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  1. Hey good luck with stuff this week! Take your time getting back to us if you’re not up for peopling (such a good verb).
  2. UGH this is my post from last MONDAY. UGH. SO sorry i suck at technology and didn’t realize this didn’t post. Doi! Oh my, your cassette tape story!! *crying* what a sweet moment! So happy for you. And your kids sound really cool. Can you raise my daughter to be so cool? And your youngest letting you vent to her when you had that terrible, horrible day?! My mama hormones can’t take this. Please God, make my kid half as great. (I’m fully aware they’re probably not always so sweet and shiny, but they still sound like great kids.) nowfor today’s response: oh man Bean. What a horrid week!!! I am so impressed you checked in anyway. Regardless of your attitude it’s good you stop in! When I am out of effs to give, I avoid the forums and that never helps. I really hope your week starts out better today. Sending goooood vibes, the best vibes, your way.
  3. Oooh it’s gonna be like that sometimes. But you’re strong! You’re brave! And hopefully crying can be a good sign sometimes??? But I’ve totally been there. Therapy is WORK. It’s hard but you’re all the better for it.
  4. Hi! Thanks so much. I really appreciate the follow and accountability. I sucked big time this week with daily updates... but I’m working on it! And I totally agree about having bonding time with both parents. Our little girl is very lucky to have a dad who adores her so much. No worries at all!!! I’m just always happy to see you around. the hope is eventually to go to 0... or at least have sweets be a rare treat. I’m just really far from it so far. X |
  5. Hi Wobbe!! welcome back. I was happy to see you back. I have a lot of personal epitomes when I’m on a walk or a run. My advice on therapy: yes. Don’t wait. Cuz even when you have to switch jobs or therapists in a few months, you’ll have some more tactics to tackle issues than you did before. As far as selection... Like Flea said, it might take some time finding the right one. But also bear in mind that with therapy sometimes it seems like it’s getting worse before a breakthrough. For me, it took a couple sessions with my most recent therapist before we got into a stride together and then we did really well. Best of luck!!
  6. For some reason half of my responses from last week didn’t submit?? Oops. I’m a Grandma who doesn’t understand technology. Here’s my respond from last MONDAY! Hi hi hi! your convo with your Dad sounds amazing and positive! Your mother sounds a touch delusional, but hey, like Bean said, maybe it works for her! Hopefully you can keep up those conversations with your dad. I’ve found having someone to support your healthy choices in your home makes a big difference. Sorry he didn’t want to go all in with accountability, but maybe soon he will. What’s your halloween costume? I bet it’ll be great! As someone with no creativity in the costume department, I think it’s pretty cool that you are making it! Walks always help me clear my head too. Happy Halloween! Enjoy wearing your costume! and here’s my response for today: im sorry about your mom and Dad. That’s really discouraging. I don’t entirely understand why we’re all so defensive when it comes to how we eat. I’ve been personally working through a lot of shame that I have attached to food. It’s not healthy and it’s not helpful. But it makes us so defensive when people close to us start making the choices we wish we had. What an ugly, human trait. Hopefully they’ll see your good example and come around sometime...
  7. This made me laugh out loud. We’ve all been there, friend. I love Ove your new Instagram! It’s so refreshing to see those gorgeous pictures in my feed. Happy Monday! Hope you’re doing well.
  8. Hey @PollyannaAgainhow’s it going? How was your week?
  9. Hello friends! What week is this? Beginning of week 3? Okay. Okay okay. So so this week appears to have been a dumpster fire, but it didn’t feel that way... First, I left my billet journal at work journal and so I’ve been without it for 4 out of 7 days this week. No bueno! I wasn’t able to check in physically with my bullet journal, but I wrote things down in a notepad I use sometimes. It wasn’t as effective and not as consistent without the physical reminder of my journal, but I didn’t do too badly. Second, my sister in law wasn’t feeling great on Saturday and didn’t come over to watch my little one. Thus, no second workout since my baby was ON ONE. But i did grocery shop and meal prep all the things! Which leads me to my third dumpster fire... I doubled a batch of white chicken chili... on a recipe that was already massive, not realizing I was out of space in my freezer to store the extra, like I planned. AGHHH SO MUCH CHILI. Fortunately, my SIL came to the rescue again and took some home with her when she came over last night. So now I have two freezer-fulls of meals. And enough chili to bathe in (you think I’m joking). So victories this week: -i did not buy candy at the store, despite ample opportunity -I did not eat an entire box of mac n cheese -I worked out once -I ate real meals (if not always healthy) for the whole week with one exception (Thursday’s breakfast. Oops) Oopsies this week: -we had so many cookies in our house and I ate so many of them -Halloween candy at work. And a specifically rough week (a friend I work with got fired. He needed to be fired, but it stressed me out and I literally hid out in the Mother’s room for an hour to avoid it.) -Severe lack of planning. You know when you say “I’m gonna do all the things!” But don’t actually plan out how you will do all the things? I’m gonna fix that this week and try a lot of my same goals again. WEEK 3 GOALS -actually plan how I will accomplish things -workout 2x -read scriptures EVERY DAY -eat 2/3 meals healthily (that means veggies, fruits, protein, whole grain, good fats) -no buying sweets at the store again -no eating a whole box of mac n cheese -Now here’s the kicker and I’m sort of embarrassed about how challenging it will be for me... limit daily sweets to 500 calories a day. I know that’s a lot and I know I have a problem. This way I have to think about calories every time I put a candy in my mouth, and I have a cap. I realized when I was logging everything I was getting burnt out, BUT I can use this same aversion in my favor. If I don’t want to log and calculate and such, then I’ll deem the sweet unworthy of the effort. I plan to fight urges with chewing gum after meals and snacks. Ooookay. Onto checking some of you lovelies’ forums. Good luck!!
