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  1. This is absolutely WILD. What a set up for disaster! I am chaos incarnate and I can't imagine being that loosey goosey with something so vital. It won't let me quote for some reason but in your first post-- I LOVE Taylor tries!! She has some of the #1 BEST tutorials I've ever seen. Definitely follow her stuff. I would have learned 6000 times faster if I'd watched her stuff when I was first learning. She is so skilled at breaking down steps, even her advanced tutorials are so accessible.
  2. Hey, thanks everyone-- sorry I fell of the face of the earth again. I feel like this is probably going to be a cycle with me. I had a rough few weeks. I may or may not make a challenge for this round but I'll be lurking, and try to be more present for interaction.
  3. YOOOOOOOOO THOUGH Ceremonially burning the evil pills that hurt you might be SO COOL ACTUALLY
  4. Thanks. Goals: talk to the dr about my head. is it just like this? is this just my head, it's going to hurt all the time forever now? clean my room. I simply cannot function with this mess.
  5. MAN I was having a hard time chambering parallel!!! 25/180 minutes for the week. I'm still dragging from not sleeping. I'm going to try getting into bed NOW (its 9) and just listening to an audiobook and seeing if I can fall asleep early.
  6. This is so strange-- not this but some super weird things happened with me coming into recovery too and I'm like why. I'm eating the food. Why are you punishing me. Yeah that is just not sustainable Unfortunately my decision was more extreme than most people would go for but I just got very done with dealing with it one day, went into the drs and said "I'm here to schedule a hysterotomy" and I guess I was just forceful enough that they barely questioned me. Best medical decision of my life LOL but very much not for everyone. I did try like four or five different meds first, and had weird allergic reactions to ALL of them, which the drs were all like "literally no one ever has had these symptoms. we should study you for science." The injection one made me almost completely bedridden for eight months. That was a nightmare. Because once you take the injection its in your system that long you can't just stop taking it if you're having a bad reaction. And was just like "why am I even doing this" and went the nuclear route.
  7. Doing relativly ok today, stupid headache is hanging on. Didn't sleep at all last night which probably didn't help. Hoping I'll crash enough tonight to sleep. If I do I'll be working on this tomorrow @Mistr
  8. Probably. I somehow don't doubt this at all lol I love this idiot so much LOL, I simultaneously can't believe he did that and am also like "of COURSE he did that." I'm so glad OBS studio actually functioned and saved the video, I was afraid I was going to lose the ability to rewatch it endlessly lol.
  9. As soon as I get rid of this headache I'm going to be unstopable. I was so shocked by the way that happened I was like YOOOOOOOOOO Apparently I am making progress, during therapy today I actually said the sentence, "Yeah I do feel guilty about that but I do recognize that the core belief that I'm violating here is actually internalized from criticism, so it's truly coming from the place of shame, not guilt." And I was like, give me my honorary psychology degree now, look at all those words I used. My therapist was like, yeah the next step is using these concepts as more than just a tool to use to debate with me, but knowing the terms is progress. This sounds like a great idea. Two swords and sword and dagger are both very appealing ideas LOL. lets gooooooo The glitter and potato arrived: Formatting is weird as he was on a phone and I was on the computer so discord didn't handle it well.
  10. That's what, a lindwyrm, eh? Let me look it up Sources seem to be divided on whether the legged snake with four legs is another type of lindwyrm or is considered a salamander
  11. Thanks, honestly just the offer makes me feel a bit better. I'm trying to crawl out of the hole this week and treat it as a tiny respawn. It's Monday! (I'm weird in that Monday is my favorite day of the week. It's like sunrises, it's the start of something new, a clean slate.) Actually, I completely forgot my "Trick of the week" idea. Anyone have a suggestion for a trick for me to work on this week? That might motivate me to prioritize some movement this week.
