear delt strength, but whatever form they take, they're extra credit work done to build up stability and freedom of pain-free movement around the shoulder again. COMPLETE 15 STRENGTH AND/OR WOD SESSIONS This one is my standard, business as usual plan here, continue getting in my strength training and accompanying WODs or accessory work. Basically just what I default to anyway. Adding this is for an "easy win", ha. LOSE 8 POUNDS I'm on a quest to lose something like 45 pounds, but I'm not gonna lose 45 until I can lose 25, and I'm not gonna lose 25 until I can lose 10. I figure a pound and a half a week or so should be a good pace for me, so let's see how this goes. And that's it! Pretty straight forward stuff this time around. Lets get after it!
  10. Excellent! You can dooo eeet. Let me know if I can be of any help at all!
  11. This week has gone fairly well so far! Monday was a chest day, some bench pressing, incline dumbells presses, and some painfully slow deficit pushups. Tuesday was squats, and an absolute ton of stepups in a weightvest. It went like so: 10 stepups, 1 burpee. 10 stepups, 2 burpees. 10 stepups, 3 burpees, etc, until 10/10. At that point, repeat the process, this time going with airsquats instead of burpees. After 10/10 of those, one more time, this time only working up to 10/5, but with pullups. Dang, that was something. Yesterday I worked on power cleans and some light power snatches, and then another longer WOD, this time KB swing based: 20 pounds of 10 swings, 5 pushups or 5 pullddowns (alternating rounds). So I finished with 200 swings, and 50 each of pulldowns and pushups. And given that my posterior chain is abbbbbsolute trash today, today's gonna be a much needed rest day. So, all in all, lifting has been going ok. I've been total garbage at doing my walks and meditation, though. Oof. Warmer weather seems just around the corner though, so I'm hoping I'll find it easier to get out there first thing in the mornings. Hope you're all doing well!
  12. OK, all in all the first week has been off to a pretty decent, if chaotic, start. A quick rundown! MONDAY Was planning on plain ol' flat bench benching and a WOD, but my elbow was flaring up something brutal and I decided to just make it a good ol' fashioned chest day. Hit Incline Bench with an axle bar for 5x5, some flat dumbbell benching for 3x12, and banded flyes for a few sets of, I dunno, when ever I felt the burn really setting in. TUESDAY Tuesday brought us heavy deadlifts and a partner WOD. Worked up to a deadlift single at 485, which I was happy with all things considered! Then the partner was an AMRAP 20 of the following, but realistically only one team got even a few reps into round 2. My partner and I decided to finish out that first round, which took us to about 22 minutes. "The Old 96'r" 96 russian KB swings with 2pood 96 rower cals 96 weighted stepups with 50lbs 96 bike cals one weight prowler push down and back each (se split it by alternating 16 reps or cals throughout for those first four movements. Man, that was a sweat sesh. WEDNESDAY Yesterday was a bit of a lighter day, just cycling through a triplet over and over between coaching sessions. I'd do a couple rounds through at a time, going back to it several times over a few hours. 5 bulgarian split squats / one leg RDLs combo things per side 5 handstand pushups 5 toes to bar Finally, I snuck in a quick burner of a WOD, a nine minute quickie: AMRAP 9 15 cals row 10 burpees 12 cals bike 10 burpees And that brings us to today! I'll update more in a bit! Hope everyone has had a good week so far!