  10. well that explains why I haven't been able to find you!
  11. This is what I do too! I usually get funny ones instead of ones that teach me something since most of the time I need to give my brain a rest. Good for you seeking out educational stuff! I’m a big big fan of podcasts and audiobooks. They’re lifesavers.
  12. Aw shucks! Thank you! I did have a gorgeous perfect little baby girl three months ago! I’m so happy to see you here! I’ll have to go find your thread!
  13. I’m useless when it comes to business plans, but I’m hoping you are able to get it to a place where you feel good about it! I think you're doing doing a wonderful job as guild leader. Don’t worry about being behind! You need to be able to take time for yourself, after all.
  14. Hey Bean, can I just say that I think you’re pretty amazing? Wrangling kiddos, and work and a home and working to get your health on track. I am inspired by your attitude and your gumption despite so much discouragement. Something that has helped me recently when I wanted to jump off the wagon and into the give up puddle is changing my expectation. To expect it to be hard. For motivation to fail me. And to also realize the struggle is temporary. It won’t always be like this. You’ll get through that surgery and be on the up again. I’ve received similar news from a doctor, and it honestly sent me spiraling. I regret that. I hope you hang around cuz I appreciate you so much! I’m so glad you got some cuddles. I hope that helps Hang in there and enjoy your Halloween!
  15. There’s an app for this?! That’s so cool! I’ll have to look into this. I hope it helps you! Good for you!! I need to do that more... knowing your limits and when you need a break is so important. Sorry my quotes are being screwy, but hopefully you get the idea! sounds like you have a lot going on and I’m sending happy thoughts through the series of tubes that make up the Internet. I hope class this week is better than last with that silly TA. As for “starting over” each day, when I realize I’m in that cycle, it’s usually bc I’ve bitten off more than I can chew for the current circumstances. Maybe take a baby step first? When I don’t get a chance to properly prepare, it always throws me off. So on those days I try to eat one meal or snack healthily. I’ve also started to stash healthy protein bars in my purse, backpack, car, etc so I don’t feel like I’m falling off track. It helps me keep motivated and maintaining momentum. I dunno if that helps but... good luck!
  16. Update success! I think the daily check in with my bullet journal and making a specific effort to be present helped a lot! When I look at it, I wasn’t totally successful at my week’s challenge, but I was able to stay present and think about my choices better so i feel good about this week! @Bean Sidhe thank you for the words of encouragement! My husband pointed out that yesterday that we’re still figuring out parenting too and I had to concede that he had a point... nothing like motherhood to mess up your schedule. -scriptures (4/7 Days) -healthy snacks first (4/7 Days) -walks? (None at all. Whoops) -exercise twice (yes, yes I did!) and i I posted to my Instagram a healthy choice each day, I checked in with my Bujo (I feel like I should name my BuJo. Suggestions?), and here I am posting on Nerd Fitness! Woo! now for this week... WEEK TWO goals -actually read scriptures every day -exercise 2x -eat 2 out of 3 meals healthily each day (in hopes of working up to that 80/20 rule) -No buying candy as the store (I seem to be handed so much sugar without adding to the issue) -No eating an entire box of Mac and cheese by yourself (it’s my Achilles heel, for real) thank you @zeroh13 for letting me see that using the forums on my phones browser is easy! Hopefully this will help me check in a bit more. Im looking forward to checking out some other people’s challenges on my lunch break today! For now I gotta catch my train!
