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  1. analoggirl

    Don't call it a comeback

    Passive immersion was part of my 'simple and reachable' plan. After my thesis, I plan to do a 'full immersion' thing, where you do most of what you would do in your main language(s), in your target language. Like... Reading informative (productivity) articles, or watching YT videos. Why after my thesis? Because I have a tendency to mix up sentence structure in my target language for a paper or a presentation when I'm focusing a lot on one language (e.g. one time I said autobaan instead of snelweg because I was, indeed, attempting to read a German book at home.) Anyway, please, go ahead and write in German! It does not cost me a lot of effort to read or hear for short periods of time, it's more the 'picking up a book' or 'turning on the radio' bit I am not used to. German also has pretty harsh sounds, and I'm a real audiophile for soft sounds. So I shy away from listening to it even more than everything else. But well, it will be another way to go for mental anti-fragility
  2. analoggirl

    Don't call it a comeback

    [placeholder] I have had a challenge concept in mind for a while, but have not cut the proverbial knot on what I want to *focus* on yet. Still haven't, but I wanted to post it and let it 'marinate' for a bit. I see it will be around 19 °C from this week onwards. A bit rainy but still warm. Tough times are coming, because all I want to do is sleep when it's warm, yet it's also too warm to fall asleep properly... but I will have to find a way to keep moving and sleep well none the less. Fitness: *Keep moving! - Start 30 day arms/wrist/grip challenge. - The warmth will be the perfect motivation to start swimming again. - I liked power yoga this week. Let's see if I can keep going. *Drink water. The never-ending story goal... *Fuel up. Only eat junk one day of the weekend. Need to feed my brain and body good stuff, otherwise it (sometimes literally) starts coughing like an engine running on fake fuel.. Food only between whenever I wake up until 19. But also, eat right during the day so I can afford to say "No dinner!" if it gets too late... Load up on the veggies! I like vegetables. Let's exploit that. Have (wal)nuts handy. *Reboot & defragment Sleep on time — No electronics past *one hour before designated sleeping time*, except for plans, goodnights, and books — Read with night lamp on, even if I'm reading on my mobile Life: * Work on my thesis. (Figure out what’s realistic? 1 chapter per 2 weeks?) * Kick current subject's butt. *Read more. [two more books this challenge, calculate pages] *Do the German practice (Currently at level A1 with regards to active knowedge, MAYBE. I do have an alright passive comprehension... A2?) —> Check if books I have are meant to help a student reach my desired level. Otherwise, use for currenty purposes, but also find other materials. Make (almost crazily easy) plan for German. Stick with said plan.
  3. analoggirl

    Digital Battle Log

    “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” – Samuel Beckett (For the inspirational purposes, let's ignore the context of this quote, which I just found here: . Besides, being the semi-nihilistic person that I am, I believe that wanting to strive for more, being inspired, and - with a slight understatement - believing life & the world are far from rosy are not mutually exclusive. Not sure how my brain works that out, but it somehow does. ) I have a challenge concept in the works, but I also have a deadline on Monday 9AM & the research & writing of the paper is not going all too smoothly, so it'll have to wait for now. Here is the draft. Though it may or may not stay the same:
  4. analoggirl

    WhiteGhost: Deep Thoughts

    Just here to tell Chad to shut up. It is good to trigger the creative part of the brain & get some minor eye-hand coordination practice going on. Over the years I have discovered competition can be healthy. I used to hate it when kids compared me to them, whether it was with jealousy bc I was better or with smugness bc they were better. But it can be healthy! Without Chads anywhere near it.
  5. analoggirl

    Digital Battle Log

    Hi! I go by the username analog girl. As of yet, I am still creating my origin story, meaning I am right in the middle of it. I really do think I know all or at least most of my strengths and weaknesses but the truth is, I do not. Yet I want to find out. So the plan of action is, to keep a record of things that I want to keep myself accountable for here... Especially when I am not doing a 6 week challenge online or off. Eventually, I will have gathered up the knowledge and skills needed to help others solve their legal matters... Hopefully I will still have my soul then... I want to stop being so averse to dealing with situations that 'can be avoided', within rationale of course. So, my main goals are: To wake up and get up without thinking about it and to go to sleep when it is time without thinking about it or other crap that does not deserve my attention, to maintain awareness about my surroundings and keep reveries for the times when I am alone. Yeah, I believe those goals will keep me out of the type of trouble I do not want to deal with. The rest depends on what my coach (me ) has in store for me for the day. Ah well, let us see how events unfold!