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  1. The gym is great, I'm doing 4 exercises only! 12 reps, 3 sets, super light weights. Pull downs, some sort of thing like a push up only sitting down, leg presses and gentle cycling. Once I've got them sorted and not broken myself more I'll add something else.
  2. Thank you, that is helpful. I'm not expecting to run again, I'm way too heavy and my knees would suffer.
  3. So.... after 2 years rehabbing frozen shoulders I'm going back to the gym tonight. I know I'm going to have to restrain myself and stop striving to be better all the time, that is how I hurt myself in the first place. Any tips on that would be very welcome. Also, I'm probably going to have to start with very light weights and few reps. It hurts to get a sports bra on still so I won't be doing any jumping around. I'm 50, fat and very unfit.
  4. Half here. I've spent the last year rehabbing torn rotator cuffs. I still can't get a sports bra on without that being a major workout. So, no lifting and nothing that involves jumping up and down has meant I've gone up another dress size.
  5. I'm using the sugar crash to get me to sleep during the day, when I'm so wired I can't sleep to catch up at all, I don't usually eat after 7 and my last meal of the day always has carbs. The sugar problem is more mid day when I'm not functioning but can't sleep. I have noticed that if I have too many carbs that brings on a hot flush too, guess it's them converting to sugar? Ate well today, no sugar apart from some honey and some grapes, no crap anyway. Thanks for your support everyone. Fitness tracker is back on my wrist, I did some squats when i was brushing my teeth...... baby steps
  6. Whole 30 makes me miserable, but I can certainly cut out sugar. I don't drink much coffee and I've cut down a lot on alcohol. Thanks for the tip. Not even heavy duty knock out sleeping pills work - the hot flushes wake me up through anything. Melatonin has been great in the past for resetting bad sleep schedules but it's not going to work for this. I have blackout, I have good sleep hygene, it's the hot flushes that wake me up all the time and nothing seems to help that. I sleep on my own mostly which is a blessing!
  7. Right, I'm nearly ready to start again. I have challenges though: I'm post menopausal and hot flush after any exertion, changing the sheets on the bed needs a sit down and a rest afterwards. I've done my shoulder in and can't lift anything above shoulder height. I'm sleeping in 3 hour chunks (between flushes) so I'm exhausted, never refreshed by sleep. I've been using sugar to induce a crash so that I can sleep because otherwise I'm like an overtired toddler. So, all in all I'm a bit of a fat mess. I've done the HRT options, all of which have side effects that are pretty horrible. Diet seems like an obvious one to start with, thoughts and ideas appreciated.
  8. I guess they will either hand it on to younger people as they get older or the blog posts will change to reflect coping with bodies that don't recover from stuff so quickly. update on me, I'm fat fat fat, given up on various types of HRT because of horrible side effects, now I'm learning to live with disrupted sleep (due to hot flushes) knee is still buggered if I try to run on it, left shoulder can't lift things (rotator cuff injury last year). so, sod it, pass me the cake. I'm too tired to do much else other than eat
  9. Thanks Elastigirl. It's a bit of a catch 22 - when I can't sleep I really cannot eat properly, I crave sugar and carbs. Sleep is the key to all this. I'm a little bit worried that a common side effect of the HRT is weight gain, because I don't want to get bigger! But, without the HRT I can't sleep at all well.
  10. It's getting worse. This is what going throug the menopause, not sleeping (hot flushes) not being able to run because of a knee injury and not being able to lift because of a shoulder injury has done. I am despondent. The new HRT means I'm getting at least 6 hours of decent sleep now so I can start to address the food - I've been so tired I was using sugar just to get home from town. I hated how big I was in the Oct 2015 photos, I really don't like what I see now. I'm not even going to bother with measurements, I can bloat 5 inches in a day, it's meaningless measuring.
  11. Ouch, I've been caught in rapids before and it was terrifying! I'm so glad you are ok!
  12. Welcome Oldie :-) I'm in Bristol and go to lots of gigs - I would love to see Iggy Pop in London in May but it's £84!!!!! And I find London really stressfull, not worth it!
  13. oh my! how awful for everyone involved! Be kind to yourself x
  14. still here, my sleep is getting better with the new HRT but I'm wary of pushing myself too much with tackling my diet before my sleep is sorted. however, today is a mostly paleo day so I'm nudging towards the better choices.
  15. ohhh day 7 of HRT - 8 hours sleep last night! buggered back and shoulder but hey, 8 hours sleep! wild and crazy! Way better than the 3hours this time last week.
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