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  1. Welcome to the rebellion. I want your life. That is all. Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
  2. My average day looks like this: 4:45-5:15- Wake up, make coffee, dishes 5:15-5:45- Watch news, check emails, make omelet if hungry (2 eggs cup of onions and red/green/yellow pepper and a protein (steak/chicken/bacon) 5:45-6:45- Shower, get dressed (I'm a woman after all) 6:45-7:15- Grab everything I need for the day, ESPN Mike & Mike 7:15-8:00- Head to school 8-4 - Classes, study, travel home (I also walk alot around campus) 4-4:45- Throw meal in crockpot or skillet for dinner 4:45-5:30- Walk around neighborhood at brisk pace and starting tmrw this is my C25k time. 5:30-6- eat dinner I rotate two meals during the week. This week roasted chicken and collard greens for 3 days, then taco salad (Lettuce, steak/chicken, veggies and salsa), 6-7:30- Study, work on school work or two nights a week I go to either Toastmasters or a work committee meeting 7:30-8:30 Call of Duty or other videogames (Yes I schedule this in, but its a way for me to unwind) After 8:30 I read till I'm tired then promptly pass out. My cheats happen between 8-4 typically when I'm on campus and starving. Usually a handful of pumpkin seeds tides me over or an apple. But sometimes I'm messing around outside with friends (Ultimate frisbee, walking around at the school marsh, or failing miserably at skateboarding (Vans a skateboarder does not make). I'll head to the student union and grab a bite to eat. I look at everything possible and try to eat as close to Paleo as possible. My start weight was hmm 220 I think. I did get down to 198 but then I popped back up to 208 in the last two weeks. I'm 5'3, and my bodyfat was like 42% I think. I used a couple of bf calculators but theres not always an easy way to tell. Bodywise I noticed that my stomach is much flatter, and I notice more muscle definition and I can tell the body fat is getting lower. I started toning up with 10lb weights (Gotta start some where) and when I walk, I use a water bottle to workout my arms. It gets my heart racing. I Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
  3. Typical cheat would be a gyro with a handful of fries. Maybe a 6 inch sub. At worst a muffin from Starbucks. Exercise: 3 mile walk 5 times a week, some weight lifting for toning. I start training for a 5k on Monday using C25K so that will probably break the plateau. Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
  4. I've been 90% Paleo since January 1st with an average of 3 or less non paleo meals a week. But I seem to be stalling out with only ten lbs dropped. Could those cheats be hurting that badly? And they aren't bad cheats. #fustrated Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
  5. <3 Skinny Jeans! I'm a size 14 now and seriously because of my weird hip to leg ratio, skinny jeans flatter me. (I resemble a frog with pants) I cannot stress enough how much better your pants will fit if you spend the money and get them tailored!!! (I'm the world's assless wonder but tailoring keeps me from looking like Im wearing a diaper) Screw what magazines say. Wear what makes you feel sexy. Cause If you feel sexy, "Im sexy and I know it" will be written all over your face. And that is sexier then any style of jeans or perfume you could ever buy. Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
  6. Ladies! I'm starving! And I know I'm really hungry cause my tummy is growling for more! I'm up to almost a gallon of water, and I've had three full-sized Paleo meals plus 2 Paleo snacks. The cravings are kicking my butt. I'm seriously considering making some pizza dude's fantasy real cause I'm craving a deep dish meatlover's like you wouldn't believe! I'd be on that thing like Scooby-Doo and Shaggy. Any suggestions or similar situations? Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
  7. Sugar crashes tend to come on rapidly. Personally mine make me severely dizzy, my behavior is erratic and all I want to do is sleep. (Mine are extreme however). Usually a piece of hard candy or a glass of oj fixes that. Sometimes when your stomach turns like that, its too much stomach acid and you have to eat. I agree with the guys, sounds like a cold. Sent from my MB860 using Tapatalk
  8. I haven't tried fasting for breakfast and lunch yet. I can skip dinner easily but being at school well... Its not worth getting into a fistfight on campus cause I'm crabby and this skinny ass kid has a sandwich that I just have to take off his hands. Trust me, if I don't get my morning 4 - Coffee/smoke/breakfast/shower, I'm evil enough to make Darth Vader piss his pants.
  9. It was meant to be funny. Actually wasn't that bad of a meal but I more then made up for it when I scrubbed my place clean today.
  10. Oh Paleo... where did we go wrong? We met, had this amazingly instant connection and life became bright and shiny. You trusted me, and I trusted you. We'd never cheat on each other. But today.... I saw an old friend and I walked over to say hello. That was all my intention was, I swear! Please don't cry Paleo, you know I love you. It was just too hard to resist. I slid into the restaurant booth with my old friend and he... he was just looking so good, and smelled amazing. I just lost my head that's all. The next thing I knew, I couldn't keep my hands off of him, and we were just all over each other. I know I was weak this time, but next time I'll be stronger. I swear I'll never cheat again. Forgive me baby? Please? Waffle House... Small Angus Burger, 1 order of hashbrowns with onions, water. Needed a burger. Seriously craving Waffle House Hashbrowns. (
  11. I've been going strong on the Paleo diet despite a day of total mess ups, but in my defense, I had gone almost a full 48 hours without sleep and needed something. The damage wasn't too bad. I really don't want to give up sweet potatoes and bananas. Ever. But I'm reading alot about how they can prevent me from losing weight. I plan on buying a scale this weekend along with a tape measure, and if I don't see any progress this week, I will cut them out. I'm refusing to give up my coffee though. I need that caffeine kick in the morning. Did try the adding cinnamon trick and it helps quite a bit with the bitterness. Slowly phasing out creamer. Also trying to slowly quit smoking. My goal is to be down to two a day by the end of the challenge. The bread and rest of the sugar hasn't been too hard to give up though I do get some serious cravings, and not for sweets, but for Mexican and Jamaican food.
