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  1. "As we work within the very center of our Circle of Influence, we expand it." - Covey. (OTOH, reactive people focus on their Circle of Concern, and in doing so, they often reduce their Circle of Influence.) *** SO, I have been neutral towards my body for ages even though I gained wright these past couple of years but the yesterday my brain went:"Oh, you are bobbing and weaving around the usual obstacles I have been giving you? Here's a low blow! Look at how fat your upper legs have gotten! You couldn't even keep those 2 kg off you lost in april!" Jerk. Whatever. I am not looking to be remembered for my body, I want to remembered for my brain and spirit. Sure I want to take care of my vessel and look good naked and do fun physical stuff but I don't have unlimited will power and time and energy. You won't get me down, brain! Soon I will tackle those things too. Now shut up. I had a good productive hour and then a slightly too long break again. NOW, to resume my battle with Thesis Beast. Check-ins:
  2. Right? At least my body prevented me from becoming a true gamer. Whenever I had lack of sleep I could fall asleep standing, and my eyes just start hurting like crazy after 2+ hours of game graphics. Weirdly enough I have become better at losing sleep when I want/need to, which was good for my studies but still not able to game for long. Which is sad because my gaming progress is slowwww I don't game often, I want moar! But you are right, I don't need more escapism than I already practice haha.
  3. Going to catch up soon. With recent events the frequency with which I think: "Gee, I am so glad I became active in this community!" is increasing exponentially. So much food for thought.
  4. Ohhh interesting conversation. I (European) was promised to go shooting when I turned 18 but by that time I became afraid we'd get put on some list for suspicious people I do wish I could l learn that skill along with other combat skills for defense and "who knows in what situation you'll find yourself in" but oh well. And also because I would feel quite cool and capable, OK, I admit. Maybe if I ever find myself in the U.S. and someone who knows what he/she is doing 😇 EDIT: Good luck with learning how to defend yourselves! I read somewhere: "in a country with 1000< military bases, it's natural for the citizens to want to be armed". Makes sense.
  5. Oh that's cool that you kept your uniform And fit in it! Always a good feeling. I will never, ever get tired of spouses talking about each other in this way. Reality is so much better than books or movies.
  6. Stupid boss! Hmph! You'll get him! Yeah if it smells alright it's good. But like, he can google that? Oh yeah. You have to come up with google key words to search for. No special google fu needed but he needed you to script his calls too. Hmmm. I am really curious who they would have asked if they didn't have you. Don't get me wrong, I ask relatives and friends about the simplest things sometimes too. But still.
  7. "Because I am self-aware, because I have imagination and conscience, I can examine my deepest values. I can realize that the script I'm living is not in harmony with those values, that my life is not the product of my own proactive design, but the result of the first creation I have deferred to circumstances and other people. And I can change. I can live out of my imagination instead of my memory. I can tie myself to my limitless potential instead of my limiting past. I can become my own first creator." - Covey. I have been marking other things in the ebook but I haven't taken the time to rephrase them so they don't hang up in the air. His definitions and examples build upon each other. *** Okaaay I was looking forward to being productive in the morning this morning but I only started at 8:50. So even later than yesterday. oh well. I think I wasn't looking forward to staring at letters at screens. oh and no quest goals yesterday. I will retro actively change the goals to doing ANY deliberate stretches + "eye yoga". My right wrist, thumb and pinkie hate me. I see some rehabilitation in my future. Here we go! Check-ins: 1. 18:15 Hm. I noticed from the start I would have 1 super productive writing day and one less productive day. On the less writing productive day it then depends if I am productive otherwise. I noticed just now I am starting to get annoyed at any loud talking. Esp now that the heat is starting to make it increasingly unbearable to keep windows closed. Oh well. It is the way it is. Fortunately Mind Boxes are infinite. I am getting to this point where I am thinking so much about how a Method is Working that I might overthink and annul its effects. Or become anxious its effects won't last and there fore create a self-fullfilling prophecy. NOT THIS TIME. I like being a cool person that can compartementalise. 2. 20:15 I have not mentioned this but it is costing me A LOT of will power to stay out of discussions and let go of trains of thoughts about all of sorts of topics. Especially after last weekend. It won't help to just let it out and vent, haha. I won't stop, I will lose sleep, I know myself. Soon, though.
  8. Do not cross the streams!! I am also very glad that we crossed threads. One more fume out! Get some rest so you have energy to fume it goooodddd!
