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  1. no challenge for me next time 'round, I think. I'll keep doing stuff and I'll still be here, quietly lurking in all of your threads and making the occasional encouraging comment, but the challenge format is really not for me right now.
  2. Some wrap up stuffs (a bit early, but whatever) GYM--relatively good-ish. Not perfect and I don't have my tracker on me to go back and count at the moment, but I was reasonably consistent when I was home to do so, so I'll call it good. FOOD--Meal planning is good. Less stress than the last minute scramble. I do recognize that I tend to over estimate, though. There are only two of us so leftovers go a long way. I can scale back on the number of times I cook per week and will end up throwing out less food. HOME--I mean, all my grand plans for any kind of plan/schedule are out the window at this point. I am getting better at doing certain things routinely and at recognizing when other things haven't been done in awhile or need some attention. I would like to get to a more regimented system for this, but perhaps its one of those things that is forever a goal, but that I'll never quite reach. That would be fine, I think. I DO want to take good care of this house, though. It's a nice place and I want to keep it that way.
  3. So tomorrow's the end of this challenge, eh? Anyway, haircut yesterday and then instead of deadlifting I raked leaves for 2 hours. There is still approximately 3-4 hours worth of raking left to do, but at least all the laves have fallen now, so once I get through this round I should be done. I'll probably get to that this weekend, provided the weather agrees and the blisters I got yesterday settle down quickly. I liked this strategy of doing multiple short periodic raking sessions rather than a giant marathon rake after all the leaves had fallen. I will try to remember that for next year. I need to run by the library this weekend as well (too bad it's so far away) since I have some physical media that needs to be returned by Monday. The library is on the way to Costco, though, so perhaps we can make an excursion out of it. I am once again fighting feelings of unsettled dissatisfaction and I still don't know why.
  4. Hair dyed Dinner made Haircut scheduled this afternoon +/- deadlift workout, depending.
  5. BWN lifted. YAY! Also, I called and made my appointment for my annual girlie parts inspection. Not until May, but at least I've done it. In doing so I discovered that my doctor is leaving the practice at the end of this month. 😢 Fortunately the doc they scheduled me with has equally good reviews, so fingers crossed there.
  6. Bench press yesterday Did not dye my hair Made dinner (BWN still in effect)
  7. so, I worked out on Sunday (squats) and will workout again this afternoon (bench) Groceries/meal planning yesterday along with cutting hubs' hair Boil water notice is annoying and has skewed my plans for dinner (I mean, not really since I'll be boiling the water for the pasta for the thing I'm making, but I am annoyed by it anyway.) House is nominally passable but not so much freshly cleaned Yard is a wreck--we really need someone to come look at our sprinklers but that is yet ANOTHER thing to call and schedule and I don't want to... I REALLY need to dye my hair. Maybe right after today's workout and before I start on dinner. Taxes--info is 99% submitted to accountant, just waiting on one amended form and the accountant confirmed today that our return is 'mostly' done so I'm feeling much better about that. I think anxiety about getting this sorted out was a big contributor to my 4am wakefulness this morning. Now I just have the anxiety around how much we may or may not owe. Fun!
  8. As per usual, we are toward the end of the challenge and all my tracking, reporting, and (of course) the actual doing of things in my challenge has fallen off a cliff. I have a huge case of the Don't Wanna's today, my brain woke me up at 4a, and we are on a precautionary boil water notice (of all things) so this seems like I need to go back to bed and call a mulligan for today.
  9. It goes I was out of town last week for work so everything got put on hold for that. Back at it today with some squats which felt super heavy but super satisfying.
  10. Wow, that update was a rollercoaster. Props to your mom for seeing you were having A Day and jumping in to help.
  11. You've posted this before, and it is excellent every time.
  12. I haven't played/read it myself, but I know MCDM games has some stuff along this line for 5e--whether it's in Strongholds and Followers or Kingdoms and Warfare, (or both) I'm not sure.
  13. Um. I don't really know what happened this weekend. There was some tax stuff, there was some Illustrator, there was some raking... Not much of an update but I CBA'd at the moment. Ditto for this week's summary. I'm busy but mentally fine with it. Squeezing an an OHP workout as I type this before jumping into some video game fun with hubs after dinner. ❤️
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