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  1. Well, after some technical difficulties (server going down on one of the email providers), the inboxes of my formal personal email, and two university emails are sorted & folders have been made to more easily stay on top of them, I think. Tomorrow a MacBook repair person will come to get my laptop to see what's up with the lagging & so I have to backup my files now. On my new seagate hard drive (well, I bought it weeks ago but haven't tried it yet). I have a recurring task scheduled to check if my hard drives are OK every 2 months EDIT: and I am trying Time machine too. For the backup. Interesting times.
  2. Oh, I might have one for you too: (I don't always want to label the phrases called toxic positivity as toxic on the internet, but the alternatives are usually a lot more empowering.)
  3. Ohhh I loosely followed the drama for when I needed to kill some brain cells. Listening to the loudest beauty guru people on Youtube talking about integrity and "being above stuff" was very effective for that. It was somewhat comforting to see Michelle Phan get back on the scene but then she kind of looked disillusioned... Which was a bit sad Not to open that can of worms! On a makeup note, I really enjoy lipstick but I always worry about (1) the way it will feel, or (2) get on everything, or (3) how will I take it off or (4) I don't want to have lip creases. I might have to throw away or give away my current unused makeup collection and go on a quest to figure out what works for me...
  4. When I go on granddaughter-granddad walks, my grandpa often stops to watch anyone working out in the parks as well. Ahhh, so weird He used to play basketball with friends a lot when he was younger (highschool-university), so I tried telling him this isn't like those games where it's sort of accepted that you have a crowd but nope, he insists it's totally normal. I usually get him to talk on some topic and start "walking away" so his attention gets side-tracked. Your crowd unfortunately has no such thoughtful walking partners haha
  5. 👏 Hmm I expected more from the second video. Gah I had breakfast but I need to sleep a bit more. EDIT: when I laid down I got energy so I went ahead and started my day anyway!
  6. Hmm, it's not even about knowing how people are doing at all times. The other branches do not have the mentality of "help when possible, do stuff that is good for everyone". I hear there is also an amount of "habit" of jealousy that drives them. I have a high amount of trust in the fact that my grandparents and mom have reached out but have been met with a scarcity mentality. Suspicion, favorism and so on. Parents feeding their insecurities into their kids etc. Being connected requires a great amount of confidence in yourself, that you dare to be vulnerable to others and also that you do not need to constantly take in order to not "fall behind" or whatever. That fees up space for trust in others that they have no ulterior motives, that they truly believe that helping each other out consistently will never leave anyone for wanting and all of this little to do with staying in touch consistently. We have had people that later became our friends but were basically strangers offer a listening ear and feedback/advice more readily or give us a hand more easily than our family members haha. If there was someone in need, like the 1 time-great grand mothers getting old though, my grandparents were taking care of them of course. And covering all expenses that the shitty social system did not. Not their siblings or anyone else who said sick great grandparents had helped out. No grudges though. I could go on and on but it is what it is. I am only in control of my own behaviour. EDIT: Whew, I have been really been thinking a lot about "family" lately and I apparently need to vent bits here and there. Thanks for reading TL;DR - I miss contact with people who have no reason to contact me so I am being sad about not having the blood tie thing work out in that regard Would have been fun to have larger Skype dinner during Christmas or so And also that I get uplifted when reading about your successes amd Elf maturing I have been thinking about it a lot when having successes in (re) cultivating my own "home economics" habits these weeks.
  7. PS - I underestimated the 6 years full of emails inbox task 😅 I got from 2014 to 2018. I postponed my meeting with the coach tomorrow because I did not look at the assignment she gave me. With my gran visiting (outings) and my own disorientedness the week flew by like SO! Also, I have been so restless these past 4 days. I allowed myself to partay tonight. I talked with a friend for 2 hours and then binge watched a series. Not a calming one at all though it made me laugh a lot. Cliches are fine. But noooow. I really need to get out of bed, stretch, breathe, and get at least some hours of sleep. I was almost going to say whatever and go to the gym at 5:30 or so (in 2 hours) but no. only as a reward if I get to bed early tomorrow.
  8. So much good stuff!!! Family building is tough. With two already, and more... My mom and grandma were telling me about my great-great grandma and what a unifying and organising force she was. With her brothers and husband. Ever since she passed away our family tree has been growing apart. So sad. One branch can be more easily broken than a bundle, as a king of long ago of my birth country has said (and probably like many who observe the strength of the sum that is greater than its parts). Way. To. Go! So many insights, too. Thanks for sharing.
  9. One the university library locations I go to has one of those: they are fun. I have not used them long term, just for variation, but I think it could work for you. Just keep in mind it IS a stool so no back support, so you have to remember to keep a good posture. I have some success with one of those "back correctors" you see online because they do pull at your shoulders when you slouch. oh and I never was one of those kids who leaned the chair backwards or forwards constantly (just sometimes) and I did not find it easy to actually tilt it and balance on the point like all the pictures show but maybe you could
  10. Lookin' good! I went from waist length to bob & from "bra strap length" to bob twice and it felt so. good. And what do you know? It's been months , and since I cut it just a little instead of for upkeep it's past my shoulders now. Ha! It grows back. Cannot disagree with you there.
