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  1. The best training for triathalons is usually to really engage in the individual sports and practice your transitions. Crossfit is a great way to build up your muscle, but nothing prepares you for that water or bike seat more than swimming or biking. I agree, Crossfit Endurance is a great resource. I also can't emphasize enough what a help a triathalon club will be, especially if you are into training with a group. It gives you a reason to show up, you get tips from guys and gals that have been doing tris all their life, and you have someone to compete against in training. Have fun with it!
  2. The workouts look epic, glad they incorporated some weight! Wish there was more of this sort of thing in the Open, but thats ok Good luck to everyone! Kill it! I'll probably be at the SoCal regional comp, so hit me up if anyone else will be there.
  3. Thanks for the insight! Never had protein powder in coffee, but some chocolate powder with milk and vodka works out ... you can even put in some mint flavored fish oil if you are feeling crazy.
  4. I was wondering if anyone could give some insight into their protein regimen when they are trying to build muscle but still stay relatively lean. I'm taking in about 180-200 grams of protein a day (I weigh about 210) and I had been taking two shakes in the morning and afternoon, both containing about 60-70 grams of protein. I was told by a nutritionist friend that I shouldn't have more than 30-40 grams of protein in a shake at a time because the body can't absorb that much protein at once, but I haven't really found much scientific literature to back that up. I'm transitioning to three shakes
  5. Good job! Awesome that you are doing the individual session, it will definitely help. Keep it up!
  6. To a certain extent, I think that this is one that will certainly seperate the ones that should be going to regionals from the ones that are simply fire breathers. The rest of us can just have fun jumping rope.
  7. Did the workout last night, wall balls suck! In any case, I think that the majority of people are either going to end up somewhere in the DUs, or with only a couple muscle-ups (if they have them). This one tires you out, but its a great workout
  8. VFFs work quite well for crossfit activities, though if you are doing heavy squats or oly lifting it might make sense to buy some lifting shoes. I use innov-8s and really like them, but I have been hearing really great reviews on the New Balance minimus shoes. Seems like they are a bit tougher than the innov-8s and they have the vibram sole.
  9. Good job guys! You killed it! I got 4 rounds + 15 + 12 + 4. Love the push presses, the T2B completely screwed me up. Need to do my mobility work more often it seems...
  10. I'm an attorney as well, and I find that I like to do crossfit because it is incredibly efficient compared to a lot of the other fitness activities that I have done. I can stay fit with essentially three hours a week in the gym. I was spending way more of my time in the gym before that. Plus its very functional, so it sounds like it will fit in well with your life. Good luck with your endevours! Enjoy it!
  11. I got 47. 135# was my 1RM before this so pretty stoked. Speezy and the rest of you: you are beasts! Great job to everyone, sounds like you killed it this weekend!
  12. Thats awesome ladies! I'm making a go at it tonight, hoping that I can get through most of the 135#, maybe make an attempt or two at the 165# (above my current PR)
  13. http://games.crossfit.com/athlete/18380 Awesome, I'm pretty stoked to do work! If anyone is in SoCal and doing the workouts and would like to get together some weekend let me know.
  14. I regularly crossfit in the mornings and I find that if I have a big breakfast beforehand that I feel like I want to throw up during the workout. I usually have about half of a cliff bar (or a hard boiled egg and some fruit and nuts if I'm paleo-ing) before the workout. Just enough to give me some energy. Afterwards I usually pound down a bunch of eggs and turkey ... bacon is freaking awesome, but need to stop having it every day.
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