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  1. Definitely going to check that book out! Thanks for the recommendations! Right now, I'm just dipping my feet into the water, but based on my personality, I can see that soon I will want to start taking a bit further! I'm glad to know, though, that I won't really have to choose between the two! I don't see running any marathons anytime soon either How did you train for the Spartan Sprint and the Ninja Challenge? I'm thinking about training for an obstacle run myself..
  2. Hello All! Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I have a question! (as does everyone posting..) I have discovered, that I like lifting heavy things. I've been doing it a few months now. But recently, I also discovered that I like running. Is it possible to get better at both while not hurting myself/over training? I'm worried about insufficient recovery time if I try to do both activities. Is it okay to go on runs on my rest days? I have always done HIIT sprints in conjunction with my workouts, but now id like to focus on improving my longer runs. I'm not sure how to juggle the two, and if its even safe/healthy? hhhaaalllppp
  3. Well, I'm not really sure what advantages I would see. It would just be an experiment to see how my body reacts. I've been feeling quite bloated for a while and I'm attempting to smoke out the culprit. Labeling my diet as Paleo isn't really so important to me. I'm just into experimenting
  4. I've been eating low carb for a while now, and really closer to Paleo (boyfriend doesn't like cheese so we rarely cook with it) So, Paleo doesn't seem like such a far leap. We even get most of our veggies at local farmers markets (yay Austria and its abundance of fresh produce). I can deal without the milk in my coffee, and I actually quite like coconut milk with it anyways, theres just one thing... YOGHURT! I love it. So much. I look forward to my greek yoghurt, chia seeds, and raspberries everyday. I make yoghurt dressings for salads, yoghurt dips for veggies, and I even mix yogurt with my avocados. I could easily replace my afternoon snack with veggie sticks, and I often do, but they are so boring unless I make a delicious yoghurt dip for them. So, for all you people out there, how do you get around the yoghurt when you want something creamy for a dressing? Or something to dip carrots in to make them less boring? What kind of snacks do you eat?
  5. CHICKEN CRUST PIZZA!! I made it yesterday, and it is seriously so amazing. Gives you all the yummy good feelings of pizza. I was skeptical at first, but now i'm obsessed. Just give it a go! http://www.surfandsunshine.com/guilt-free-chicken-crust-pizza-recipe/
  6. So, I cannot claim this recipe, I found it on pinterest (I know, how basic of me) and thought I would give it a go. I made a single serving though, and used only one chicken breast (so I roughly cut the ingredients in thirds... yes, even the egg) But let me just say... I AM IN NO GUILT PIZZA HEAVEN! It had all the yummy qualities of pizza, the texture was nice, and can we talk about all that protein? AND I AM SO FULL! Pizza never leaves me full. I love it so much, but I'm always still so hungry afterwards. I HIGHLY recommend anyone give it a go. http://www.surfandsunshine.com/guilt-free-chicken-crust-pizza-recipe/
  7. Hi everyone! OP here... So, I took a little break from obsessively looking at this website, and clearly did not get all these notifications for this thread! I really appreciate all the replies, help, advice, and found the small arguments amusing. Actually, I found them quite helpful as well as they presented different sides of information. Anyways, I thought i'd give a little update for those who are interested! Since this first post, I'm down to 53.5 kg (117.9 lbs), and switched to mainly weight lifting (totally hated the intense cardio HIIT - totally love picking heavy things up and putting them back down) as well as maintaining a low carb/high fat diet. For cardio I just play Ultimate Frisbee twice a week, and do some interval runs here and there to help with that. Still counting calories, but mainly focus on macros. I made my deficit smaller as I was totally miserable with the 500 deficit. Its now at 250-300 and the hungry hulk has subsided a bit. Thanks again for all the help! Still working on those last few pounds/inches and trying to get rid of that small layer of pesky fat that wont let go.
  8. Thanks guys Definitely a relief to know that Im not way off in my thinking. Pushing through the hunger is the hardest, but Its necessary! Just wanted to make sure I wasn't being unhealthy!
  9. Hi Everyone! Just joined the community today! It's probably no surprise to anyone on here that i'm looking to lose a few pounds I don't have much to lose, I just would like to get rid of some of the fluff thats been hanging around a little too long! My stats are: 24 years old, Female 5'4 / 162 cm 125 lb / 57 kg I've been on a calorie deficit of about 500 for 2 weeks, and doing HIIT and free weights 5 days a week, for a bout 30-45 minutes a day. I know that not all calories are created equal, so I've made sure my diet includes as many nutrients as I can squeeze in for my intake for the day. Questions: what is a good macro spread with the goal of fat loss? Thoughts on treat meals? how devastating is it to eat over the intended calorie intake for the day? Also, this may seem like a silly questions, but with a calorie deficit, hunger is normal, yes? Cause I am hella hungry all the time. I make sure not to binge or eat more than I have set out for myself, but food is constantly on my mind. any insight would be appreciated
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