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  1. Just a quick roundup from what I ate and exercised the previous days: Last friday Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with berries and granola (I think) Lunch: a piece of cod, northsea shrimp, leeks and green beans Snack: forgot, probably something with pb&j After workout: A shake made with greek yoghurt, milk, cocoa powder & raspberries Dinner: pork loin, mixed veggies & oven baked potatoes Workout: all sorts of things Last weekend My plan was to eat healthier in the weekend… that didn't happen… Saturday I made samosas and we had those and some mini eggrolls for dinner Sunday I
  2. I've been following you for a while now and I think you're awesome! You can not do more than you've already done! You are clearly doing the best you can! Just keep up the good work! One day he'll realize you are not the bad one here
  3. thank you! you're way too sweet! <3 I was just having a bit of a bad day How are you doing and how's the pregnancy going? Gooseberries are these 'weird' looking berries which can taste a little bit sour when not entirely ripe and just sweet enough when they are. I only see them in the store in the summer, for a limited time.
  4. Foodporn time!! Yesterday: Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, blackberries, muesli Lunch: A wrap with veggies and a cut up hamburger patty. Snack: some gooseberries and redcurrants Snack before workout: 2 rice biscuits with pb&j Snack after workout: A piece of cheese Dinner: Chili con carne with some oven baked tortillas Today: Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, red berries, baked granola Snack: 2 chocolate covered rice crackers Lunch: Caprese salad with some italian ham Snack: 2 chocolate covered rice crackers Snack: 4 of these (they are really tiny, like together, they are smaller than a chocolate
  5. I feel a lot better already, being home and bf-hugs are the best therapy So I have a double food post, since I'm combining yesterday and today. Yesterday: Breakfast: half a 'cavaillon' melon Snack: Chocolate covered rice biscuits Lunch: veggies, avocado, surimi crab Snack: a yellow nectarine Snack before training: 2 rice biscuits with bp & j Snack after: a piece of cheese Dinner: rice with veggies and chicken Today: Breakfast: Greek yoghurt with berries and granola Lunch: leftover dinner from yesterday Snack: a yellow nectarine Dinner: a hamburger, green beans, mushrooms After d
  6. You're so sweet! thank you for the nice words! And I know I shouldn't think like that, but it's just my current mood I guess.
  7. I should've eaten less unhealthy this weekend… stupid me… I also didn't feel comfortable about my food intake yesterday, so I started logging it just now, just to check… and it seems like I'm worrying about nothing… pffff… I've been dreaming a lot lately, just random dreams… every single day… and I wake up and I keep remembering what I've dreamt and it's so tiring. I do go to bed earlier so that I'm well rested, but all that dreaming doesn't really make me feel well rested It's 10:15, been up since 7:30, I've slept 8hours and I feel tired, like… I could lay down right n
  8. Hallo, hello, hi, guten tag, hola, bonjour,… Absolutely no soreness today on another training day! yaaay! It went very good at the gym, things are getting easier And I love how my posture is improving now that I make sure I straighten my back. I've only used the bar for squats and benchpresses and so, and monday I will add some extra weight. Oh yeah, from now on bent over barbell rows are called the bent over t-rex move… Why? well I was doing it wrong and my bf told me I had to move my arms like a t-rex So you can all understand why I made a more obvious name for that exercise ti
  9. hello all I slept amazingly well last night, almost so well I almost overslept Its been a while I felt so well rested when I woke up, so getting to bed earlier was a very good decision. Especially in combination with working out. oh yeah… I kind of "forgot" to mention that I gained 1,5 kilo (3,3lbs) again after the last 5 days of my vacation. So this morning when I stept on the scales, I was down 1 kilo (2,2lbs) again! yay for me!!! No exercise, just food today: Breakfast: Wrap with avocado & egg Snack: some radishes Lunch: another stuffed bell pepper Snack: Gooseberries Di
  10. I have seen this diet… known it for a few years now, but I never did it I remember the story that a hospital uses this type of diet for people who really need to lose some weight before undergoing an operation. Not sure if this is true or false, but I can believe stories like that sell the diet… Its better known as the cabbage soup diet. (although there is no cabbage in this recipe its completely the same) http://www.webmd.com/diet/cabbage-soup-diet?page=1
  11. Today was gym day again and I did good again I did a proper warming up today to loosen my muscles because they were even more stiff than yesterday and after that all went good. I also love my new sport top. I feel a lot more confident when I wear something I love and fits well! I finally measured my body yesterday and I made before pictures. I just hate how my sport bra pushes all the fat down and gives me big back rolls… eugh! yukk!! NO NO NO NO I DON'T WANT THESE!!! It might still be a little bit too tight around my body so all that are extra motivators to get rid of all that fat I don'
  12. I'm soar so stiff from working out yesterday. My shoulders were really stiff when I was sitting at my desk at work. Lowering my chair a few inches suddenly helped and it seems like i've been sitting very bad at my desk. No wonder my neck and shoulders always hurt… i also received my package with sport shorts, top and bra and putting on that bra and that top is a workout in itself damn those things are hard to put on But at least i have a lot of support now! Food-wise was good again. Its the only positive thing about having to work. I eat a lot better and I'm more motivated to not eat
  13. Today was my first day at the gym and it went good! I did a lot I didn't really keep a list of what I did, but there were squats and bench presses and a lot of other stuff Food-wise was good also, not tracking anymore, but I feel like I didn't overeat and that I ate enough on an exercise-day. Breakfast: Greek yoghurt, raspberries, muesli Lunch: Leftover paella from sunday (my Dad made a huge pan of it and I got to take some leftovers home) Snack: A nectarine Snack before training: 2 left-over crêpes with red berry jam Dinner after training: bacon, eggs (2 whole + 2 whites), mushrooms, gre
  14. @Aminarra: sure, link me! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I've not been posting lately, just been enjoying the rest of my holiday. I didn't want to make any excuses for all the icecream, pizza, alcohol,… I had because I have no regrets Today I have to work again and it's also a fresh start this month: - 3 days a week I'll be going to the gym, starting tonight - no more calorie counting - only alcohol and other treats in the weekend - getting more sleep - lots of healthy food again (mean
  15. Hi all! Today I was again a bit focused on my food-intake. I tried not to count my cals but I still did… I just wanted to "check" if it was all ok and I wasn't eating too much… I just think it is very easy to think about food and then wanting to know for sure you're eating the right thing? Well today was a good food day, I could've eaten a bit more calorie-wise, but I wasn't that hungry, so I didn't force myself Breakfast: greek yoghurt, blueberries, flaxseed and chiaseed Lunch: some plain cereal Snack: Italian ham and some mozzarella cheese and a few pieces of other cheese Dinner: One
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