  13. Well, hello friends. I had to bail on the last challenge, as everything was going fairly well for a while, and then I got walloped with a case of the ol' soul-crushing heartbreak. A deep, deep depression followed, and while I managed to still get in some decent workouts here and there, literally everything else fell by the wayside. And then last week, that musty old COVID finally caught me after a two year chase. As far as that goes, I count myself very fortunate, as the worst I ever really had manifested as a fairly mild cold. I am noticing that I'm a tiny bit more winded from the only exercise I've been able to get in, light walks, but maybe I'm just looking for it more too, y'know? Other than that, I'm eager to get going again. However, I'm going to ease back into things, going back to the basics. It actually felt pretty good to take an entire week or more off from all kinds of training. Besides walking, I've literally done nothing since last Wednesday. I'm cleared to go back into the wild tomorrow, but I'm thinking I'll hold off till Monday to just really extend this little holiday from workouts. When I get back to it, I'm not gonna push crazy hard right off the bat, but just ease in with an emphasis on the main lifts and moving around more before the hard conditioning, Also gonna try to rein in the depression-and-then-comfort-foods diet a bit, as it's resulting in negative effects on my weight, blood pressure, appearance, and mood. And, I've fallen off trying to rehab some nagging injuries, so while the week off from training hasn't made them worse, at least, I haven't done anything to improve them, either. So the goals this challenge are pretty simple and straightfroward, and won't really be connected to any kind of fun "in-game" theme or anything. Just your ol' friend Jon this time, trying to sort out his life and get on a better path. 1) STRENGTH TRAINING I may hit some WODs and conditioning here and there, but I'm not gonna push it. Main focus will be on the Big Five, accessory lifts, and some bodyweight training. 2) LOSE 8 POUNDS Gotta weigh in, and then whittle away at whatever that starting point is. I have a feeling I've gained several back over the last few weeks, so, hopefully, the first several will come off fast again and then it's back to the grind. Since I'm not going to be doing a ton of hard conditioning, this is going to accomplished more through mindful eating, and... 3) WALK AT LEAST A MILE DAILY ...walking more. Could be rucking too, and hopefully it will be often, but if not, that's ok too. Trying to build up that LISS style cardio a bit more. Could be broken up into shorter walk breaks throughout the day, could be longer than a mile, could be bright and early, could be an evening constitutional. Maybe it'll be a leisurely stroll, and maybe sometimes I'll push the pace, but whatever form it takes, I'll cover at least a mile a day. 4) STRETCHING AND JUMPROPING Not going to promise that I'll be doing this amazing yoga practice or hardcore mobility routine, but here's something I think I could do damn near daily: commit to at least two stretches, one for the upper body, and one for the lower. Not gonna overthing this one. Just need to stretch and mobilize more, period. If I do a full ROMWOD or GMB Fitness session or something, obviously that would count for this as well. As for jumproping, well, I think I wanna start messing around with that some more. Thinking if adding it as either a warmup, or as a bit of lighter cardio on those days I don't want to push a WOD hard or anything, especially in these first few weeks. If I can eventually work up to some stupid human party tricks, all the better, but for now a simple bounce will do. Alright, hopefully there will be more going on behind the scenes as well, and I'll post about them as they come up, but for now, I think that'll cover some basic goals for the next several weeks. Away we go, onwards and upwards.
  14. Yesterday was another fairly successful day, all in all! WED, 16FEB2022 DB BENCH PRESS 70s x 8 80s x 8 90s x 8 100s x 8 100s x 8 *15 band pullaparts after each set WEIGHTED DIP 10 x 5 10 x 5 10 x 5 WEIGHTED PULLUP (session 2 of the Dan John program) 10 x 3 10 x 2 10 x 1 10 x 1 INCLINE DB BENCH did a fun rep scheme here working in alternating one arm reps. easier to post a video than explain it, but did 2 sets with the 50s *15 band facepulls after both sets WOD with a partner, 3 rounds: 40 cals (one round each, row/bike/ski) 30 burpess 20 box jumps 10 sandbag over-shoulders with 125 However, I did totally forget to get in my “daily 50” last night. Doh! NUTRITION Pretty much hit everything yesterday. Protein, veggies, fruit, and water goals all nailed. Today I’ve got a dentist thing going on, so I probably won’t train much at all, but maybe I’ll get in some movement/mobility work in. Thus, my food intake might be adjusted a bit too, to accommodate a lighter day over all.
  15. TUES, 15FEB2022 NUTRITION Hit all my nutrition goals today, with 5 servings of protein, 2 veggies, 1 fruit, and a gallon of water! Now, to stave off the urge for cookies before bed.... TRAINING Training was pretty good today as well... POWER CLEANS worked up to a triple with 215 KB SHRUGS 4 sets of 12 with 2pood KBs WOD 3 rounds of: 1 clean and jerk 1 pulllup 2 pushups 2 KB swings 2 clean and jerk 2 pulllup 4 pushups 4 KB swings 3 clean and jerk 3 pulllup 6 pushups 6 KB swings 4 clean and jerk 4 pulllup 8 pushups 8 KB swings 5 clean and jerk 5 pulllup 10 pushups 10 KB swings Finished in just under 30 minutes. It was pretty deceptive. The "mini rounds" of 4/4/8/8 and 5/5/10/10 were pretty rough, but then I could sorta recover with the 1/1/2/2 and 2/2/4/4 ones. DAILY 50 cashed out with a quick 60 extra cals, hitting a sprint of 15 each on the bike, rower, ski erg, and air runner
  16. MON, 14FEB2022 NUTRITION I hit my 5 servings or protein, with the aid of two shakes. Veggies came in the form of a GIANT salad with steak tips, and I got in my four 32oz nalgenes (or a gallon) worth of water. I didn't hit my fruit serving for the day because I brought an apple to the gym to have with my shake after and, uh, just plain forgot about it. Whoops. TRAINING FRONT SQUATS 135 x 5 155 x 5 175 x 5 175 x 5 175 x 5 *did two strict pullups after every set DUAL KB ROMANIAN DEADLIFT Used a pair of 2pood KBs for this, hitting 3 sets of 10 DAN JOHN PULLUP PROGRAM I'll be using a mere 10 pounds throughout this challenge, slooooowly adding a rep at a time. 10 x 3 10 x 2 10 x 1 10 x 1 WOD done with a partner, splitting the work 50-40-30-20-10, of: wallballs medball situps bike calories * each partner does 2 strict pullups + 2 toes-to-bar after every round, which we used a scale for ropeclimbs. All in all, it was a fairly successful day! Nutrition is off to a decent start today, and I'm headed to the gym shortly for some chest and conditioning and perhaps a mobility/movement session.