  17. Thanks for letting me know! I fixed it. It’s not really a plan of action so much as when I have to decide what to do with the little time I have, spending time with them is priority. Like for example, last night I was trying to meal prep ALL THE THINGS, but when my husband got home from work I still wasn’t quiiite finished. Sunday evening is one of our few precious hours together, so I leaned on my priority and didn’t make the carrot soup I was going to for lunches and instead quickly packed half a turkey sandwich on wheat bread with veggies so we could hang out. Does that make sense? It’s just how I’m establishing. My priorities.
  18. Ahhhh I'm so sorry for the rotten day yesterday! I'm a bit late to the game, but CONGRATULATIONS on being Guild Leader! What a good fit for you.
  19. Hi friends! INTRO (if you were around for my first challenge, this is literally copy and pasted from previous. Feel free to skip) A brief introduction about me: I joined Nerd Fitness last year and was active on the boards for a few months until I got pregnant when I had zero energy for anything besides the bare necessities. I am a chemist by trade. I love reading, podcasts, hiking, and binge watching shows. My personality is a cross between Leslie Knope and Linda Belcher. I have a broken sesamoid bone in my foot that makes some exercises difficult, and I'm working on finding exercises I enjoy that don't exacerbate the pain. I love sugar toooo much. I'm a hyper emotional person, made even more so by all those new-mama hormones. I struggle with trichotillomania, which means I sometimes pull out my eyelashes when I'm anxious. Basically, I have a lot to work on. I have a tendency to use a lot of gifs and memes from whatever show I'm watching at the moment. Currently, it's Bob's Burgers. I organize my life via bullet journal. And I apologize in advance for how much I talk about my baby, cuz I'm low-key obsessed with her and all her baby-goodness. This is my second challenge post partum, and I wouldn't count my last challenge as a total loss...but it was a rocky start. I have a very different outlook for this challenge. I'm going to focus more on the root of my health struggles, many of which amount to decision-fatigue and going too fast and being too busy to focus on the most important things. I really want to be aware of the choices I'm making in regard to my health in hopes of reverting some bad habits. I don't usually like having soft, amorphous goals like this, but I'll get into specifics week by week. Over-specification and broad strokes have been my downfall in the past. OBJECTIVES Post daily on an Instagram account something I did for my health (@durfette.nf please follow me!) Check-in with my bullet journal each day (example on Insta) Log onto the Nerd Fitness forums once a week (cuz this community is bomb, but I can't drop in as much as I'd like) And then on top of that, I will evaluate each week and make an appropriate plan based on the following: PRIORITIES 1. OHANA MEANS FAMILY. If you followed my previous challenge, you'll recall that my schedule got very hectic, very quickly when I started back at work part-time. My husband and I are sharing baby duty, so when I'm at work 3 days a week, he's with the babe, and when he's at work 4 afternoons / nights a week, I'm with the babe. We have these narrow windows when we see each other where we basically high-five and play hot potato with the baby while we each try to accomplish chores and use the bathroom. Spending time with my husband and baby fill me up, and I'm happier if our relationship is in a good place. And happy people don't shoot their husbands make better health choices. 2. NUTRITION IS 90% OF THE BATTLE Eating healthy is probably the hardest thing for me, and a lot of it comes down to making the time to meal prep and plan accordingly. 3. EXERCISE CUZ YOU WANT TO I miiiiiisss working out and I miiiiisss feeling strong. Fortunately, I have a husband who supports me and a sister in law who loves my babe who is willing to watch her so I can go workout. I have already asked my husband and SIL for help. Each week I will evaluate my schedule and my goals for the week and set forth from there! ______________________________________________________________________ WEEK ONE goals (in addition to the three objectives listed above) -Read scriptures every day -Eat healthy snacks first (both at home AND at work) -Go on walk with Baby Girl (BG) 2x (Monday and Thurs/Fri, when hubs is home) -Exercise at gym 30 minutes, 2x (Thurs/Fri and Sat, when SIL visits) Alright, best of luck friends! I'll only be checking once a week (I'm shooting for Sundays, since I count that the last day of my "week") so I'll see you then!
