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  1. I've always been super flexible. I've always been able to do the splits but if I don't do it often I tend to manage to lose a few inches over the months. I'm back at about 4 inches further from where I used to be and thus working on it again.
  2. Back again. I've recovered quite a lot since. Hoping to join the next challenge. :)

    1. Raze


      welcome back!

    2. Aena
    3. Hyrulian Yogi

      Hyrulian Yogi

      Sending recovery vibes to you, xoxo

  3. Hi there! So I'm pretty flexible and agile, and have quite a lot of stamina. My body strength... pretty feeble, but I reckon I can improve upon that. Anyways I live by the woods and I'd love to try just, well, "wood elf-y things". Parkour-ish, but using the trees, logs, etc around me, So basically parkour. Just wondering; what kind of trainers should I get? I mean, are "barefoot" style ones good - but then, I might be susceptible to nettles and low brambles... High-tops too high? Low-cut ones not enough protection? Let me know!
  4. Taking a short hiatus from NF. Past eating disorder somewhat relapsing. I have it under control but I think I need to forget about fitness and food for a while and concentrate on, well, keeping my head above water. ♥

    1. bedheadqueen


      Much love! You got this!

  5. Dropping this challenge. Feeling pretty down-and-out. Need a good hug and recovery time. (Nothing big - just not feeling so cheery for once)

    1. Lou186000


      dang, sorry you're feeling down. Recovery time is always good!

    2. sassyfrassy


      I'm sorry to hear that. Sending lots of virtual hugs and support to you!

    3. Aena


      Thanks, guys. I'm alright. Just feeling not-awfully-motivated and, well, *shrugs*. I very much appreciate the virtual hugs, hehe!

  6. Is it too late to change a few of my quests? I don't think they're a great fit... Hmm...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mr_Willes


      Sounds like wolf nailed it nicely!

    3. Aena


      Great point, guys! Thanks so much. I think I'll give it until Monday, change the goals, and keep going on the streak am I - no point spending a challenge working towards goals I couldn't care less about, right? :)

    4. bim


      That sounds like a WIS+1 revelation right there...

  7. *Fangirls over the Mjolnir reference* Have a nice weekend, and see you on Monday.
  8. Hi there! Welcome aboard! I'm Aena, your neighbourhood yoga addict and all-around "zen" enthusiast. I'm also doing a daily yoga challenge. I like the idea of your side quest. I might have to consider that for my next challenge. Anyways, feel free to pm me if you feel like a chat - and can't wait to see how your challenge goes! I've subbed.
  9. Went to the coffee store. "Hi can I get a large hot chocolate and all of the brownies you have". Barista replies; "time of the month, eh?". I have zero regrets.

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    2. Aena


      Yeah, they've worked out enough to have ruled out any scary causes. Still, should have all the answers I need by Wednesday. Least my partner's been making hot water bottles and buying brownies for me for the entire time. 9 months of comfort as well as 9 months of cramps and cravings. x3

    3. TheGreyJedi-Ranger


      Good for your partner! At least you're not alone through it :) Good luck with finding the answers!

    4. Aena


      Thank you! :')

  10. Den building. No kidding. The lovely people who I've been best friends with since the age of 10 still insist that we meet up once a month or so and build a den, kid-style. Such great fun though. I hope the tradition never ends.
  11. Spent the last three hours crying over something I have to face tomorrow, and a fear of it being too close. Ironically I've now wasted three hours and am three hours closer. *sigh*

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    2. redpuma


      Don't let yourself worry about how much you are worrying - whatever it is that you have to face tomorrow, it will not go on indefinitely. I hope that you can find some peace tonight as you prepare

    3. Lightning


      Closer means its also closer to being over. Hope you get some good sleep.

    4. Aena


      Thank you so much, guys. I made it. Feeling fine now. I did what you said; thought about how it would be closer to being over too, trying to find some peace the night before, and making a little list. You guys are the best. <3

  12. Aena

    We are all one people

    Naw, thank you!
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