  17. Well, it's kinda like my only trick, though. The levels to me are more representing how far along I'm getting on my quest to sort of reinvent myself, and inject some zest back into my life. Thank you sir! Thank you, much appreciated!
  19. KNIGHTWATCH LEVEL 1 RANGER/AGENT/STREET LEVEL VIGILANTE CURRENT STATS STRENGTH 13 DEXTERITY 10 CONSTITUTION 9 INTELLIGENCE 12 WISDOM 12 CHARISMA 10 * I used one of those online test things to get a general sense of where my stats currently stand, and then I honestly brought them all down a little bit. Why? Well, I'm thinking of myself as "first level" here, and want to give myself "room to grow", so to speak. CURRENT BENCHMARKS/PROGRESS FOR STAT BUMPS STRENGTH Press 190 x5 Squat 305 x 5 Bench Press 265 x 5 Deadlift 415 x 5 Close CoC #1 gripper 8 times per hand * I feel this is something that's presently within reach, but I'll have to dedicate a little bit longer to them, and get back on track with grip training. That's really fallen off. As I hit these numbers in the course of my training, I'll check them off, and then all are completed I'll get +1 STR DEXTERITY 16 unbroken dips 8 unbroken pullups 20 unbroken doubleunders * Alright, so, obviously the dips and pullups are still kinda under the realm of "strength". But when I consider dexterous characters, especially in the way I'm thinking of them (Bruce Wayne with gymnast rings in his gym), I also imagine handstands and muscle ups. I'm waaaay off from both, but the dips and pullups are basic building blocks towards them. And there's not much simpler in the realm of "body control" than just moving it up and down. The dubs, meanwhile, are just a real basic "skill" involving coordination and timing and such that I used to be able to do in limited numbers, but have lost along the way. Once I can pass all three tests, I'll set new benchmarks and gain a +1 DEX CONSTITUTION 1 mile unbroken run 4 mile ruck Lose 10 pounds * Obviously the basics of endurance are covered here, but also the pure health element, too. After I hit these I'll add a +1 to my CON, and set new, higher goals. INTELLIGENCE Finish 8 books Accumulate 8 hours in study or practice in a non-fitness skill * Pretty straight forward, here. Finish 8 books of any length, and practice or study something for 8 hours total. Can be split among a few skills (3 hours each of Duolingo and, I dunno, researching how to get HAM radio certified, and a couple hours of lessons on guitar) That'll earn me a +1 INT, and a new set of benchmarks. WISDOM Accumulate 2 hours of meditation Complete 2 books of Bible * Another simple concept. Obviously Wisdom can be reflected in lots of ways, but a real basic one is to work on calming my mind and studying my faith. After this +1. maybe I'll explore some of those other manifestations of WIS. CHARISMA Finish 3 chapters of PN L1cert Write and publish 3 blog entries * Like WIS, Charisma can take many forms. I'm thinking of it in terms of "leadership" and communication this time, two ways that I can work around my social awkwardness and interact with people
  20. And, we’re back! I stuck to my goals fairly well through the last Challenge, though two bouts of travel made consistency a bit harder, as well as keeping things here regularly updated. Though I got back to my training, my posting once again lagged behind. So, that’s one main things I’m going to try dial in this time through: getting on here daily to poke around, even if I don’t have anything too exciting to update. As for the goals, they’re going to pretty much be the same as last time, with some tweaks. The overarching theme of my challenges this year are going to be about leveling up my character sheet, as seen in the post below this one. The month to month challenges will be in service to that longer term plan, mostly based on habit building, with a few side quests added when I need to accomplish something specific on a timeline. NUTRITION I’m going to weigh in tomorrow AM, and I’m hoping to drop about 8 pounds off that starting number. Nutrition continues to be my greatest nemesis, so I’m going to try to hit the following guidelines, at least five days out of the week, with weekly scorecards. Take in 5 servings of protein Take in at least two servings of veggies Take in at least one serving of fruit Take in at least one gallon of water You’ll notice that I don’t have any specific carb or fat benchmarks, mostly because, well, I never have a problem eating ENOUGH of those things. It’s usually a matter of not eating enough of other stuff, and I’m going to be focusing more on addition than restriction, the working theory being that by making sure I’m getting in enough protein, veggies, and fruits, and drinking lots of water, things will somewhat autoregulate. Obviously, I could up the intake of all that stuff AND the things I already eat too much of, and that obviously wont help me much at all. So if I’m not autoregulating a bit and my weekly weigh-ins aren’t