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  1. As if i need more reasons to have respect for you. VB gives me fits. 🤣😂🤣 With as many unnecessary letters as possible so i think you nailed it
  2. Lets see... in the past I've been a janitor at a paper mill, a dishwasher, an afterschool monitor, a logger, a bookseller (at few places), a computer repair technician (at a LOT of places), a grocery teller, an aupair, a photographer, a gas station attendant, a housekeeper at a ski resort, a snow shoveler, a window tinter, a roofer, a house painter, a call center operator (for four hours then I quit), a concrete pourer, a landscaper, a library clerk, a science outreach teacher at the library, a lighting technician at a opera house... I feel like I'm for sure missing some. I sit on dogs lol Yeah for sure. I already felt a difference in my mobility workout yesterday; all the exercises felt more effective and working into my problem areas.
  3. I manage the database for a library, and I do freelance graphic arts/video game design work. I actually also pet sit fairly regularly. I should probably count that as a fourth job. I'm usually dogsitting for a few weeks ever other month or so. The library job pays the least but has the most steady work. And job security. Because I built the database (previously they kept everything recorded in three ring binders. Hundreds. I digitized all over the course of three years) and no one wanted to learn it, so when I physically moved away from that library's region, they made the database management remote and kept me on. It's dull but incredibly simple, so I can literally watch YouTube or TV all day while I'm working. I watched this video today, and it was pretty informative and sparked quite a bit more research. The first half is really where most of the information is, as the latter half he leans a little hard into selling his mobility program, but he seems very knowledgeable based on follow-up research and there's some really helpful assessments in the first half. Doing the leahey stick test was eye opening. I'd always done the "back flat, arms to wall behind you" test and thought i had pretty good mobility. Even there, my right arm had a bit of twisting. Doing the tests between 8min-10min, I found my range was at or above standard for lats and pec major, but the test for subscapulris was super tight. Doing some release work on it and some targeted stretches, feeling into that muscle, its a lot of where I feel the stretch, the tightest part, in my bridge. Doing the tests around 19;20-29, I found my low traps and external rotators couldn't even handle body weight (just lifting my hands) and felt really weak, but my rhomboids, mid traps, and rear delts could lift weight and about 1 foot higher than the others and felt pretty strong. What I found neat was with follow up research, I discovered that there are several exercises that both stretch the subscapularis and strengthen the low traps and external rotators. In fact, almost all the exercises I found had that overlap. Which makes sense that they are connected, having a weakness in one side of the muscle group causing a tightness on the opposing side to protect the joint. One of the main ones? The same exercise I've been given by three physical therapists for my shoulder issues. I should be doing that one, eh? Go figure lol My current shoulder mobility routine included a few of the exercises/stretches I found, which is why i saw some improvement, but also had a few that were stretching an area that is already hypermobile (unsurprisingly, they were the exercises that felt like they were doing nothing.) With EDS, I have to be careful to not overstretch hypermobile areas and focus on strengthening the joint, so that was important to realize and weed out. So now I have a similar but slightly modified shoulder/upper back mobility routine, minus three of the original exercises and plus two new ones (well, one very old one from PT.)
  4. That second progression looks like it's going to be a game changer. We'll see. I'm gonna try it on a cheese mat first I think. Idk. That'll give me a little elevation.
  5. They do have kip-up stuff now!! https://gmb.io/kip-up/ That's really exciting. I always loved GMB's stuff. I have their floor 1 program, I should dig that out. Going through and watching the videos/reading the descriptions, I realize that I'm 90% sure my kip-up bottleneck is exactly the same as my handstand-to-bridge bottleneck (mobility, mostly shoulder and upper back but also hips. Also like...end-range core strength.) For that reason, I think it makes the most sense to just combine goals 1 and 2 because the exercises for the kip-up progression from GMB have a TON of overlap with stuff I need to be doing for my handstand-to-bridge/handsprings/ect. so for this week I'm at 1. 45/60 minutes mobility work 2. 5/2 videos watched My boss gave me some Instagram accounts to check out that she follows for coaching tips, so I'm taking a look at some stuff on there. For the purposes of the challenge, I don't think I'll count like 30s-1min Instagram videos though. Or maybe like ten Instagram videos equals one tally mark? Idk. He!!! Good to see you too!! Yep I started this week 😬 Thank you! I'm a little overwhelmed but having fun. Also the classes go by SO FAST. Like I don't think this will ever be a job where I'm like "wow I want to go home, time is moving so slow." All three classes I've done so far it was like "holy crap there's only five minutes left! We barely got started!" I worked for 7 hrs yesterday and it legitimately felt like 2, maximum. The kids are pretty enthusiastic, yeah! There are three that are going to be a challenge to keep on task but they just have lots of energy and want to socialize a lot. That's exactly how it felt! It was so much fun! I talked to my boss about ours and when I can come in to train, and she said once I get a key I can come literally any time I want and have the place to myself (obviously wen we aren't having classes.) Until I get my key, I'll be working out Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday nights. Sunday is after work and I'll be by myself. Monday and Wednesday there's just a small group of 2-3 older gymnasts who work out in only one part of the gym. Since I'll be having two days in a row, I'm going to have to be careful not to overtrain the same muscles. I'll have to sit down and work on a program.
