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  1. Three months is no necromancy yet? Sorry didn't really get that. My grading went fine, I passed. I haven't yet tried out other martial arts but I would like to.
  2. What were you guys' starting BF% and what are they now?

    1. insanity


      Before: Hovering between 25 and 30%

      Now: Hovering between 25 and 30% but 45 pounds heavier. :-)

      Cut begins in 3 days.

  3. Little late to the party but the Garmin vivosmart HR fulfills all your friend's needs.
  4. Oh man, my sleeping schedule has gone to shit since break started and I've got to get up real early (-ish) tomorrow for (apparently) the first ever Keiko Hajime in my country.

  5. Yeah I've asked for an even longer belt so I can wrap it around myself again since when I tried it with this belt, the two ends were incredibly short.
  6. You could check out the new Garmin Vivosmart HR. Seems pretty decent. I'll probably get it when it comes out in my country cause of the boatloads of functions it has over the fitbit charge hr. EDIT: oooh whoops didn't see that you mentioned it at the last part of your post. But yeah I think the vivosmart hr looks promising!
  7. The title basically states everything. I got a new belt that's way too long but that's the smallest size my school has. I went to tailors in my neighbourhood but they all said the belt is too thick for their machines to handle. Any suggestions? Maybe a way of tying that uses more length than usual? Thanks!
  8. New Aikido belt is wayyy too long but its the smallest size the school has. Anyone have tips on how to shorten it? I use the 'superlock' method (learnt it off the rener gracie YT video)

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    2. Akura


      I asked a friend of mine, who is a Judo Coach. His best idea: Do it yourself. Cut off an end and use a good sewing machine to sew it up.

    3. jackien1


      I don't have a sewing machine or access to one though.

    4. Toshimi


      Go to someone who does leather work, they will have needles that are much stronger than a tailor would. Either that or just cut it and use frey check, wont have quite the same look, but it wont frey

  9. That's awesome! What martial art are you thinking of for the Monk class?
  10. So nervous for Aikdio grading this sunday. Anyone know good ways to NOT be so nervous?

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    2. fitnessgurl
    3. Toshimi


      breathing helps! but also, you've got this, you know your stuff just take your time and you'll do great!

    4. ZalatwicZach


      I usually tell myself something like: "I KNOW the curriculum. I'm going to use the Aikido grading as an opportunity to show them just how much knowledge I've acquired and what a badass I am."

      Good luck! :)

  11. Hey! Just found this thread and was wondering if you've been continuing with TKD? I started Aikido around the same time you started TKD I think. I started Aikido in July. Just yesterday I was having a bit of an anxiety attack in the morning and I went to Aikido class in the afternoon and I felt so much better. It distracted me, gave me something else to focus on and I could take some time to logically think about what I was stressing out about instead of just seeing DOOMSDAY. Exercise might be a bitch during, but it really makes you feel good after you do it. Maybe going to TKD will help with the depression you mentioned? Not to mention, that's a good place for some social activity that isn't related to your job.
  12. I first started off with Steve's Beginner Bodyweight Workout.
  13. Are your hips facing the right direction when you start rolling? Your body will follow the direction your hips are pointing at.
  14. Just as an update to the thread, I'll be going for my first grading on December 13th! White to blue belt. I chose Aikido btw, mostly cause it was the closest to me.
  15. Took part in a small Aikido demonstration for the public today. Nerve wracking but it was fun!

    1. Lou186000


      that sounds awesome, well done!

  16. I normally do a warm up then one arm dumbbell rows, some abs exercises then jumping rope, rinse and repeat. I previously did the beginner's bodyweight workout but after 2 months it started to get pretty boring, doing the same thing over and over. I'm impartial to BW training but prefer stuff with dumbbells. I will check that website out, thanks! Could you recommend some exercises? Thank you!
  17. Hey! Just wondering what would be a good exercise to broaden my shoulders and also give my back a good workout at the same time. Some background info (I guess lol): Female, 150cm, 43-44kg. Thanks!
  18. Have you tried the barbell row? (I think that's what it's called....) I used to not be able to flex my triceps and see the muscle actually flex, but I've been doing those for about 2-3 months? And now I'm able to flex my tricep and visibly see it! Which is awesome. I now randomly flex for fun at random times, but it also motivates me to keep going with the rows.
  19. I'm looking to get a bike just for casual cycling when I feel like it. I'm pretty short, 150cm. Have a pretty tight budget cause I'm slated to leave my country in about a year and so I don't wanna spend a bunch of money. I've been looking at fixies, mainly cause they look really attractive. But the stock bikes are all for people height 165cm and above. I haven't cycled in years. What would you guys' recommendations be for a (kind of) first time bike? (Preferably a light bike.) Thanks for reading!
  20. Squash? It's fun and even without a partner you can practice! Have you considered any martial arts too? I began Aikido just a month ago and it's really great!
  21. Cold food as in food that's supposed to be hot but isn't. The general vibe given off isn't a clean one. Maybe I just link that to unhealthy.
  22. Ok, I forgot to say that this is during the lunch break at school, where I only have 45 mins. The only things food places in my vicinity are the hawker centre and a subway. Just the travel time and waiting for the food time takes away 15 mins. I have been asking for no rice with the food but the food is still pretty dang unhealthy. For some reason, even the fish soup seems unhealthy to me. Well, in general, all the food at the hawker centre seems unhealthy to me. Also, about bringing food to school, I would if there was a microwave at school but there isn't, and eating cold food makes me want to puke.
  23. Is it better to eat 100g of bread or 100g of rice? In terms of reducing grain intake.
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