going in the right direction, I can adjust my approach accordingly. TRAINING Training will stay pretty much the same, again, with some tweaks. The foundation of it is still barbell work and WODs, with much of the strength stuff based around the “big 5”: press, squat, bench, deadlift, powerclean. I’ll again be layering in some mobility/movement work, in the form of GMB’s Elements program, which I’ll strive to do at least 10 times over the Challenge. I’ll also be adding in Dan John’s weighted pullup program, completely 12 sessions over the 5 weeks. I won’t be adding a ton of external load, probably just 10 pounds to start, as I’m recovering from a couple wear and tear issue that make high rep work on pullups a little tricky. The final addition to my training will be what I’m calling the “Daily 50”. IN ADDITION to my programmed training for the day, at least five days a week, I can add in 50 reps of….anything. Probably pushups, air squats, burpees, situps, super light thrusters or snatches, double under practice, or calories on a machine….things like that. If those movements are dips, pullups, handstand pushups, or toes to bar, or generally more challenging exercises, I can do 25 and count it as a success. This isn’t a workout program itself, of course, but just an indicator that I’m putting in that extra work to get better at things I kinda suck at….namely, bodyweight movements and conditioning. LIFE STUFF I’ll be working on this stuff in the background, but things that are moving forward include: Posting on my fledgling blog Progressing towards my PL level 1 cert Reorganing my apartment and decluttering Reading a bunch of books And that should do it! I’ll reserve the next two posts to placehold my incoming Character Sheet and my Weekly Scorecards. Good luck, fellow nerds! Let’s do the thing!
  21. Still here! I had two separate trips out of town, which obviously disrupted my plans a bit, but I've gotten in training where I can, and have continued with my rucks and such. Tomorrow I'll start my first full week back, and we'll see where we are. Not sure if I'll hit much of my non-consistency based goals, but I can always carry them over to next challenge as needed. Sorry I was off here for a couple weeks, but been thinking of you all, and am eager to get back to it!
  22. Last couple day's have gone alright! On Wednesday I hot a general shoulder-based day, and then on Thursday I just destroyed my legs witha lot of unilateral work, and then this WOD: EVERY THREE MINUTES, FOR FIVE ROUNDS: R1 10 front squat w 135 15 situps 20 wallballs R2 8 front squat w 155 15 situps 16 wallballs R3 6 front squats w 165 15 situps 12 wallballs R4 4 front squats w 185 15 situps 8 wallballs R5 2 front squats w 205 15 situps max unbroken wallballs (got 32) Whew. Yesterday was a rest day, but took a longer ruck (been keeping up with my daily rucks, but been keeping them to 1-1.25 miles, yesterday I went nearly 3). Today I'm gearing up for another short ruck, and then will probably do some chest and light cardio later, before packing for a trip. I'll be out of town for 4 days, but will post updates on how well I'm staying on track while down there!
  23. Yesterday’s lift session went pretty well! Worked up to a heavy single on deadlifts, did a little WOD, and get in some accessory work for the back. DEADLIFTS worked up to 475 for a slow grind of a single WOD for time: 15-20-15 of * bike cals * rower cals rest a few minutes and then… AMRAP5 of 1 power cleans w 155 3 pushups 2 power cleans 6 pushups 3 power cleans 9 pushups etc I managed to get through the 6/18 round, though I had to finish most of the pushups after the buzzer. Whew. Then I finished up with some unweighted one leg RDLs to work balance and control and whatnot, some banded facepulls, and some one arm DB rows with the Fatgripz.
  24. OK, week two! This weekend was a mixed bag, if I'm being honest. I still managed to get in my ruck both days, and I really didn't THINK my diet was as disasterous as my usual weekend escapades. But I had a genuinely dreadful workout on Saturday that messed with my thinking waaaaaaay more than it should have (I've been at this game for a coupe decades now, I know that sometimes there's just lousy workouts, and they don't have to mean a thing), but there you go. And then this AM, I weighed in and saw that I somehow gained, um, 5 pounds. Since Friday. Again, this isn't even really possible, and it's clearly a lot of water and such, but man. I'm not sure what could have caused that. I really did think it would be down another chunk and would help motivate me, but instead I got a second helping of doubt. What's going on with mah dang brain? Anyway, I still managed to force myself through another Elements session this morning, and I'll soon head out for my mile of rucking, and hit a back workout. Details of that to come later! Hope everyone is having a good Monday so far!
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