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  1. Meditation is helpful. Aside from counting breaths, you can also count 5 seconds in 7 seconds out (This is an arbitrary recommendation). When you realize that you are getting distracted by random thoughts, acknowledge the thought and gently bring your attention back to counting. I once read a demotivational poster that encompassed this type of meditation perfectly. It said ZEN:Fucking boring until it's not. So true.
  2. Been a big fan of tai chi, very recently began doing push hands with a friend. I'm also open to other styles. I know way too much about martial arts for how little I have practiced them.
  3. Hey, Much respec. I too am vegan and a hard gainer. I weigh 125 and am 5'8" and I'm a dude so I frequently get the "Your scrawny cause your need a nice slab of MEAT, GAHH" I've never been able to do much above 30 push ups, though I found that over the summer when I was working on my mothers farm I was able to get up to 43. What this means to me is that having an active lifestyle is important. Like, more than going to the gym twice a week. Anyway, keep up the struggle.
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