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  1. Been a couple of weeks since I last checked in, but things are still moving right along. I haven't skipped any workouts nor even really considered it. I'm still adding weight to the bar at a good clip each session. Front Squatting 195 tonight. Benched 175 on Tue. My pullup volume is up to 24 total reps, and my tuck front lever hold time have doubled. The only exercise I've been slacking on is deadlifts. Also hitting the cardio each Wed and Sat. Its been all walking on the treadmill at variable inclines, except i did try running outside last Saturday. Went ok, couldn't sustain it
  2. Yes. Most important is consistency. Stick with it day after day, no skipping. Err on the side of doing too little per session. I rarely do more than 3 work sets on main lifts, and keep the accessories down to a couple sets of 1-2 things, maybe. Also only do like 2-3 peak output sets per session tops, even then, not every session. RPE 10 sets have become quite rare for me. Stuff like a Starting Strength type program, just lolno. But I haven't had an exercise related injury in years. Once my shoulder issue cleared up (tenonitis/osis/impingement of some sort), that
  3. I also have a TV mounted on the wall to the left of the power rack for doing videos, might extend the flooring 2 more tile rows to make that work better. Wife likes to do videos, and I've been trying to do yoga once a week. All in all things have been going great. No missed workouts anymore. Taking a slow and steady approach to putting load on the bar. Eventually here I'll get serious about the diet again, but for now, just getting back into the workout flow has been my main focus. Wife has moved her strength training from videos and dumbbells to the barbell as well. Despite both o
  4. Heres a picture of my gym all put together. It's just missing a single floor tile. Did an upper body workout tonight Tried to do the seated ohp, but decided to kneel instead (ceiling is too low for standing). Also did chinups, pullups, and dips. Kept the weight low and reps lowish, just getting back into the flow of things. Still gonna be sore as heck from it. Sent from my SM-G965U using Tapatalk
  5. Finally all the pieces are in place. Gym flooring arrived and was put together, though i figured out that the configuration I ordered wasn't going to work great, 1 more piece was needed, so I ordered it, missing it is no big deal right now. Power rack arrived and is assembled. Bench arrived and is assembled. Picked up an Olympic weight set off craigslist plus an extra set of big wheels; have 390 lbs total including bar. Used up all my workout time last night assembling things. All that is left to do is move the weight plates from the garage to the basement, and wait for the last piece of
  6. Oh for sure. I was surprised though that I can still get into an L-sit without issue, even flat palmed I was able to get up and hold it for a second (the hold I did was palm up, the easier variation). I haven't done one in a couple of years. I haven't tried, but I suspect I could do basic one arm pushups without issue as well. The baseline of strength I built up seemed to hold up pretty good to disuse.
  7. These last few days, as I have a full cart on Amazon and an itchy trigger finger (plus a reserved purchase on Craigslist), I have been doing a few workouts to start getting back into the groove of things, start getting the pattern down again. After the kids go to bed, I've been heading down with the wife to workout; she does her videos, and I've done a few sets to get the muscles flowing. Monday I did some pistol squats. Been a while since I last did any. I did 3 sets, 1-2-2. Yikes. But as I'm just restarting, I didn't want overdo things at all. Extreme DOMS is not hel
  8. Ummm, how is this disagreeing with me? I specifically said long time calorie deficit without breaks, which mitigates the hormonal effects. But someone that starts out 250 lbs and spends a year dieting down to 200 lbs still likely has so much body fat that there is little to no hormonal response from dieting. Leptin is created by body fat, it isn't until you don't have a whole lot of it that low Leptin and its host of side effects comes into play. The diet industrial complex has applied the true science of metabolic damage to cases where it has no applicability whatsoever such that it is ut
  9. Well there is a physiological reason to do high load/low rep work in a deficit. Our muscles are fueled by 3 different fuel systems, creatine-phosphate, glycogen, and fat. C-P gives immediate strength, but peters out after a few seconds. Glycogen can be burned aerobically or anaerobically, fat can only be burned aerobically. Aerobic metabolism requires oxygen transport into the muscle, hence is slower, but it is a far more efficient use of fuel, but its power output is too low for any direct strength work. When in a deficit, your body is lacking in glycogen, work tha
  10. The only effective way to increase your metabolism permanently is to build muscle mass in a calorie surplus. However recovery from regular strength training has a calorie "cost" associated with it, so a total beginner that begins regular strength training will appear to have their metabolism increase (can be as much as 200+ calories a day), though it is a side effect of strength training that goes away when the strength training does. Its not an immediate thing though either, the recovery load on the system (hence calorie burn/apparent metabolism gain) increases with your strength
  11. Switching from regular to diet soda was literally the first thing I did to start losing weight (8 years ago now). I see no reason to cut diet soda out; on the continuuum of things you can do to improve your diet, cutting out diet soda is pretty much the least important thing. Diet soda is compatible with every body shape you can dream of. On the flipside, caloric drinks (regular soda, juice, beer, etc..) are pretty much the worst source of useless calories. Milk is different because it contains protein, and thus can be considered food in a sense.
  12. Dieting has very little impact on your metabolism unless: You have been in a calorie deficit for a long time (think many months minimum) with NO breaks period and have reached a moderate body fat level. or You are at a very low body fat % and trying to cut too aggressively without using a refeed plan. There are other side effects in addition to metabolism loss; low body heat, ravenous hunger, sex performance issues. It doesn't accidentally happen, your body will fight you hard to prevent starvation, when it happens you will know it is happening. Losing
  13. Anyway, diet is still a bit of a mess, but I'm gonna let the "working out" energy build before I move on to leveling up my diet again. I expect the usual; Myfitnesspal , goals, and a tape measure.
  14. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it as well. I've been poverty working out basically since I started, this is a totally new experience. At the same time the shutdown started I finished paying off a loan that was a loan to pay off a loan that was the down payment on our first house. So my financial situation rather dramatically changed for the better at the same time it was yanked out temporarily and instead I had to experience a period of extreme broke-ness for a bit. We have the space in the basement and my wife is on board with turning our haphazard makeshift workout ar
  15. Hello, its been a while since I've come around. I've fallen off the horse lately and am going to climb back on. For now I'm just going to be scribbling my thoughts. I've come to the conclusion that what I was doing wasn't working, and was never going to work. At first a few years ago when we switched buildings at work, I was excited to have access to a gym with a power rack to work out in on my lunch break. And I did regularly for a long time. The problem is that I travel occasionally for work, have meetings other days, and can get caught up in work and mis
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