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  1. Thanks, CylonN6 and Hazard! Best of luck with your challenges too! Thanks for the offer! I think I'll stay this time around and make it a true do-over. The last time I tried, I never did get past the first couple of weeks and it was under the older format (no main quest, etc). So I'll just take a fresh start and see if I can keep it simple & actually finish a challenge for a change! I definitely plan to move over to the Adventurers for the next one.
  2. Back after a year and starting a new challenge.

  3. Soooo.... I was looking at my profile a few minutes ago, and saw that it's been just over a year since my last post. That particular post was for my second attempt at a challenge that I dropped out of. Well, I demand a do-over! Hit the restart button! Let's try this again! Hi, I'm sericite! I'm 36 years old, work at a horribly sedentary job (all phones and computers), have a weakness for eating out, and love me a glass or three of red-wine. The upshot of all this? In the last 6 years I have gained about 100 pounds. The aesthetics alone bother me, but beyond that, I've finally reached a weight where I just can't do things well anymore. It's harder to bend down to tie my shoes. Certain yoga poses are just harder. My back and knees are worse than they've ever been. And I'm sufficiently close to middle age to make me worry about all those obesity-correlated diseases that exist in my family like Type II Diabetes, heart disease and strokes. No. Bad. Do Not Want. This brings me to my main quest: To lose 100 lbs of overweight for my health and my ego. For this particular challenge, my goals are as follows: 1. Keep the momentum: In the past few months, I've been pretty good at setting up a doable exercise routine. But as you can tell from my intro, I have been known to drop out and disappear for a while. The goal is to keep that fitness momentum going, while still allowing for life to happen. I currently workout 3 - 5 hours per week, including 1 hour with my trainer, 2 yoga classes weekly, and then 1-2 hours on my own at the gym. So my goal: Work out at least 3 hours every week 2. Renew acquaintance with my kitchen: I eat out. A lot. Some weeks, I may eat out every night. You can imagine what this is doing for my diet. I usually make the best choices I can while eating out, but even the good choices can't compare with fixing something healthy at home. Rather than an all or nothing goal, I'm going to ramp down over the course of the challenge so that my renegade brain won't rebel too much. So my goal: Decrease the number of times I eat out per week. Week 1: 5 or less timesWeek 2: 4 or less timesWeek 3: 3 or less timesWeek 4 - 6: 2 or less times 3. Just say NO to milkshakes. It's that time of year again....my nemesis....Sonic's Summer of Shakes. For those not in the know, every summer Sonic adds 25 amazing different flavor combinations for their milkshakes, and every year I'm sorely tempted to try them ALL. For this challenge (and hopefully going forward), I will NOT indulge at Sonic So my goal: No milkshakes over the course of the challenge Life Quest: Improve the domicile: I am a packrat. And am not remotely domestic. And would alway ALWAYS rather read a book than clean something. Should you take one look at my apartment, you would immediately agree with the above statements. I've got to do something to get myself organized & simplified, but I get so tired when thinking about it. So, I've decided that I will break it down into smaller weekly goals: Week 1: Clear out a space from the small chest freezer my mom is giving to me.Week 2: Sort and organize my clothes; donate anything that doesn't fit my body or my storage space.Week 3: Haul of the busted recliner and old coffee table taking up storage space in my spare room.Week 4: Tame the paper monster - get out the shredder and deal with old mail/paperworkWeek 5: Start with "Unf**k Your Habitiat" (UFYH - needless to say, warning for strong language)Week 6: Continue with UFYH​ Success or failure will be determined for each goal as follows: A: 6 weeksB: 5 weeksC: 4 weeksF: 3 or fewer weeks My motivation: I touched on this above: To be able to reach and stretch. To decrease joint pain. To be comfortable in my clothes. To improve my health. Only I can determine the quality of the rest of my life!
  4. Thanks, redtomato! Checking in... 1. Eat Better: I slipped a little yesterday and had some wine, which is not on plan. So technically, I'm starting over at Day 1. We'll just consider the first few days a practice run. 2. Move Better: Went to yoga Tuesday, but had to cancel on the trainer. Will plan to hit the gym this weekend instead. 3. Think Better: So far so good on this one. I didn't do it on Monday, because I hadn't written this goal yet. But otherwise, I've gotten at least 5 minutes in each night (15 most nights). 4. Live Better: These are more weekend projects, so I haven't dived in. But I did buy a meditation cushion set for my meditation space, so I took a baby step so far. I'm planning to tackle the shelves and rearrange the living room this weekend (they go hand in hand, as the shelves are FOR the living room).
