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  1. It was one of the highest threads on this forum.... Smoking isn't banned because of a (once extremely) powerful Tobacco lobby. Diet Soda/artificial sweetners have nowhere near the political clout, soda companies also make non-diet soda and other drinks, banning diet soda would do little to their bottom line, so there is no need for aggressive lobbying. Agreed, climate change exists, pretty much all research agrees. Likewise, all legit research ever has shown that currently approved (US/EUR) artificial sweetners aren't bad for you in the least bit. A sizeable fraction of people (esp this board...) deny this science.
  2. Does anyone here still play? I'm just about to hit level 37, with a complete dex for my city (233). I got a Plus about a month ago, and that has been a total game changer; racking up the dust and XP, and I've been starting to run again.
  3. Switch to diet soda. If you already drink diet soda, you are barking up the wrong tree and expending (limited) willpower on something that will have ZERO effect on weight loss.
  4. Who is they? This is almost certainly nonsense. Caffeine could have an effect (never heard of it being linked to heart disease though), but the rest of the contents of DIET soda are quite benign. If "they" is a doctor, the opinion of a non-quack doctor should be sought. Protip - If diet soda was even slightly bad for the heart it would have been banned years ago (worse than smoking, lol). Proving that diet soda/artificial sweetners is bad for you is heavily funded science that has thus far proven to be a total failure. Aspartame is the most studied food substance on earth. People WANT to believe it is bad for you, hence doubt will never go away, no matter how much the nonsense is debunked; it is the global warming of food science.
  5. Workout Log - 4/25 Walked about 4 miles, traveled for work so no gym time. Workout Log - 4/26 Ran 2 miles and walked 2 more. I've been able to sustain running much longer distances, and I think I'm ready to go for a continuous 5K, especially on a flatter path. Saturday night I'm probably going to ditch the dog and go for it. Workout Log - 4/27 Front Squat 45 - 10 135 - 5 185 - 5 205 - 3 225 - 1 235 - 3 - Wanted to get #5, but rep #4 wasn't going up. Probably a case of a deficit combined with high mileage on the legs as of late. All the extra walking I've been doing, and running, seems to be catching up to me. Didn't walk last night though, the draft was on; drank beer and watched that instead. Waited all night, then the damn Packers traded out of the first, so in the end, I just watched other teams' picks. Lol @ the Bears.
  6. Back? Holding the knees like that is an ab exercise, there really is no load on the back. They probably feel weird because I did 1000's of pullups and front lever things before ever trying a BB row or DB row.
  7. I love your GHR setup (tho I like to call them natural ham curls, to separate them from the GHR's people do on a GHR bench, where the pad is above your knee (WAAAAY easier)). Such a beast mode exercise. Hows the planche coming? I worked on it for a few years, eventually giving up. I think I'm just too big (6'1", >200 even when lean), and I always got horrid forearm splints when working on it directly. I seemingly tried to do everything to get rid of them to no avail. Closest I got was being able to hold a flat back tuck planche for a few seconds. Never tried resistance bands to help.
  8. I'm going to be traveling for work tomorrow so I switched to my Tue workout in order to bench (yay challenge goals!), and added some squats (my monday workout) to the end. Workout Log - 4/24 Bench Press 45 - 10 135 - 5 185 - 5 205 - 3 225 - 1 - Was going to work at 215, but said f-it and put 225 on the bar. And it went up (rep #2 failed halfway). Woot. PR. 225 has been a goal for a long time and I did it. Once. Chinups - 5 Tuck Front Lever Rows - 9, 8, 8 - I'm not sure many warriors know what these things are. Usually you'd use rings, but the cable machine handles work too. Hang them from a pullup bar, pull your knees up to your chest, pull your hips up parallel to your shoulders (a tuck front lever), then row, pulling up so the handles are beside your knees. Holding your back parallel throughout each rep. The lever deleverages the row (and you have to use the lats to hold the lever), so even though its a 1x BW row, you actually are pulling a good bit more. These hit the lats better than any exercise I've ever done. Barbell and DB rows always feel awkward to me, and are too core limited (or vice versa, can be cheated with the core). Front Squat 135 - 5 185 - 5 205 - 3 225 - 4 - Time was short and I was getting tired, so I didn't have the motivation to do a 235 set, stuck with 225 instead. Probably could have gotten rep #5, didn't have the motivation for an RPE 9+ rep. BW Dips - 16, 15 - Been a while since I last did these. Something to do between squat sets. I'm pretty thrilled about getting 225 on the bench. The 225 test is a staple of NFL draft prep, and I've always considered NFL prospects the pinnacle of athleticism for most (bigger) male archetypes. The NFL has such a broad spectrum of body types, you can usually find a position or two where you can compare yourself. A DB prospect about my size (6'1, 200-205 when lean) can usually put up 225 a few times, but nowhere near as many times as the big lineman. Happy to be part of the "can bench 225" club. My current favorite player (Haha Clinton-Dix) is exactly my height and 208 lb (on combine day), he put up 225 11 times at the combine.
