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  1. So long time no see, busy weeks between some travel, work, and an annual festival that my town puts on every year. But anyways, I've done a lot of exercise in the past weeks whether its wandering around town playing Pokémon Go, actually going running, doing bodyweight workouts, playing a lot of soccer, and some softball. I was doing really really well in working on all of my objectives until last night where everything kind of went wrong. I'm now typing this with an ice pack wrapped around my ankle and an ACE bandage rolled up nearby since I sprained my ankle playing softball last night. Hopef
  2. SO I've been MIA a bit because of spending tons of time with friends any minute I'm not working so far. But, regardless, I have been working towards my objectives. I've gotten a couple levels in Overwatch so I'm getting closer to level 25 and competitive play, I've done strength training multiple times this week, and I've spent a lot of time practicing juggling for soccer. I'm not going to be able to make my running goal this week due to fighting the good fight by donating blood and putting myself out of commission for both yesterday and today in terms of heavy exercise like extended running,
  3. So I just got Overwatch (which might be the reason that I'm making this post a little late because I've been playing so much) and I am completely inspired. What a great game for anyone who likes a FPS game. But, alas, onto the challenge. Objective #1: Hold the point So an important part of most Overwatch matches is holding the point. It gets you points or it progresses the objective, but either way, it's holding steady in a certain way. So my way of holding steady will be continuing to run 5 times a week like I did last challenge. Objective #2: Cheers, love! W
  4. So I've been MIA this week due to planning trips and an obscene amount of work this week causing me to spend all of my time focusing on my challenges instead of getting on and updating every day. However, I finished everything that I wanted to do and I'm so proud of myself for completing all of my challenges considering I'm normally horrible at committing to something past the first week. I hope everyone else did as well as I did and we all have good momentum going into the next challenge.
  5. Wow so I've been so swamped with things that this is only my second post in this thread but I hope everyone is doing well! It looks like the crew is doing well for the meditation aspect even though it's outside of a lot of comfort zones. I've only been introduced to a stricter version of meditation that is the super stereotypical 'sit in silence and clear your mind' form of meditation, which doesn't really work that well for me since I'm a get-up-and-go type of person who doesn't do well just sitting around. Any suggestions to make meditation easier?
  6. The long work week is over and I'm back with an update. Finished the second book from last week, the first book for this week, and have started Micro, the second book for this week. It's already pretty good so I'm sure I'll tear through it with no problem by tomorrow night. This week I also managed my first 24 hour fast which was surprisingly easy, since I wasn't hungry at all for any of the 24 hours, but after I started eating I finally recognized that yes, I was indeed hungry. The huge plate of steak and veggies that I broke fast with could tell you that I was ready for a good meal. This wee
  7. So week 2 was really good other than the fact that I didn't finish my second book of the week due to being swamped with work and other responsibilities so I had to put pleasure reading on the back burner for the week so I powered through as much as I could on Saturday but didn't finish my second book more than halfway. Therefore, I'll finish it this week as well as the other 2 books to get back on track but the exercise and water intake is right on track so this week will be mostly catch up on the reading portion of my challenge
  8. Long time, no post! I've been super busy this week so my time on the laptop has been restricted to give me more time to reach my goals. So far this week I've finished another book, Milkweed, have played a bunch of pickup soccer as well as an organized game (which my team won 2-1!) and spent some time doing some squats for the mini-challenge. I haven't had much time for reading in the past couple days since I've been called into work for an obscene amount of time compared to my regular schedule but it'll all work out in the end since tomorrow is my full day off from work and will be dominated b
  9. Ok so yesterday was a great day! Played both soccer and softball and I loved every second of it other than the fact that it was like 90+ degrees on the heat index. But hey, a little sweat never hurt anyone and it was a beautiful day outside. I also finished To Kill a Mockingbird and started the real reason that I decided to read 2 books a week: clearing unread books off of my nightstand. The stacks are getting a little out of hand so I'm just gonna be pulling from the top of each stack, starting with The Way I Used to Be, which is a little young adult-y but it's a quick read, good for a lazy S
  10. Hey everyone! This is my first mini-challenge (as well as virtually my first challenge) and I'm using mainly to start building connections on Nerd Fitness. I've been reading the posts for a good 2 or 3 years now but I've never really gotten involved on the forums but it's been a good time so far! Hoping everyone else is doing well if I haven't gone on your challenge post.
  11. Quick update, I'm almost finished with To Kill a Mockingbird, about 50-ish pages left in it. I also just finished a run(/walk because I'm still coming off of a horrid cough) that was pretty smooth other than a brief coughing fit in the middle of it but that's whatever. I also discovered this morning that an excellent way to get in the bodyweight circuit is to do it while food is cooking so my kitchen was also my mini-gym for a brief moment.
  12. Right now I'm reading To Kill a Mockingbird which is dragging on forever and ever so I think once I finish it which will be either today or tomorrow morning I'll read a Harry Potter book or something along those lines just as a quick pick-me-up book
  13. The past couple days have gone great! My cough is almost completely gone which is allowing me to really get down into my fitness goals, since I've gone running the past couple days as well as working on the bodyweight circuit (my legs haven't felt like jelly in so long I almost forgot the feeling!). I haven't gotten much reading done this week in all honesty so I was gonna spend all of tonight and tomorrow chilling and reading but I got called into work on my day off. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. I'll just have to make it up in the time I'll have around work.
  14. Hey I'm hopping on to say hey and finally follow your challenge since I read it when it was first posted but was still super not sure of anything since I haven't really posted anything on the forums so I didn't say anything or follow. But now we're shipmates so its a great excuse for me to finally say something, which is primarily your challenge looks super awesome so far!
  15. Day 2 and I'm feeling marginally better than yesterday. Thankfully the intense sore throat is gone so I could move above a shamble without feeling like death, but the cough is still pretty intense so my run was both slow and short but hey any run is better than no run. Outside of that, I haven't done much reading so far today so I think I'll settle down with a book for the next hour and a half or so before a meeting I have to go to. Hope everyone else is having success in their challenges!
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