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  1. still here, my sleep is getting better with the new HRT but I'm wary of pushing myself too much with tackling my diet before my sleep is sorted. however, today is a mostly paleo day so I'm nudging towards the better choices.
  2. I'm on day 15 of walking! I think I'll take it to 21 days then allow myself a break - otherwise it's going to get really sad when I get to high figures and I can't for some reason walk - I'm thinking of this as damage limitation, I'll feel like I fail unless I build in a fail system. I'm really enjoying the book, I don't get the koolaid reference yet though. am thinking of adding another habit...... but I'm clearly not good at writing down everything I eat every day
  3. urgh, didn't track! Deduct from that the fact I haven't been eating very good stuff at all. but! I'm on day 12 of my walking daily goal! and I have bought the Power of Habit.....
  4. Monday 21st March 2016 kale, carrot apple juice bacon panini samosa and pakora cheese on toast tofu and rice home made cake and cream square of dark choc walked, but my tracker isn't showing it :-(
  5. sort of, I've got a misfit tracker, you set goals but they are not directly steps - so my goal is 800 points. It's really hard to work out how they caculate points - yesterday Moderate activity gained me 203 points which it says is 1822 steps but the over all steps counts for 979 points is 9498 steps. I think you get more points for intense activity.
  6. Sunday 20th March, first day of spring Been gardening, had a small bonfire, turned the compost bin and started to sort out the wood pile. Bought loads of veg and fruit at the market. Boiled eggs and sourdough bread curry, rice, roti, pakora, samosa - basically a carb fest. 7 days of walking in a row! I've noticed that Sunday has been a sit in front of Netflix day for a long time now, I just need to get out EVERY day for a walk now.
  7. yep, I've never gone more than 6 days in a row on the misfit with my walking goal - tomorrow will be day 7, and I'm bribing myself with a takeaway curry at the end of the walk :-)
  8. Saturday 19th March 2013 vegi sausage, mushrooms, tortilla wrap, cheese and egg juice poached egg on smoked haddock on sourdough bread one pint of beer baked potato, vegi chicken, leeks and goats cheese 4 biscuits walked a lot
  9. Friday 18th March, not a great nights sleep, hot and cold flushes Scrambled eggs and salad Some chocolate Leftover risotto Cheese toasted sandwich on huge slabs of sourdough (ate out) Walked, lifted a little. pasta and veg for dinner
  10. found this http://charlesduhigg.com/the-power-of-habit/ I'm a bit random with everything, some days I can eat as clean as you like, the next day every biscuit is in danger of their life.....it's such an unordered thing that triggers are hard to work out but I can certainly start writing down what has happened before I eat something not so good, see if there is a pattern - thank you!
  11. I totally love it! totally! I really need to think about it thank you! I generally squat every day, lift a little to rehab my shoulder and walk most days. But I hadn't thought of the placeholder idea, that is genius!
  12. 17th March 2016 Kale, apple, pear, linseed smoothie Eggs and kale I WENT FOR A RUN! 1,13 miles in 17.27 mins - 15..29 mins a mile something is better than nothing snacks - apple and pnut butter, handful of dried fruit and nuts, grapes - triggers feeling cold and shivery lunch - chicken and spinach yoghurt, banana, berries and honey - trigger wanting something sweet, feeling sorry for myself, feeling tired dinner - fish risotto creme brulee
  13. This is my log of what I eat and what exercise I do, I'm starting it from a low point, I haven't slept properly for a couple of weeks and I want all the sugar and carbs. First step sort out sleep (waiting for hormones to kick in), second step cut out sugar and wheat Wednesday 16th March 2016 Very little sleep, hot and cold flushes kept me awake. Breakfast: croissant, butter, cream cheese and smoked salmon, cup of tea Snack cream coffee choix pasty and latte - oh that sugar is so good, got me home from town Lunch leftover aubergine and goats cheese pie Snack cornetto Dinner kangaroo steak, courgette, mushrooms, sweet potatos Berries and yoghurt with honey I'm going to have a rare sleeping pill tonight, today has been really harsh.
  14. been a bit depressed, feel better now, not quite ready for a challenge though.
  15. I've given up, for this challenge at least - currently I'm rotating between not being able to hear/smell/taste/move my arm much and sniffing/coughing I just do not have the energy to push myself in any direction until I feel better. I have a drs appt in a month (!) but they said there is nothing sinister in my last blood test so I'm not worried, just run down and I want carbs. So, carbs it is, see you in March
  16. hooray! I think you found me? I've got a really low goal at the moment - 800 points!
  17. new challenge for Feb here - very tiny goals http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/77730-scumspawn-fights-colds-off/
  18. I've been getting colds and flu's one after the other since November last year. This challenge is about looking after myself and trying to build up resiliance to bugs I'm also rehabbing a shoulder injury so I can't lift anything heavy for a while yet. I feel too ill to eat properly (I know that doesn't make sense) so I'm going to try adding rather than taking away - more veg and more water rather than no cheese and no wheat. Moral is at an all time low, I'm fed up with feeling crap all the time. My goals are really low because it's not doing me any good when I fail them all the time - this challenge is all about baby steps. Quest 1 - Moving get to my Misfit tracker goal of 800 points a day for 4 days out of 7. 25% for each full week achieved, STR 2, DEX 2, STA 2 Quest 2 - Mindfulness, 25% on stat bar every week I practice mindfulness daily in any situation (including eating) Quest 3 - Clean Eating more veg with every meal, at least 2 pints of water a day 25% on stat bar for every week CON3 Life Goal for January. washing hands - I'm told it helps stop bugs spreading. CHA 3 I'm not going to weigh or measure myself, I'm not doing before photos because after photos that look much the same are demoralising. I've bought a size up in trousers and I'm going to learn to be happy with my size and work on my health instead of getting miserable because I can't lose weight or inches.
  19. given up, fed up, snotty and coughing - I've worked out it's because I work from home, I don't see many people so when my disease ridden 12 year old brings back germs from school I have no resistance to them. roll on next challenge when I will make goals so simple I cannot possibly fail
  20. given up, fed up, snotty and coughing - I've worked out it's because I work from home, I don't see many people so when my disease ridden 12 year old brings back germs from school I have no resistance to them. roll on next challenge when I will make goals so simple I cannot possibly fail
  21. thanks for checking up on me, and I'm sorry I don't reply so much on your thread - you have so many responses on there it takes a long while to go through! I'm still bunged up and coughing but I can tell it's on the way out now, managed to dig up a bit of the garden today which was satisfying. If I keep up the massive fruit and veg intake I'm sure I'll be ok mid week. I'm not really worrying about what I eat at the moment, I'm making good choices more naturally now, choosing tapas instead of cake in a cafe on Friday and yesterday waiting until I got home to eat instead of getting a takeaway. I made cake today, a 4 portion cake to share with my son and after our cake and tea this afternoon there is still half of it left, I'm sure the old me would have eaten all of it.
  22. and....... I found a set of weights for a tenner! 2 x 5k, 2 x2,5 6 x 1.25 and 4 x .5k - 2 dumb bell bars and one large bar! I have the smallest weights on the little bars and I've just done a couple of arm exercises, oh that feels so good!
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