  5. Day 2 of my Whole30. So far so good. Not convinced it'll stay that way. ;)

  6. ....and so, I have returned. My 2nd challenge went off the rails in a pretty spectacular way back in March. Things got super busy, I lost motivation, and pretty much every bad habit I've ever had came roaring back. Oops. My clothes tell the tale...they're tight again. My bad back & neck, on the other hand, SCREAM the tale as they are also tight and VERY sore again. The tale they tell is this: Time to get serious again. You don't feel well, you don't feel comfortable, and you are the only one who can do anything about it. Time to get back off the mat. ....and so, I have returned. My theme for this challenge is to Feel Better and I have grouped my goals under this header. I have had a few incidents where I just didn't enjoy myself as much as I could have because I was uncomfortable physically or mentally. Now, there's only so much that can be done in 6 weeks, but positive change breeds positive change. ....and so, I have returned. Feel Better, Eat Better: I'm doing a Whole 30. I've wanted to do so for a while, but was always too scared and the timing didn't seem right. Well, the timing will never be right, so I'll just do one now. For the 6 weeks, I will do the 30 day elimination diet. Should I be successful, the last 2 weeks or so will be a disciplined reintroduction of foods. Grading: Complete the Whole 30 & Re-introduction: A (worth CON+3, STA +2)Complete the Whole 30 but skip the Re-introduction: B (worth CON+3, STA+1)1 - 5 slips-up days: C (worth CON+2, STA+1)5 - 10 slip-up days: D (worth CON +1)10+ slip-up days: F (no points) Feel Better, Move Better: Because the Whole 30 is a bit extreme and your body tends to go through quite a process as it adapts to the new diet, I've decided that this is not the time to push too hard on fitness. That said, it's also not an excuse to not exercise at all. At this point, moving better will entail moderation. I will commit to 2 big workouts a week, plus however much else I feel up to after that. At least 1 60 minute session at the gym including strength and cardio (either elliptical or through high intensity circuit training. At least 1 60 minute yoga class Grading: 5-6 weeks: A (worth STR +2, DEX+2, STA+1)2-4 weeks: C (worth STR +1, DEX +1)0-2 weeks: F (no points) Feel Better, Think Better: Meditate for at least 5 minutes every day. I'm trying to develop a daily meditation practice. I've used this before as a level up goal, but it didn't stick. I'm trying again because I really believe that anxiety and stress are and have been detrimental to my health. I believe there is strong evidence that meditation helps with that. Grading: 90 - 100% compliance: A (worth WIS+3)70 - 90%: B (worth WIS +2)50 – 70%: C (worth WIS +1)< 50%: F (no points) Feel Better, Live Better (Level-Up Goal): Complete outstanding home projects: Build new bookshelves / DVD shelvesRearrange living room furnitureRearrange bedroom furnitureClean out boxes in spare roomClean out closet/dresser and donate clothesCreate dedicated meditation spaceGrading: 5-6 projects completed (CHA+2)2-4 projects completed (CHA+1)0-1 project completed (no points)
  7. Thanks, Substix! Even though I haven't been perfect on the diet stuff, the scale told me this morning that I've lost 9.8 pounds in the last 3.5 weeks. Woo, hoo! Checking in: So far, so pretty good this week. I'm traveling this weekend and staying at a friends house, so I'll probably slip on the diet and alcohol a bit. But I am going to pack some snacks that are compliant and to share (since I'm mooching) so hopefully I won't go too far off track. Goal #1 - No alcohol: Drink free so far this week. My bestie's husband makes excellent mint juleps so there is a possibility for one or two drinks this weekend. Again, a considered choice and I'm planning for it. Goal #2 - No starchy carbs: So far so awesome this week too! I even held off a massive donut craving on Monday (probably my body evening back out after cheating on Sunday....mmmm....lemon cake). I'm not sure how this weekend will go because I'm staying at my bestie's house....who's a vegetarian. Since I'm mooching her food and her home for the weekend, I don't want to pitch a fuss, so I'll just try to minimize the damage. I'll pack compliant snacks and stuff and be sure to order responsibly if/when we eat out. Goal #3 - Exercise 4x per week: I'm already at 3 and have yoga tonight. Go me! Goal #4 - Housework 15 minutes a day: I am on track this week so far. Dishes done. Laundry almost done. Toilet cleaned (hey, I hate that one...give me credit). Since I'll be gone this weekend, I thought I'd spend 15 minutes a day making organizing plans and count those as 15 minutes on the house. For example, I have to finish reading a book I started called Throw Out Fifty Things. I could also start making a list of things that can be donated or recycled. I could research a new DVD shelf as the one I have is full. Things like that. Hope everyone is doing well!
