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  1. Hey All! New to the weight training game (not new to fitness in general) and I am considering adding in a protein supplement. Having no previous experience with them, and no idea where to start my search of information, I figured i'd reach out here. I have been doing IF for the better part of 3 years now, and usually always workout in the morning in a fasted state. I've recently discovered these mysterious things called BCAAs and that some people use them while working out in a fasted state. They also contain minimal calories, so i've heard, which is appealing. I have also seen and read the benefit of a good whey powder as additional support in a diet. Previously, I have always thought to stay clear of protein powders as I thought that it was unnecessary additional calories, and I was getting enough protein at the time. Now that i'm redirecting my path towards a more weight training focus, I think I may need to reconsider an additional back up protein source. So, my question is this, which would be more beneficial? Or rather, in which situation would you choose one over the other? Is there a low calorie/lower carb protein powder out there that is still nutrient dense? haaalllllpppppp