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  1. So here is the story – I follow this forum almost at least a 3-4 times a week, and though I am not very active here or do many challenges (more a time constraint of updating the site), I do appreciate and agree with many, many people on this forum. That being said, I have been weightlifting for almost a year now. I have lost 23.4 lbs (250 to 226.6) and ~8% BF% (~33% to ~25%) but have been stuck there weight wise for ~2 months now and now my lifts are really starting to stall…. My current lifts (in lbs) are 225 x 5 BP, 275 x 5 SQ, 145 x 5 Row, 130 x 5 OHP, 290 x 5 DL. I have been st
  2. Well, I am back from vacation and am logging my results (albeit it after the challeng officially). Somewhat unexpect results, but I am happy with the weight loss aspect and am very happy with the results on that from tracking right with theoretical expectations. BF % however is not so nice... I am not sure if it is the BF% device I am using or if expectations were "a bit" off, but there was a definate departure from theoretical, but I am still happy with the downward trend. On the weightlifting note, I met my Squat and DL goal with a x5 of 280, but fell short of my bench goal by 5 lbs (max
  3. I have been updating my daily battle log, but thought I would put progress through Sunday on here as well. I have done very well at calorie intake to +/- 10 calories per day from what myfitnesspal tells me. Workouts are going well with Squat/DL at 260, bench at 200 and row at 135. I have started Yoga and have been to about 3 sessions so far and have signed up for another 3 sessions for this week. I have update the tracker on my signature and so far it seems to be tracking decently, but a little anxious about the lbm. As of Sunday, my weight was 237.2 lb and a bf% of 28%. Feel free to ch
  4. Well, I said from the beginning that there was no way this would be a "daily" battle log At any rate, had a "good" week last week in the fact that I ate my calories (actually am getting quite good at being +/- 10 calories from what myfitnesspal says I should eat. Did three sessions of Yoga, two of which kicked my butt and the other was quite relaxing and gave a good stretch. I am finding in Yoga that there are types that are good for flexibility and stretching, but there are a lot of them out there right now that treat it more as an aerobics exercise.... I think I want to stay away from t
  5. Ok - I have put up a google doc for tracking BF% / Weight and will probably add lifting tracker at some point as well! Here is the link (also in my signature): NF Tracker
  6. So last nights workout went well except I go a little twinge in the area between (possibly connecting?) my left glute and hamstring. Since I have the great fortune of being married to a massage therapist, I am going to take her advice and take the rest of the week off from working the legs in weightlifting (but still doing everything else). Me being me, I ask if that included Yoga if I went back for a beginners class, and she gave me the all-clear for that. So I will be doing at least two (possibly three if I go after Archery on Saturday) Yoga classes this week to supplement weight lifting
  7. So... Busy weekend of "recovery"! Had a good volume day on Friday, though energy was pretty low. I know this is due to the calorie deficit, and I have been fighting through it, but it is getting tougher each week. I have found that protein powder in water 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after with a banana helps a fair amount, but this will be something I have to deal with if I continue to eat a deficit while heavy lifting. That being said, I FINALLY broke the 238.4 lb plateau I had been sitting at for about 3 weeks! I think a lot of that has to do with eating at maintenance on Saturday an
  8. Ok - longer update tomorrow, but here is a life tip I have just learned: if you are feeling good and take that first step into something new (yoga) and go to what is labeled a "beginners" yoga class as your first EVER exposure to yoga and everyone in the class looks at you and asks "they had this listed as a beginners class?", you should really just turn around and leave and come back for another class!
  9. Fridays are great days! Not only because it is the end of the work week (or at least when you have to physically go into the office), but more importantly because after the "light" day of lifting on Wednesday, a lot of stretching on Thursday and at least a decent nights sleep, I feel great on Fridays! All of that being said, the one issue on Fridays is thinking about eating (this is a subtle steering toward the topic of nutrition)... I have googled the topic for months now and there does not seem to be any consensus on how many calories you should eat if you are overweight and strength tra
  10. I am really enjoying Madcow right now. I did 12 weeks of stronglifts, and it was great for getting a foundation. I liked how stronglifts started out with low weight and let me focus on form, but I felt the increasing weight every workout with squats three times a week did not allow my older/out of shape body to recover adequately once I got ~225 lbs on squat (especially since I am no longer as young as I think I am). The heavy (Monday), light (Tuesday), volume (Friday) weekly rotation in Madcow really seems to work better for me (though make no mistake, you are still working hard and buildi
  11. Ok, so this is the first "daily log/rambling. Last night was a "light" day on the lifting schedule. I am still liking the Madcow program and do think these "light" days help in my recovery for Friday's volume day, but I have a little bit of an issue with calling a day consisting of squat sets followed by heavy deadlifts (ok, there are OHP sets in between them) as "light". Deadlifts beat me up. I am not complaining - I do really think they work well in building strength, and a lot of it has to do with my body having become accustomed to squats rather than deadlifts, but they still leave me
  12. Since I put up my “first†challenge with a week remaining in the previous 6 week challenge, I am going to call that a trial run and start this as my official first challenge. First, a little about myself and some background... First, my name is not “Tom†(yes, you will have had to have read Lord of the Rings to get that). Although I am trying not to define myself these days in “professional†terms, I will make an exception here and say that I am an enginerd at heart who sold my soul to the “business†side several years ago. All was plodding along while focusing on my career unt
  13. Due to the typical long story of 15+ years focused on career, money, obtaining "stuff", etc, I have come to see/admit that I had become terribly out of shape. With this realization, I have rearranged some/most of my priorities and have started the journey back to being me (and being able to do the things I enjoy!). I know there are a lot of philosophies on what "getting into shape" means, but to me, it starts with strength. I loved lifting when I was younger and am built (as my wrestling coach use to call me) like a "brick s*#t house". I started Stonglifts about 6 months ago and have start
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