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  1. 54.1 km ride this weekend. Still need to make up for last week's gap.
  2. So I saw the scale peeking from its dark corner and remembered that it's been a week since I last visited it. What the hell, might as well get the most of it right? Took it out to the brighter side of the room and stood up. Current weight: 194. I think I just stared at the damn thing for half a minute. Did I just lose 3 pounds? I got off, walked away and checked if there was a leprechaun (or my wife) hiding somewhere and playing tricks on me. Went back on the scale. 194 OMG. The routine is working! MOTIVATION UPGRAAAAAAAAADE! I LOVE ALL OF YOU WHO NEVER STOP TO MOTIVATE ME TO GO ON!
  3. With all that motivation in you, I'm confident you'll rip the whole 6 week challenge to shreds! Go go kick-arse viking!
  4. Just reading "Jumping Lunges" fills me up with dread. Are you planning to do Jumping Lunges While Hugging a Big Kettlebell anytime soon? That would be really bad-ass!
  5. Strength training day! Same strategy: got up for meds, did some warmups and started my first set for pushups before my brain could react. Today's workout: Push ups: 10, 9, 9 Split Squats: 10, 9, 9 Assisted Pull ups: 6, 6, 5 Supermans: 12, 12, 11 How different are split squats and lunges? I HATE lunges just like everyone else and split squats seem more tolerable than the former.
  6. Woke up at 5am to take my meds, changed clothes, carried my bike down to the street and hit the road before my brain could react. Managed to ride 12.6 km this morning.
  7. Chord509 has been an inspiration. If he can overcome his Big Boss Big Toe then I have no reason not to overcome Big Boss Asthma. I do hope I could see some visual improvement soon!
  8. Soooo, after a frustrating bout with asthma I was finally able to get out of bed and resume my RF Recruit mission to get back in shape. No increase in reps yet but I managed to perform the same set as my last workout. Finished the job with a lot of sweat and a little bit of wheezing here and there. But who cares ... I'M BAAAAAACK!
  9. Look at the bright side: you fought back in the end and you're still smack in the middle of the battle!
  10. Still there but not as bad as yesterday.
  11. Not yet fully recovered. I still cough every now and then due to the tickling sensation in my throat. Thanks for asking.
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