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  1. Week 4.... oh week 4.... here are my results: *Lunch Quest 3/3 100% *Water Quest 7/7 100% *Fitness Quest 2/2 100% *Vitamin Quest 7/7 100% With an overall average of 100% baby!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time to tally up my first challenge total: Week 1: 83% B Week 2: 91% A Week 3: 80% B Week 4: 100% A For a grand total of 88%, that's a B baby!! This was a great first challenge, I did better than I expected. I can't believe the next challenge has already started, was not prepared for that. So I'm either going to join late or skip this one and wait for t
  2. Week 3 ended, not the best but better than before I started the challenge *Lunch Quest 2/3 66% *Water Quest 6/7 85% *Fitness Quest 2/2 100% *Vitamin Quest 5/7 71% With an overall average of 80%, low B but still a B PUDDING! My goal Week 4 is to score an A! So far things are looking good *Lunch Quest 2/3 so far, didn't work Monday (all clients cancelled from being snowed in from the blizzard) *Water Quest 4/7 so far, lots of drinking & lots of peeing. I'll be honest I am not looking forward to how much I'll have to pee once I up my water quest next challenge.... Fitness Quest 1/2
  3. Also how do you get notifications that your topic has replies, I have to go back to each post to see if anyone added anything and I know I'm missing an easier option for that Like I said, I'm a Noob lol
  4. Add new tags to an old topic you posted or change/delete tags already there? Can you make a tag in a reply?
  5. Made it home safe & sound, now sitting here watching the snow pile up. It's crazy to think it's not going to be stopping anytime soon
  6. Yeah when I'm done working out if I go ahead & sit down I won't get anything accomplished, but at least you're aware of this so you can work on it in the future, baby steps!
  7. Make sure you post a picture of what you do over your knit weekend, sounds like fun! I don't have the talent for knitting, maybe one day I'll try and see if I can do it
  8. Gah I've been gone for so long, I've been lost in the real world and haven't had the chance to make it online and post. Week 2 went really well! In fact it went awesome!!! *Lunch Quest 2/3 66% *Water Quest 7/7 100% *Fitness Quest 2/2 100% *Vitamin Quest 7/7 100% With an overall average of 91%, that's an A baby woohoo!!! Week 3 hasn't been as productive. Part of it is my own fault, lazy habits rearing back up, and part of it is beyond my control like the weather *Lunch Quest 2/3 so far, but with the blizzard starting today I'm not bringing lunch cause I'm trying to get all my
  9. All of your Angel gifs is making me want to check it out, I watched Buffy but never got into Angel but I'm thinking that might have to be rectified...
  10. Been reading through your days so far, you are kicking ass dude! This sounds like a very exciting year for you, can't wait to watch the progress of how it goes!
  11. So before I start with this weeks progress I need to tally up the first week! *Lunch Quest 3/3 100% *Water Quest 6/7 85% *Fitness Quest 1/2 50% *Vitamin Quest 7/7 100% Overall average was 83.75%, a solid B. First week in my first challenge, I'll take it!!! Now for week 2!! Things are going really good this week. I had my first personal training session on Monday and he kicked my ass! I'm so sore today but it's a good sore, a sore that said dammit if I didn't do something good! The trainer was really impressed with me, he said I exceed his expectations and if I continue to work as ha
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