  9. Well, is there stuff all over the bathroom? Lots of half empty bottles cluttering up the space? Do the men clean up after they shave? An easy place to hang your towel? Do you get interrupted often? Is your hair super heavy when it gets wet and it takes ages for you to get it dry? Do you have to dry every nook and cranny because otherwise you get mold? Does the water pressure suck, or you have to take ages setting up the temperature? (Last one is one of the reasons that convinced me to try out the cold shower challenge. I know it's a luxury problem but stillllll.) Okay that's my list of possibilities haha. Anyway I get it. It is a hassle. Getting out of your comfy clothes and such when you're meh. Or worse. Good luck on your shower mission!
  10. Ohhh I was not even up to doing my exercises & stretches yesterday. Oh well. Today's a new day. I was going to have a nap in the afternoon because I got up at 6 like I said I would - even though I went to sleep late. But I think I have some more writing energy in me before I try for a nap. Let's go! Check-ins: 1. It's 15:10. I've been awake for 9 hours,and new words are written. Let's see if I can up that number significantly in the next hour. Also, I guess Word is doing that thing again where if I save, close and reopen a file, spaces go missing. Hmph! 2. 16:15 Well. Making progress. I have written lots of notes again though... 2. 19:00 still going OK but again not as fast as I want to. Lots of I dunwannas but also just losing my flow because I cannot find the info I need to finish the intro chapter more quickly.
  11. SO RELATABLE. I keep getting these "open loops" that get triggered even by just writing one sentence. (To use GTD terminology, where you write down all of the open loops in your brain that are keeping you from tackling your day mindfully.) Or even before writing that one sentence. I have been trying to combat this by sticking 1 A3 sheet of paper per chapter on my walls and writing my thoughts down in pencil / adding sticky notes. Pen only if I am REALLY SURE about it haha. I have erasable Frixxion pens but they give out faster when I write with the point facing the wall. Also it helps having my chapters etc. In a separate file where I just paste ideas, and a file with the "topics" (not chapters) where blurt out stuff Idk where to put in the ideas file. And STILL as I just cleared my copy of the ideas+general outline file and deleted the ideas... To start with a fresh new "canvas"... As I wrote the first 100 words for the day I have about 5 new loops in the next paragraphs haha. Half sentences usually, and I highlight the last couple of words to indicate that's a loop. (That I am 98% sure will go there but I will cross those bridges when I get there...) Oh well. You can do this!!
  12. Ohh thanks for sharing. Been trying to do something similar! Regardless of how a part of me seems to think I should punish myself as if I am a terrible person, it won't get me any closer to my goals. If you won't believe her, hose the leaves wet and fill them yourself! :D I am sure this applies to many but it sounds like the coach is a bit triggered by people who are perfectly happy not being able to pick up heavy stuff Anyway, good thought though! I am also happier when I am less winded carrying my bag filled with books up stairs. Being "a so-called intellectual" is hard work but you never get the strength needed for the books without additional work. Damn it!
  13. So cooool! Worbla as a material(*) and you as a creative person And the progress in general of course. (*) I have only ever done one poorly done costume in HS and I would find it fun to try playing with worbla because of your photos haha. One day!
  14. Once I stopped spending every available minute in front of screens a few years back, I became a lot more aware of when my eyes/brain/body need a break from that. Regardless of your reason, it's nice to have a moment where you think "well, it's time to put that toy aside for a bit" Feels good, I think.
  15. Alright I am back to giving into distractions Have to do something about that. Set up my alarm & Got up at 6AM. At least I am behind the desk 40 minutes earlier than yesterday (7:50) Let's go! Check-ins: 1. 8:50 Meh. Lots of mehs. But I am going to keep going. 2. 9:50 Better. 3. 11:50 had a longer (second breakfast 🤓 and coffee break, and then updated my back-up files with more recent versions. Someone once said "If you have info stored only on 1 place, you don't really want to keep it safe" Pupil & Student wisdom... 4. 16:20 Having lots of slightly too long breaks but also finding the fun in my readings again. Lots of interesting info. I feel like how I often spend way too long reading the first two chapters of descriptive authors while usually THAT'S when they sort of start getting into the "good stuff" the books are about. Oh well. 5. HOW is it 18:10 already? The slightly too long breaks of course but still. Day 3 of my compartementalizing experiment, btw. Combined with using the Circle of Influence / Circle of concern concepts of Covey (which are basically the the same as the short-verse/essence of stoicism). So far, so good. Interested to find out if this will become one of the things that Stick. Going to keep on doing it. 6. 21:45 Yeahhh I am still very very far from where I want to be. Yesterday night I spent hopping around chatting with family about all of the interesting concepts I have been learning bc I was not tired yet. Today I am also not tired yet now... but I will get ready for bed and then sit down to try and write a bit. Until I get sleepy. With lots of breaks for my eyes and the challenge goals so I am not keeping myself up with the blue light.