  11. Emma, Emma, you know exactly how cute you are don't you :D Ahwww. :) Get better soon!
  12. Haha welllll... You still have a legal right/TITLE to that money 😇 So entitlement is in place. And going after such people with a burning fire with a thousand suns will teach them something, which may be a net benefit to the world. The catch is to not have it eat at you like the wise saying that anger/revenge is drinking poison with the hope that someone else will die
  13. https://blinki.st/23f5ffe3dfed?blinkspack=accessing-the-healing-power-of-the-vagus-nerve-en This might be an interesting book. About brains. (Blinkist has one free blink every day and this was one of them. ) I found (and read) an article about metabolism, too: https://www.healthline.com/health/catabolism-vs-anabolism#bottom-line 8:10 AM Okaaay I should not have let my whole AM routine go but oh well. Time for breakfast. EDIT 11:30 annoying, when you postpone a recurring task on Todoist by WRITING "sat" or so, it removes the recurring element EDIT: I tried finding a different task manager for 10 minutes but there is so much. How about Shovel? Or... Tempted to try paper again if this keeps happening, maybe just a good ol' pre-printed planner or trying the "student planner" that does not have dates on the pages but does have pre-printed stuff. Must not let this be my main work today haha. Tackling my university mail inboxes OK, but not trying task management apps Oh right, since my folder wardrobe can finally be freed up from most of the binders with my bachelor subject binders, I finally have a space to try the GTD tickler system. We shall see Focus. Next two things: Inbox(es), then career coaching assignment for tomorrow, then cv.
  14. Ah! If I need something, I usually just use the search function. NF I check the notifications here, and for the news letter I am subscribed on my main email. I tried Fantasy Football once a long time ago but I could not make the time to learn about it. I really need to get out of my way to follow sports since there is no-one in my social circle that talks about it. It's one of those things that I wish I did, since I do enjoy it when I watch it, but never do Oh well. Maybe I should ask said friend that tried to get me into it! We'll see. Anyway, now that I thought out loud about the things you mentioned, and how I deal with those, I think it would benefit me to clean THAT email up a bit too. But the task seems a bit daunting I rarely order stuff via websites like Amazon and Aliexpress etc., and other companies I haven't had any spam problems with using them on my "official" personal email. I am considering getting an e-reader though, maybe kindle, so that might change. Hmmmmm, I will cross that bridge when I get there haha EDIT: note to self, migrate current cv, current cover letter...stuff, and current thesis-related files to cloud to use on work user account. It's past bed time again, woohoo. What a party this is
  15. Oh my gosh, I started collecting so many email accounts once upon a time. I also have mainly two-three personal ones, just like that. (Except I recently made a second spam trap because gmail is being weird about logging into the spam trap that I rarely log into, outside of my home IP. I don't. Want. To give you. My mobile phone number, Google! You probably have enough info about me to find it out on your own, Google! But don't, please, that will creep me out.) And since I study/studied at two universities, I have two university emails. I tried linking them, but it was useless. I don't always get the notification from those emails on my phone, for some reason. Since I don't really care about the spam trap - until it tells me the space is full, I guess - I only sorted my personal email. I had already done that one or two years ago, unsubscribing from a lot of news letters, and now I made it even less. I really don't need emails telling me about all the best groupons etc. And most of the Linkedin emails are also pointless. Etc. The news letters I DO want to keep checking, I made a filter for to directly filter towards News Letters. I still separate my inbox into Primary, Socials and Promotions, but I think I'm going to remove that and make new folders/labels eventually... And get myself used to checking those labels when I have free time or so. I look forward to having "checking emails" in my routine and actually keeping track of it. Probably emails on job and internship opportunities and "fun stuff" and home stuff, and bills etc. Anything else should require an additional step to click on a different folder or so. I used this as inspiration https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/only-six-folders-you-need-tackle-your-email-karsten-schmolders @Jupiter Just making first attempts... At simplifying my life EDIT: To make it a whole different experience than my personal desktop, I installed opera since I've been wanting to try it. Mainly because chrome wanted me to log in with a gmail if I want to sync stuff, and, well, not going to make another gmail account, sorry not sorry. I should probably use chrome or Safari or so for work stuff and something like Opera for personal stuff, but that's for another stage :D EDIT2: Oh I forgot to mention the holding of some companies I had a news letter of made it pretty impossible to unsubscribe easily, the button linked to their main page, so I made a gmail filter to "delete" messages like these/from this sender, and emailed the company to tell me how to unsubscribe. Hope that helps.