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  1. You are one tough Momma! Finding inexpensive options to stay within a budget is definitely not easy. Besides Steve's posts (which are great!), there is a site called Paleo On A Budget and she explains the best ways to find inexpensive veggies and meats and how to make a budget last! Hope that helps, good luck on your journey!
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Carlee and I am a "struggling" graduate student living in Maryland. You know who it goes with school: lots of debt, classwork, and a whole new level of balancing. That's my life for you! I have been following the site for several months now (bordering on obsessive) and finally have built up the courage to join the community for real! Life has had many ups and downs for me and currently I am fighting to maintain. I am really posting so that I can have another support group at my side when things get tough. And tough they have gotten! So let me start at the beginning so
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