  8. Well, I haven't been 100% on this challenge, but according to my scale, I'm still down 9.8 lbs so far. Woot!

  9. Sericite raised her eyebrows and glanced over at her Inner Demon. K was emptying the last bottle of Guinness into her pint glass. She was smirking. She clearly didn't get it. "You seem pretty self-satisfied, K," Sericite noted. "Well, I mean, I knew you'd have a drink before this was all over. You're weak. Face it." the demon snorted. "Funny, because the other K doesn't seem to worried." Sericite replied. Her Better Angel was tucking into a second plate of corned beef and cabbage. Sericite was right; she seemed completely unconcerned. "That is weird, but hey...she's an angel. They're always weird," the Demon replied and down half the pint in one go. "No, it's because she knows something you don't. I didn't screw up. It wasn't because I listened to you. I made a choice. I don't regret it." "Sure," the Demon snorted. "Look, I'm not looking to be a saint any more than I want to stay a sinner. What I want is to be awake, to make informed choices and be aware of the trade-offs so I can stay on track. So yeah, I drank. I'm okay with that, because today I choose not to." "Hmmm, whatever," the Demond replied. But she looked uncomfortable for a moment before she finished her beer. Goal #1: No alcoholic beverages: I'd say I screwed up, but that's not what I did. On Thursday night, I made a choice to stop after work and have a glass of wine, just to see how my body would handle it. It wasn't as good as I remembered & I didn't much like how it made me feel the next day. So that'll make it that much easier to moderate. And then with St. Paddy's day this weekend, I had a beer or two with friends and family. Again it was a choice, and again I deliberately moderated. I feel okay about that & I also feel okay about putting it back away for the week. Yay, for learning experiences! (For anyone wondering and worrying, I don't have an addiction....no wagon to fall off. ) 4 of 7 for the week. Current Stats: 81% (17 of 21 days) Goal #2: No carbs: I did pretty good here. I broke down and had a donut on Friday, but otherwise, on point. Go me. 6 of 7. Current Stats: 67% (14 of 21 days) Goal #3: Workout 4x per week. Met and exceeded. It was a gorgeous week, so I walked most days. Glad it's spring again. 4 of 4. Current Stats: 92% (11 of 12 workouts) Goal #4: 15 minutes of housework daily. Crashed and burned hard here. That's because I was at work until 9PM every night this week except Friday. Friday I was too tired to do anything but sit in the chair. I made Saturday and was gone all day yesterday. The apartment....it doesn't look so good. 1 of 7 for the week. Current Stats: 43% (9 of 21 days) I didn't even do the mini-challenge last week because of work work work. Here's hoping this week is more mellow.
  10. I got home from work at 9PM & thought that would be a GREAT time to make a big pot of paleo chili & a paleo breakfast casserole. Yum, leftovers! Boo, working late!

