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  1. Right...! Thank you Just read this. And I had realised the same thinking flaw I was having. But when thinking about talking about my things I just realised I kept the same thinking pattern. Goodness. This is so difficult. 🤣
  2. I am :) I just felt guilty, mostly towards myself because I know no-one here would blame me, for not being active. The last weeks have been filled with more actively going after getting help for my mental health, job interviews and trying to get my focus away from debauchery and focused on my second master's thesis. I've made quite some progress on all three. Mental health Had 2 meetings with a type of counsellor already, it's not a psychologist because I cannot organise my thoughts enough to explain what my issues are, nor have I been able to open up enough
  3. I apologise to everyone for my very poor and not entertaining challenge write-up, I'm just barely gathering motivation here to get more accountability and structure in spending time on things that are good for me I've been kinda taking care of myself but it's all over the place.
  4. During my previous challenge I took some steps back to joining you all again. I was asked what "getting back on track" means". @Harriet @Mad Hatter @Epsilonte For me, right now, it means not slacking with my morning and evening routines. Mindful eating. (I took a step towards this by having yoghurt with muesli and a smoothie, BAM. I've been having cookies or pastries with something for breakfasts for so many weeks ) Watching my posture and doing my fysio exercises and meditation. AND making time for more active sports. AND spending my time and energy mo
  5. Bahaha it is 1 september. Guyssss. I want to get back on track. HOW!
  6. It was quite relaxing. It didn't start out that way, since I had to play mediator for my family. My mom, sis, and grandparents all went along. But it turned out nice. Yet again I underestimated how little I wil do on my vacation time because of the heat and chaotic planning and such... I mainly focused on relaxation (and managing some new relationship energy with quite an awesome new person that i did not expect to meet... Combined with new relationship "holy smokes, we built up some misunderstandings, let's have those blow up when I am 2300 km away bu okay.)
  7. You are all amazing. It feels so good to read you again 💗 I am currently at the beach enjoying time with fam 😊 Watched this vid:
  8. Hug. Thank you, I feel a lot better! I've just been noticing how I am not as good at communicating as I thought and/or those skills have become so rusty the past year 😅 And it's frustrating. Meditations are happening and I feel a lot better Veggies are not being ate but I need to start tracking that more Drinking water is going okay, 1,5L per day is pretty much solid now when I am not with people I made some lists, some blank, but I have a system in place to follow or write as I go for the less pressing tasks
  9. Random emotional ramble incoming.
  10. Hurrah! We are both back! Practice sounds like much fun and fulfilling. Enjoy ❤ Looking forward to the pole stories/challenges as well, and all else.
  11. Hello everyone. It's been too long. But also, the time is just right :) I am kind of still hanging out at the edges of the tutorial zone, and kinda gained a level and some skill points through sheer passing of time and showing up to kill mostly low – really low – level monsters here and there. My body is aching, and my brain feels like a messy bunch of... stuff. I feel like I have to blow some cobwebs off of my professional skills and knowledge. Like I lost my edge, ALMOST wondering if I ever truly had one. So I will st
  12. Whew, early bird! How are you! Thanks for the music. I am going to take this as incentive to get a draft topic up as well.
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