  12. Started doing the Angry Bird workouts as well as some of the Strong Lifts 5 x 5 program. My plan was to mix and match a few things until I had stronger arms and was brave enough to hit the gym on campus. Not sure if it was from working out (I stretch before and after) or moving heavy items at work, but woke up a couple of days ago in serious pain in my shoulder. Not sore, but hurts bad when I turn my neck, raise my left arm, stand up/sit down, well to do anything that makes my shoulder/upper back move.. The only time it doesn't hurt is when I have my left hand above my head. The pain is somewhere under my shoulder blade I think and its really sharp pain. Did I pull something?
  13. Run with someone who is slower then you... You don't have to be faster then the bear, just the person you're running with.
  14. Awww if I want to lose weight I have to give up fruits and sweet potatoes? Meanies! I shop on the outside section of the grocery store. Produce, meat, eggs. Aside from the spice aisle, and some frozen steamed veggies, I ignore everything else.
  15. Mmmmmm coffee. If only it tasted as good as it smells What brands are ya'll drinking. Personally I'm a Folger's girl, Breakfast Blend is my go to, but I've been wanting to experiment with different types. I've only been drinking coffee maybe a year now, and I've stuck with Folgers cause I love how it smells in the morning. BTW brewing a pot with cinomen right now and boy does it smell good. Probably dumped too much in the filter though. How much do y'all use?
  16. Atta Boy thats the way to do it! Go Big or Go Home! Looking forward to seeing your progress.
  17. Cooking the meals yourself will go a loooong way too.
  18. Hey guys, I've been on Paleo a few days now, strict for three or four and I've noticed that although I'm not hungry, I'm not eating a lot either. I'm a little concerned because I don't want to not eat enough calories and start storing fat from the meat. Today for instance... 3 scrambled eggs with 1/2 cup sausage, 1 cup spinach, 1 cup tomatos/green peppers/onions. 2 cups of black coffee. Banana for snack Wasn't hungry at all for lunch. Two porkchops and a sweet potato for dinner. And didn't finish them. Shouldn't I be a little hungrier?
  19. Started Paleo on the 2nd. So far easy enough. I've been eating a sausage, egg and spinach scramble with veggies every morning so far and its pretty good. Keeps me full and gives me energy all day. Quit pop on the 1st but no caffeine headaches cause I still have to have my coffee! Lunch has been various fruits and salads, dinner not so big because I don't eat a lot at night anyways. Found a great chicken cacciatore recipe that I'm trying out tmrw, and I'm super excited. Lots of yummy veggies and Paleo safe, no flour. My before pic. I'm brave, but not brave enough to show my rolls [ATTACH=CONFIG]1377[/ATTACH]
  20. Yay! Another guy that can lift heavy things *The crowd applauds* Welcome to the forum sir! Now where were you when I needed help moving furniture a couple of hours ago? Seriously though, this forum is awesome because everyone makes you feel like you belong, and encourages you. Good Luck!
  21. D- I got lucky there. My new place doesn't have a stove so I'm forced to use a george foreman griddle/crockpot so that will make things a lot easier. Plus I'm the only person there so what I buy is all I eat. Poor me, I don't buy junk food at the store just because I hate the looks that I think I get. Same reason why I don't get fast food. Foodwise I'm a decent eater. Its all the daggone liquid calories!!!
  22. I <3 TED!!!! Its like porn for nerds. Ok maybe not exactly... but still it gets my heart pumping quicker then a Call of Duty adrenaline rush when I come across something awesome on TED. I would love to give a presentation for them one day. I'm so motivated guys!
  23. Lets Do This! Why am I doing this? I'm done with this short, chubby, nerd label I've worn my entire life. I'm done with being judged, and I'm done with sitting back and watching people do things that I just dreamed about. I chose Paleo because reading the information leads me to the logical conclusion that it works and its the best solution for me. I chose NF because its a forum of my own peers that completely get where I'm coming from and my reasons for wanting to get in better shape. Personal goals: To stick with the Paleo Diet. It will be challenging to cut out pop more then anything. So 30 days, no pop. I can't reward myself with one either because that puts me in the mindframe that if one doesn't hurt, five won't. Force myself to cash the check my ass wrote to myself a long time ago that if I did go back to school that I would get in better shape, because I want to. Get a grip on my fitness goals. I've always been very wishy-washy about my goals, so I want to take this month and explore different athletic venues and in the end set clear and concise goals for the future. So I can post a picture of me in a wetsuit and not cringe. Be able to sing "I'm Sexy and I know it" and believe it! Stats: 5'3, I'm guessing somewhere between 200-220. I don't have a scale and I'm planning on getting one next week. Body Fat is around 38% (Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle) I will put measurements up when I get a tape. And post pics when I'm not scared to Lets go to work...
  24. Just got my Paleo Solution and 21 day Primal Challenge books today. So excited to try it out. Did try the chicken fajita salad tnite and it was yummy!
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