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  1. Putting this here since the old profile thing is dead?


    Most recent PhD milestone: Prospectus written/defended/signed, completed February 2016

    Next PhD milestone: Write/defend dissertation, due December 2016


    Non-PhD goals:

    1. Coaching high school frisbee again this spring :) Less a goal and more a thing.

    2. Lots of hiking and backpacking solo and with one particular friend. Tentatively want to get done 30+ of the New England 111 this summer.

  2. Un-lurking to second Stumptuous. I've been reading that site on and off since I was a young and impressionable teenager. (I think I'm better off for it.) Good luck! edit: what a 'gross' number of posts
  3. At a beginner level, especially if you're already working out, you'll see the most improvement from actually practicing climbing. Better technique translates to less energy expenditure for the same sequence of moves. Voila, better "endurance." It's a great idea to watch more experienced climbers, and try to imitate the way they move and manipulate their center of mass. There are videos online describing basic moves and techniques if a lot of what you see is unfamiliar to you. But more importantly, get on the wall yourself! I can't think of any reason to disuade you from practicing dead hangs, though, if you're so inclined. I know there are some other climbers on here, so hopefully you’ll hear from them too. I’m pretty new to the sport (about 10 months taking it seriously now. Some folks have been climbing for decades). Good choice on the climbing, have fun, and good luck!
  4. I did indeed out-climb my tall brother. But then he moved a table for me so we're even. Challenge is over! And... um... not much to report other than I stopped reporting. (I'm sorry to the people I was planning to follow for the challenge! ) Had a lovely trail run last Friday. Road running doesn't suck but still is less fun than just about everything else involving running. Most recent climbing day was 5.9 5.9 5.10 (lol nope) 5.8+ 5.8-. The 5.10 was really balancey and felt like the way you'd climb slab but on a vertical. Watching a friend climb 5.11 ish (he oozes up the wall somehow, idek), this might be a big part of the future of climbing. Yikes. But I felt the same way when things stopped being jugs, too, so I'll probably be fine. Prereq for the lead class is to climb 5.9 "competently." Climbing partner and I are working on all the 5.9s in the gym to figure them out before the class. No date for that yet though. Aaaand (best news here) none of my things this September/October overlap! I can do the work conference (that's required), climbing comp, 5k, and my birthday. Wooo! I'll give myself my level up after the lead class and after the 5k as long as they're both not disasters. In the mean time, I am definitely moving to a battle log. I want to be able to peek at long term progress without the pressure to keep score. Thanks to everyone who posted in here! Sorry I was probably super boring to follow.
  5. ty! I definitely want to go fast and I definitely want to race later this year. I'm just kinda experimenting with pacing now, so that later, I'll have a better idea of what a race speed for 5k might be. World Cup Spoiler: No challenge update because I'm on vacation and decided to take time off. Mostly off. I borrowed my brother's dumbbells to lift once, and we're going climbing at the local gym tonight, hopefully. (He's going to be so good. He got all the family height. I'm 5'3", he's 6'1". ) But now I don't feel like eating everything and sleeping for 14 hours every night, so that's good.
  6. The term you're probably looking for is "type 2 fun."
  7. It has to be. 6 pm is second dinner time.
  8. *rolls back in to the common room from the top secret locker room PM* Good game to both teams! Also, if the locker room made the game less fun, we can ditch the idea next time. I don't want to ruin the fun for everyone with ideas spawned from the desire to win.
  9. Very belated challenge update! Things have happened! It's just really hard to keep this thing updated while also interacting with RL people. (I lose at challenge updates. But really, interacting with RL people is a priority.) + 2 Running Type Things. Tournament, Saturday and Sunday June 20-21. I feel like 8 games in two days should count for more than 2, but whatever. Unexpectedly, I felt mostly in shape for this, which just means that training all winter for spring tournaments when I was in college was well into the realm of diminishing returns. + 1 Actual Run. Thursday. 2 miles in 18:30 (brought a watch this time!). Entirely doable. Minimal suck. But... idk why so many people think it's fun. I'm waiting, running. Promises were made. + 1 Running Type Thing. Wednesday practice. Woop woop. Everyone was really goofy and not particularly businesslike after the tournament. Fun times. + 1 Running Type Thing. Saturday, joint practice with Nearest Big City's really good club team. Got butt kicked, but it was cool nonetheless. Thanks for making sure I knew that I'm not an internationally competitive athlete, Nearest Big City Team. Climbing type thing updated in the post above. I'm going to be missing a couple of practices to visit the folks, so I think I might do a Throwback Thursday and play DDR for one of my running type things. Ah, middle school. Also, likely Mt. Washington trip in a few weeks!
  10. +1 Climbing, Sunday. Got my first 5.10 in a gym, so basically I'm just one challenge behind for all of my goals. Also climbed two 5.7s, a 5.8 and got stumped by a 5.9+.
  11. Basement apartment plus still no furniture = so much space for jumps. I can just go around in a giant rectangle. Sorry for being MIA yesterday. My team trekked over to Nearest Big City for an open practice with a really good club team (and then got ice cream and went to see a movie). I'll link you if they put up pictures! We can do a group PM if we want. I have a goal for jumps, but I am def not posting it here! *waves to Gryffindors*
  12. Quiiiiddddiiiittttcccchhh. I'm in this time! (Had I tried this last weekend, I would only have been able to contribute some single digit number of "narrow jumps." I do have a practice this weekend, but it's only two hours on Saturday.) I put myself at chaser for now, but you can move me wherever.
  13. No quidditch for me this weekend. I have a tournament. But I will be all sore with you on Monday, ok? *cheers from the sidelines*
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