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  1. There's an artist that does a series of pieces working through her anxiety like this, in each scenario. I wish I could remember her name. I'll see if I can find it. I remember being impressed.
  2. Just googled this and now I want to learn. Holy moly, I can see why it's serious conditioning. I am out of breath watching it.
  3. *slinks back in around the campfire* I hope it wasn't my fault we all got kicked out for a minute 😂
  4. I have NO IDEA what any of those words are and I'm still SO impressed!! I love that the little things you're working on are paying off and you're seeing results from your hard work! It's worth it!
  5. but take it 😉 I hope you can find some peace and relax so you can rest some tonight. Is there anything you know helps you to calm down that you could try?
  6. I remember this in a social engineering seminar, how it talked about people who go outside without sunglasses on tend to report more anger and annoyance just because they are squinting and activating muscles used in showing those emotions. This is some weird chicken and egg stuff
  7. Busy! Piglet needed help with one of her cleaning jobs so I was out with her from 8am until 3pm, and then did 7 hours of studying lol. Somehow I'm not braindead yet though? Tomorrow she needs me to drive her to a drs appointment at the hospital (a little over an hour away) and we'll be there most of the day, so I'm going to try to find the hospital library and tuck in to study while I'm there. We'll see! She's checking to see if she's still allergic to oranges, and if not, we'll be celebrating with an orange feast (not really a feast, but eating a few oranges and having champagne.)
  8. Week Zero Monday 2. Learning halls 7 hours of studying. I might keep going for a bit because my brain isn't quite liquid pouring out of my ears yet. Shared Tidbit that I have learned today: I already knew the part about how translation cannot be literal word-for-word because of a million reasons, but I learned a new example in that the Hopi people don't view time as countable chunks, but as one linear continuum, and therefor the Hopi language doesn't have words for units of time or the counting of time. 3. Harnessing my powers
  9. This sounds incredibly cool! Oh my gosh I want to read this lol. It gives me Temeraire vibes but a completely different take on it, with a much darker connotation.
  10. I clicked on a notification in the current challenge and it popped up with an “You’re not authorized to view this page” error snd I was like lol what did I do??! 😂🤣 (Hot chocolate: stolen i am forcibly removed from the lake house) but then I realized the whole thing was gone and I was like phew 😅 it’s not just me LOL good riddance, bugs!
  11. Ah. They sound like someone I should not get on the bad side of. *turns my nervous grin from Tank to the direction I asume the bartender is in as the green light vanishes from my hand and I stuff it in my pocket* ah…thank you for your gracious understanding! I will…be more judicious in the future! 👍😬
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