  12. Thanks! My plan was apparently to have a rough time at therapy Friday morning and do nothing for three days.
  13. YES a major win of willpower! UGH that is SO rough I went through similar several years ago, sorry that sucks. But you're right in the fact that it's worth it if it stops the pain (I had to read that so many times because "it if it" looked so wrong I was sure I mistyped) that people always minimize as "just cramps." In case you weren't aware of what you've been enduring (I'm sure you are) cramps with endometriosis Spoiler for slightly graphic and telling my doctor that was the only thing that got anyone to pay attention. You're hardcore for enduring it as long as you have and it's time for you to get a break! You called me a nonfictional character once and I thought that was very charming. So you're a nonfictional character too lol. OH CRAP NOOOOO. Except I can't stab nasty mean pills that screwed you over.... We could ceremonially crush them and light them on fire. I wonder if they burn well. That could be fun. I can't believe I finally had a use for this picture I saved simply because it was a Mood. I had a similar bad reaction but I was so hoping it would go better for you. Do you have any plans for next steps?
  14. 105/180 minutes. Here's a kind of crappy video of whatever the heck I was messing about with today, finished off by very typical dialogue options between Piglet and I when she came in to use the treadmill (that's why the last third is shakey, sorry, I didn't realize the treadmill would shake the camera so.)
  15. I just got this recommendation on youtube lol Is this going to be a tutorial in how to look like Timothee chalamet because #Goals. Honestly I should probably be more freaked out by this recommendation because I've never searched anything similar to the title but I HAVE typed "I wish I looked like Timothee Chalamet" before (only on NF and in text messages) and I'm 100% sure that's an algorithm grabbing my keystrokes and feeding me "similar topics" which is just,,,,, hi big brother, like, I knew you were watching but Don't Remind Me just watch me quietly and let me pretend.
  16. I think they are easier for me because I started juggling knives before balls? by months? So the mechanics for knives are more second-nature for me. I'd have to have someone who started the other way around to give imput as to whether knives or balls are easier for them, get an opposite opinion lol.
  17. 35/180 minutes done today. Trying to learn a juggling pattern called "columns." Tried it with the balls first and then the knives. Also looking at my progress, it's crazy that when I was catching 4 in a row one-handed I was disappointed, when back in august at the start of this my maximum with BOTH hands was 3! It's crazy to realize I made that much progress.
  18. Sometimes if I catch myself in time I say something like "blegh sorry today is my first time talking." That's true I did have about an hour of shoveling workout haha. Awwww. Well at least you get something there lol.
  19. I definitely should. Will I though? At the very least I should cowboy up and be outside in the cold long enough to check my fluids and see what's low.
  20. Nothing to do with my challenge but car saga, continued: The scene I went to go home last night and I noticed that my car was leaking yellow fluid and I was like LOL ratfink that's probably my brakes but then I was like, well I have to get home. So I get on the road and I'm like "I can't see a bloody thing." (My headlights the other day were super super dim and I almost hit a tree but avoided it because I clicked on my highbeams just in time when the tree was like 3 meters in front of my car and almost flipped the car trying to swerve-- anyway...) Well last night they had gone completely so here I am, flying down an empty interstate at midnight, one hand on the ebrake in case my brakes go out, driving solely to the light of the moon , windows rolled down because I got SO hot from the defrosters but couldn't take my hand off the ebrake and eyes off the road long enough to figure out the unlit environmental controls, scream singing to the beastie boys blasting at maximum volume. I was like "this is sketch as HECK I am going to DIE." But today when I went to go get milk my power steering went out so maybe,, I am hoping, it was power steering fluid although I thought that was always red. Also I cracked my windshield by rolling down the windows and causing such a drastic temperature change. All the way across, beam to beam. Sounded like a gunshot.
  21. My car. In the driveway. Like an idiot. At least I wasn't as stupid as the dude across the street, I had a very similar conversation to this earlier today because of lawnmower boy I've literally never seen something like this-- also he had like 12 square feel of lawn idk what he was doing with a zero turn. Let alone damaging it by his terminal case of brain deficiency.
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