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  1. Hey there-- how's the job going? I'm intrigued. Any insights? Any improvements? You're rocking the workouts btw.
  2. I once heard that the cravings for those things are your body whining for the bad stuff you're taking away from it. Kinda like when I ween off caffeine and I get a mad headache for a few days then it's all good. Don't give in to the cravings even a little if you can help it, and see if they diminish in a few days. If not... I got nothin' here. Feed them itty bits here and there? Yea, I stink at that too.
  3. Damn... did ya see those letters there by my stats today? This faerie is HOT and on fire! You bet your bippee I'm hot. She flies away in an attempt to be graceful, but is so preoccupied with herself that a wing catches the edge of a spider's web and she veers off into a tree trunk. "Yep. I'm okay. All good here. It's only a flesh wound..." As she walks, somewhat dizzily and coughing faerie dust, off into the rainbow...
  4. Holy Crow woman-- I turn my back and you've begun to conquer the world! Go back and read your entries-- look at all the amazing things you've accomplished in such a short time-- the key one being AWARENESS. Chickie, that's half the battle. You sound strong, pumped, and full of life. Seriously-- stop that crazy talk in your head I KNOW is in there right now. I am super proud of you. PS-- and even if you screw it up-- I'm still gonna be super proud of you. So there.
  5. You go! Celebration must be sounded indeed! What an amazing set of changes are happening in your life. You're very brave and obviously committed if you delete the Kindle app understanding it as a potential sabatoger. Mental fortitude win about the size of the beast-mode table toting, I'd say. I also write in my task list to update my flight log and make 2 replies on certain days of the week (hey, seems like today is the day ) Keep it up-- you have the power and NOTHING is gonna get in your way!
  6. OOOOO big win! Meditation achieved. Ah the sweet feeling of a more clear transition from school mode to home mode. All I had to do was think outside the box! The last two days I've come home I've entered through the back door. This stealthy move allows me to assess the terrain-- if all is quiet, the spawns are either doing homework or playing video games-- and here's my chance. I tip toe into the bathroom downstairs, careful not to make a sound, and I enter and close the door. I sit on the floor, que up my Headspace app (today I put on the fan so boys would assume smelly zone if they came down), plug in my headphones and experience 10 minutes of transition. And it makes a difference lemme tell ya. Hopefully no one will catch on soon. AND 2 days of achieving steps above 5k, even though my back hurt. Small steps... Until we fly together again... ~faith, trust, and a little triceratops
  7. Caught between the world of COD supply drops, "snipes", and my own pleasantries, I pause to write today to keep myself accountable. I do believe there are too few hours in a day for doing what I want to or love to do. Alas... Though I feel like an epic faerie fail, seeing as I've done very little of the things I set myself to do this week, I do have a win... As the manboy spawn continues to sneak up on me and croon "hello..." in his best cracked voice Adele imitation, I reflect upon my gym experience today. I walked. Yes. I walked and my back did not groan in too much anger. AND I surpassed my 7k step goal for the day! My main issue is that of not working in the Yoga or the Meditation. I am very confused. I have no aversion to either; I actually enjoy both a great deal. Perhaps it's simply a case of weak flesh, of the 'spirit is willing' type. Hmmm. Once more to the point: This week I shall: Complete 1 Nerdfitness Yoga session between Monday and Sunday of next week. Stay after school at least 40 minutes for 2 days-- seeing as I'm staring down a week of no free or planning periods. Oh joy. Write on my gratitude page at least 3 times this week. Continue to track daily "to-do"s in BuJo. Until we fly together again... ~ faith, trust, and a little triceratops
  8. Ah... what is One Little word, you ask? It's a "class" I stumbled upon in December and something about choosing and living with a word struck me, so I decided to enroll (disclaimer: the fee was $20 ish at the time). I do my best to follow along, but as I said previously, I'm woefully behind. And for my balance, that's ok. I don't buy anything she offers, I use the digital downloads and constructed my first page mainly digitally. I also use pages in my Bullet Journal to play. Its Aliedwards.com. Here's a screenshot with the overview. If you can't enlarge it to read, check it out on her site.
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