  9. This weekends workouts consisted of running Saturday night, and that's it. Managed to get a lot done around the house though. Saturday PM run went good, I was able to combine the last 2 segments (about a mile total) and ran the without stopping. Pretty soon I'll need to start upping the distance. Calorie-wise, my weekly goal is 14,000 net, last week I was at 14,195 net, so 195 over my goal for the week. Weight is clocking in around 215.5, consistently moving downward. I got 3 more good waist measurements, including the last 2 first thing in the AM (I'm about 1/8" smaller at that time). I'm right at 35.0" as of this AM. I'll do a full set of measurements at some point, but I have enough data now to set some better goals. For the challenge my goal is going to be 33.5" on the tape. The scale should be under 210 lb when I get there. I'll be just under 14% body fat at that point. Overall my goal is to get to 31.5" on the tape, where I should be just over 200 lbs, and a hair under 10% BF. Not sure I'll get there, I'm not particularly motivated to get that lean, but we'll see.
  10. Workout Log 4/21 Walked a solid 5 miles total yesterday. Will hit similar #'s today. In the gym: Machine Overhead Press 90 - 5 110 - 5 130 - 5 150 - 5 170 - 3 190 - 3 - 190 is the whole stack (but there is a selector lever that can add up to 15 more lbs, 205 is the true max). Been working up to the whole stack for a long time, finally hit it last week (for 2 reps). When I switched from the barbell to the machine (due to shoulder issues), my max was 130 (but the tendonosis/frozen shoulder likely played a big role in the lack of strength). Chinups BW - 5 +20 - 5 +30 - 5 +40 - 5 +50 - 6 Lat Pull 290 - 2 - Instead of a volume set at the end, I went over to the lat pull machine to try to lift the whole stack. Got 1 rep last week, first attempt at doing it. Like the OHP machine, it has a +15 switch, which means the max is 305. I used to get nerve shocks in my forearms when doing heavy(er) weighted chins, so I never did them. Since I've been doing them regularly, that has subsided completely. In these movements (overhead push/pull) I'm pretty close to the strongest I've ever been. Can't say for sure, because I used to do BW workouts when I was at my previous peak, and exercises compare poorly.
  11. Its that time of year again; pool season is just around the corner, its time to diet away all the excess gained during long sleeve season. I'm closing in on a pretty big landmark here, around the end of this challenge is the 5 year mark since I finished my initial weight loss (~75 lb). 5 years and still going strong at keeping it off. I'm happy with the groove I've found; exercise is a regular part of my life, I accept and value gain most of the time, understanding that 1-2 small diets per year are needed to keep things in check. I've been cutting now for 2 weeks. I logged back in to myfitnesspal, set up my goals (2k/day net), and checked the scale (220). Since then I've lost about 2-3 lbs. Dieting is low-stress for me, I'm a frickin pro at it at this point, the process is like riding a bike. That said I still need to work on my goals. Workout-wise I hit the gym to lift every day I'm at the office for work (4 days/week). I've pared it back a good bit to be minimal but still effective. That said, I'm pretty goal free when it comes to lifting, I do it because strength training is part of a healthy lifestyle. I'm not really looking to get bigger (except for a few lagging areas) or stronger (in any significant way), and have no interest in competing. Every day I walk the dog and play Pokemon Go, 3 of those days have become runs once again, but I'm still working up to sustaining distance running. Things are a bit hectic at the moment around the house. My wife is expecting another little one this summer, another boy (will be our 3rd). We've been working on redoing our guest room #2, as our old guest room is becoming a permanent kids room. Kiddo #2 is quite a handful; 16 months old, already learning to run and jump. Kiddo #1 is beyond excited for the pool to open, he's joining the swim team this year for the first time (6 yr old) with a few of his friends. Goals: 1) Come up with, then track progress toward, diet goals. - At this point I've weighed myself, but I haven't got around to doing some measurements with the tape. I have an idea of about what my goal is weight-wise. I need to shift from lazy mode into high precision mode; specific goals tend to be met, no so much with general goals. 2) Keep Running! - Its too easy for me to stop running and start walking. Pogo can be a huge distraction. About a month ago I picked up a Go Plus to make it easier to play while running. Now the big thing is item management, the only nearby source is a 3 stop walking circuit, I should be topped off or nearly so on running days, so I don't need to farm items. But I'm also still working back up to being able to run continuously. I live around some very hilly terrain, currently I'm able to run about half a mile before I need to walk for a bit. My goal is a continuous 3 mile run by the end of the challenge. 3) Bench Moar - My chest size and the bench is one place I'm just not happy with strength/size yet. The way my workouts go, benching is the exercise I'm most likely to miss. I need to be proactive with my scheduling; I travel a fair bit, Tuesdays are the day I'm most likely to be traveling, and Tuesdays are bench days. This goal is simple, bench every week. I'd rather skip a leg day (Mon) to bench, or find a way to work benching in on other days. L) More Time in Shop, Less Internet - Progress on my latest project, repairing and refinishing a rocking chair, has ground to a halt. I need to get back to working on my current project in the shop every day. Even if only a token couple of minutes. A little every day makes a huge difference. I get distracted surfing and chatting online, and skip doing anything in the shop most days.