  11. Week 2 Wrap Up "I worked late all week. I didn't have time." "I know. I was there." "Plus my back and my ankle ache from working that shift for the wine shop last night." "No doubt. You could barely walk last night." "You know most people can just throw the dishes in the dishwasher. I have to wash them by hand. Which means standing there. On my bad ankle. With my bad back." "Mmmm, hmmmm." "And mostly, I just hate housework!" Sericite finished emphatically. "Do you feel better now?" K the Angel asked. "Yeah, a little." "Are you going to get up and do the dishes now?" "I suppose." "Good girl." "You know I hate it when you talk to me like that," Sericite snapped. "You know I hate it when I have to." "Fair point," Sericite said with a sigh, and dragged herself into the kitchen. Goal #1: No alcoholic beverages. 7 for 7 on this one, baby! This was the best idea I've had in a long time. I'm sleeping MUCH better. Plus, my anxiety meds finally seem to be having a chance to do their work without fighting the depressant effects of alcohol. There were several times this week that were super stressful. In the past, total anxiety attack. Now they're stressful, but I'm not running around with that sick feeling in my stomach. Current stats: 93% (13 of 14 days) Goal #2: No starchy carbs. Eh, this I did not quite as well on. Friday, I broke down and had rice with my Panag curry (it's sooooo good). Saturday, I was catching up on sleep through most of the morning and woke up late late late. I ordered a pizza, which was enlightening, because my stomach did not like it at all. Amazing what a difference cleaning up my diet is making. I get credit for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. So 4 of 7 for the week. Current stats: 57% (8 of 14 days) Goal #3: Work out 4x per week. 4 of 4 for the week. Woot! Went to the gym twice for strength training, got to yoga on Tuesday, and walked for 1.5 miles on Friday. Current stats: 87% (7 of 8 workouts) Goal #4: 15 minutes of housework. Heh. Ha, ha. BWAH, HA, ha, ha, ha!!! Ahem. Not so much with the cleany times this week. Worked late most of the week and just didn't feel like it when I got home. Blah. Did my 15 min on Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday. That'd put me at 3 of 7 for the week. Current stats: 57% (8 of 14 days) Also completed mini-challenge #2 this week of doing at least 5K of cardio. +1 STA for me.
  12. Thanks for the positive reinforcement!! I'm enjoying personifying the voices in my head because it helps me step outside of them. They're just thoughts after all, which means I can always think something else. It's kind of a fictional reenactment of the advice "Would you talk to others the way you talk to yourself?"
  13. Too bad about the chili, but I agree that cooking ahead really helps. I make it a point to cook one or two large dishes over the weekend, so that I have leftovers to grab during the week. It's really saved me this challenge. That said, I do plenty of eating out still too. If you're careful, you can make it work. Keep it up!
  14. Wow! If you can withstand Grandma guilt, you can do anything! Which reminds me, I need to start planning for my visit to my grandma this weekend. You are killing this challenge!
  15. Hi, marisstella! We'll get this! "You going to eat that?" K the Demon asked. Sericite pushed the bread basket over to her, disgusted. It wouldn't have been nearly as annoying if she hadn't eaten half of the bread herself. And had pasta. So much for no starches. Sericite sighed. K the Angel was sitting outside. From time to time, she would peek into the window to see how Sericite was doing. The time was the first time Sericite could meet her Better Angel's eyes for the shame. K took it as a cue to come fetch her charge. "You ready to go?" the Angel asked. "Yeah, I guess so." Sericite rose and followed the Angel toward the door. K the Demon didn't even bother to stop eating long enough to say bye. She seemed supremely confident that she'd be seeing Sericite again. "You don't need to beat yourself up," K the Angel said gently, once they made it outside. "It's okay not to be perfect, as long as you pick yourself up again." "Sure," Sericite replied, sounding unconvinced. "Be kind to yourself, Sericite. It's the most important thing you can do. In the end, it's what this entire journey is about." Checking In: So far this week has been better than Week 1 (except for a colossal carb fest at lunch today...oops). Goal #1 No alcohol: This is by far the most important goal and it's the one I'm doing the best one, so YAY! No drinks this week, even though I reaaaalllly wanted a glass of wine after a stressful day yesterday. Didn't do it though. Go me! Goal #2 No starchy carbs: Fell off the wagon today because I saw they had reopened the only Italian restaurant in town (it's a small town). But I kept it to one meal, and have otherwise been compliant this week. Goal #3 Workout 4x per week: Three workouts down and one more to go! Had a GREAT workout with my trainer on Monday....have to assume that cleaning up my diet has helped with that. Goal #4 15 minutes of housework daily: Missed Tuesday. Otherwise, doing well. Heck, I even made my bed this morning. Also, have reached and surpassed 5K for the Adventurer Mini-Challenge 2.
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