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  1. 😊 Well, Idk if you are becoming less shallow/were more shallow. It's character trait of yours to look at what you've got & kick ass (at getting things done or chi-lla-xing properly and entirely when needed). So naturally that's what you did now, too. You don't want to eat miserable amounts of food. You cannot spend hours in the gym. You need a motivator of some sort/a trackable for SMART goals, though. So overall health it is! Get it get it! 💪 I almost want to learn the names of wrestlers so I can properly gif at you. At the very least I will
  2. Ahh meditation was a bit weird. It would be good if I could go to bed on time because otherwise I don't wake up. Hopefully work and the course will provide some external incentive.
  3. Look, I know you have shown that you can do both excellence AND consistency despite all of your circumstances, and I will support you if that helps with the feeling of control, but the good thing about things outside of academics is that we decide if 90, 60 or even 50 or 40% is with the highest honour, and it's important to watch out for burn-out and the like. Especially for people like yourself that have gone at it on Difficult mode all their life. You don't feel it creeping up on you 🤗 And we want you up and at it even when the kids can take care of themselves, okay
  4. How is Monday, 1 hour later than the original time for you?
  5. For accountability: I have stopped with the benchmark stretches for a week so far to get used to my new fysio exercises. I think I might need to pick just 2-3 things from the 10 benchmarks and focus them by incorporating them into a general mobility practice (to still be developed). When I miss 1,2,3 days of stretching, too much time is spent not stretching one area or another... The new fysio exercises are (I'll elaborate further another day): - "Beach stretch", stretching my upper back mainly - Stretching wrists down: arms forward, palm towards my body, fin
  6. *dragging herself... almost... back onto the bandwagon..* It's bed time, must make it tomorrow!
  7. Half an hour ago, I started the process of deciding if I will participate in the courses Medical Liability & a course about how companies can fullfill their societal role/societal expectations which I registered for out of sheer interest. I dropped the course Medical Liability - well, I emailed and will deregister when that is possible. I don't think I want to do that alongside the last course I have for one of two master's & starting my first legal job. Also given the fact I am looking at the notarial course of career, I probably won't need to know that type of material de
  8. So, I was very late to the party but I started the process of deciding if I will participate in the two courses I had registered for out of sheer interest, not necessity. I think I will drop 1 for sure. The other one I am still thinking about...
  9. I weighed in at 69,7 kg this morning. That's fine. 300 grams less than my weigh in a week ago. I am a lot happier with the food habit creation and the fact I am finding better ways to cope with... Life stuff than snacking (and I have got to admit, the meal SIZES(*) I have been eating these past 2 years went up more than I ever ate per meal before 2018). Let's see how I do as the responsibilities pile back on. (I have had the opportunity to take some months and simply figure things out, e.g. do career coaching, read and so on, next to sort-of-working on my m
  10. Okay, for lunch mom and I gave ourselves a pass to finish the left-over fries and nuggets from yesterday we could not finish. I also finished the glass of ice cream I could not finish. Although it's nice to know something we would have usually eaten in one glorious meal had to be separated in 2 meals after the last 2 weeks (N.B. we do not have a work-out schedule.)
  11. 😋 So, uh, I am late but agreed: duh, of course. Not that it's your life goal and a pat on the head (especially after all that) won't make you suddenly want to be their best and drop everything else. You are just cool like that 🤩 Sorry about your freezer. ALL THAT FOOD! Hopefully you find one at a good price
  12. Uh-mazing. I look away, look back, and you are crushing it even more 😊
  13. I see, thank you for explaining all of that 😊 I know you said that writing it out only makes you angry/frustrated so I appreciate you taking the time and energy. I am sorry the therapist(s) did not believe teenage you. Sorry to hear you had to go through that. Sucks about your mom not taking care of herself. That is a thing to make you feel bad and worried even if everything else was OK. Fixed! And noted.
  14. Sorry to hear about the roommate situation ♡ All I can think off is doing like toe touches and stretches you can do against the wall that require minimal space. Just for it to be SOMETHING until you can do more, you know? and some squats maybe... Not to pressure you, just trying to brainstorm along. Your anger is not entirely irrational btw. The privacy thing, I get it. Curtain closed should MEAN something...sheesh.
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