  6. That's so rough 😭 I'm sorry. That's a really long time and its going to take a while to grieve the loss of that, even aside from the stress of finding a new job. I'm confident in your job-acquisition skills, though. You're going to find something great. I forget, what kind of programming do you do? Low-key obsessed that you named her. Top-tier behavior. 100/10.
  7. So shadowing the gymnastics classes today was overwhelming, but I was reassured that it was ok to be overwhelmed at this stage and they are really happy to have new coaches and are happy to train. So I'm trying to give myself a bit of a break about being like and just letting it sink in and remember that i shadow like 4 more times before I will have to do one alone (gymnastics that is. I only shadow once more for parkour before i take over. But for that, I'm feeling petty confident to create my curriculum and teach.) It was certainly not a disaster and I do think after several more times I'll have it pretty down, especially if I keep up with my coaching videos goal. One of the kids tonight was also in the ninja class s I already knew her. She got left out when everyone paired off for stations so I spent some extra time with her so she wasn't all alone. She's on the quieter side and I have a feeling that happens a bit.
  8. I'll take a look. I'm sure there's a ton more stuff on there since the last time i checked. it really is so much fun! You never know what you'll run into.
  9. Thanks! My ability to still do a handstand roll after 3 years of not trying was a pleasant surprise! I thought it was going to take a while to get that back. So far I'm at: 1. 15/30mins of kip up work 2. 30/30mins handstand/bridge work 3. 4/2 coaching videos watched I've started a notebook to write down coaching techniques and things I learn at shadowing. I shadow again tonight for three different gymnastics classes (the ones I'm more nervous about than the parkour class.) A friend from five hours away randomly texted me yesterday and said her and hr family were in my area for vacation and so i met up with her and we took spontaneous trip to Montreal last night which was kind of silly because we basically drove 1.5 hrs each way to get dinner and walk round shops for two hours and not buy anything lol but we had fun. So I didn't get any workouts in yesterday. I'm also hitting a wall with trying to figure out what other kip-up progressions I can try, because the rolling to my feet thing doesn't seem to be doing much. Granted, I only worked on it for 15 minutes but I truly felt like I made zero progress. Any ideas?
  10. I'll write something more wen im less sleepy but one of my takeaways is that im much farther off from my kip up than i thought. Body mechanics feel all wrong. It's very much not clicking.
  11. Had my first day today! There were only two kids and it was super manageable. I did feel a little overwhelmed with one of the kids but I'm going to try to be a better adult next week (I am primarily shadowing this week and next.) They also just let me stay alone in the gym after closing to d m workout LOL im like. Its my first day. You don't even know me. lol. Last week goals fell apart due to depression cave but so far this week: 1. 15/30mins of kip up work 2. 30/30mins handstand/bridge work 3. No videos watched yet.
  12. My therapist was pointing out all the various ways it triggered me an it was almost laughable. I was like, oh, ok, it just hit all buttons at once. I see. That makes m feel quite a bit better actually. *Infomercial voice* With these ten weird exercises, you too can make bridge progress. I feel like I'm mostly tight in my shoulders but tbh my hips are not great either so that could for sure be another bottleneck I had a good DnD session tonight with most of these people so at least i know i didn't permanently ruin all the relationships.
  13. yeah good point the clothes throw it off. Im hoping my coworkers might be able to give me a pointer as to where the bottleneck is for the flexibility. For now I’m going to keep doing the workout I’m doing because it’s a obviously working, and then adjust to lean more into the thoracic mobility or the shoulder mobility based on what my coworkers at the gym think when I do my bridges. So far this week I’ve done 1. Floor work: 15/30 minutes bridge work 2. Kip-up: 0/30 minutes 3. No video watched yet. I had a really rough week so far so my workout yesterday was a heavy bag session to get the aggression out followed by an antianxiety med to knock me out lol. What a workout chaser. But I need to get gloves because my knuckles did NOT appreciate that. I’m missing some skin.
  14. Im having a hard time seeing if it’s mostly should or upper back flexibility that’s holding me back. Like which on to spend most time on. You see it in shoulders mostly?
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