  20. THIS is amazing. Thank you so much for your suggestions in conquering that all-or-nothing mentality! I'm gonna try that alarm thing this week! I'll try this again... cuz Tapatalk was frustrating me big time. ^.^ thank you. You're very kind. And thank you for the suggestion of sending babe with someone so I can get some sleep. I need to utilize my husband more at night than I do... As for the bullet journal, I think I miiiight have figured out a system that i like! I'll post it in my new Challenge thread. I will welcome your expertise though! Thank you so much for saying that. I sometimes feel like a total failure as a mother and just as a human in general. I really like this idea and think I will use it for this current challenge! Friends, thank you so much for checking in on me. Now onto the current challenge thread! See you there! https://media.giphy.com/media/dpSrm4cwUmCeQ/giphy.gif
  21. Ahhhh HOW has it been like 3 weeks since I checked in?! Going back to work has seriously kicked my trash. I am soooo exhausted and it's been hard to "catch up" (is that even a thing?) when I'm home with baby. I had a hard time checking in pre-baby, so it's really something I should've tackled before . I need to figure out a way to check in in a way that is helpful to me and am able to be consistent. It becomes this little nervous stressor when I don't check in and I feel like I should. I hesitate when I can't reply in depth, or if I feel like I'm too far behind on a friend's thread. I feel bad since I want support, but don't feel like I can always give it. If I could more easily navigate the TapATalk app for this forum, I think it would be easier, cuz I'm on my phone quite a bit. Whether it's while I'm nursing or rocking the baby to sleep or on the train to work, I'm often reading on my Kindle app or scrolling. My Fear is this: If I only check into Nerd Fitness forums once a week, I won't be able to contribute to the community and will basically be forgotten. Thank you @Wobbegong, @zeroh13, and @Bean Sidhe for checking out my thread in my absence. I appreciate it tons! So the issues I came across in the past few weeks: 1.) Utter and complete exhaustion. I have a semi-permanent twitch in my left eye that hasn't left for over a week. When I'm tired, I don't workout and am extremely prone to making poor eating choices. Which I did. Very much. 2.) Since my circumstances change almost weekly, what I struggle with changes too. I need to reassess progress more frequently than once a month (or every 5 weeks when it comes to these challenges). 3.) I have not grasped that "hard hat" mentality that Steve talks about here. 4.) I have an all-or-nothing mentality that RUINS me. When I fall short on one thing, I often think "Screw it, I won't do any of it!" and that's unhelpful. So, here's what's been up: I got super burned out on logging every single food I had, especially when I was making some new recipes each week and some restaurant-food isn't easily logged on MFP. I got protein in for breakfast probably 75% of the time and veggies for lunch were more like 40%. I went on 2 walks a week with my husband, but any other exercise was hard. I realized working out on my lunch break at work is almost impossible with how often I need to pump. I did it the first two days of work, and I was so stressed out and exhausted, it was doing more damage than good. Maybe when I get more in the swing of things I'll be more able to manage it more, but right now it's too hard. My husband mentioned trying to workout after work, and I think if I start with a baby step of doing it once a week for now, and then making sure to get two more the rest of the week. When I measured, I am down an inch over my entire body, and I lost 4 lbs. All in all, not a total failure. I'm just so tired... I've been thinking about what I'm going to work on for the next challenge. Does anyone have any suggestions for organizing a page in my bullet journal for a daily check in? (@zeroh13 maybe since you have that gorgeous bujo insta?) I was thinking of having a column for victories, mishaps (is there a less negative word for decisions i wish were different in my day?), and a gameplan for the next day? I think to keep me accountable daily, I will create an Instagram account specifically just for a daily quick post about nutrition or fitness or something. Instagram seems to be my go-to social media app, but I feel sheepish doing it on my personal account. SO that's my plan. Catch you all on the flip side!
  22. PREACH insurance sucks!! We got a letter a couple days after returning home from delivering my baby saying one of my insurance policies (which I had specifically for when I had a baby) was cancelled due to not paying the bill. Which, was totally false and I had the bank records to prove it. It was such stressful timing with a baby less than a week old and being sleep deprived and not having tons of time to be on the phone forever to get it sorted. Y THO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Okay I sort of caught up on your thread! I feel like a Grandma I'm so behind! You brought candy to the flight crew?! You are the sweetest, most thoughtful person. I never would've thought of doing that! I'm a Washington native and it made me laugh when you said "these people actually follow the speed limit!" Cuz every time I go home I think "oh how nice to feel safe on the roads and not like I'm gonna die in a fiery vehicular inferno." So glad you had an enjoyable weekend!! Weddings are either fabulous or a drag. It's awesome their ceremony was in front of a shark tank! I also love driving manual. My husband hates it so we haven't had a manual since we got married (sadface!) but it is the superior mode of transportation! I loved reading all the discussions on your thread! And glad to understand now that a wobbegong is a type of shark. [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. durfette

    Zeroh: Refocus

    Hey! Just caught up on your thread. First: GORGEOUS BuJo. [emoji7][emoji7] Second: I've been taking notes on your food log on foods that sounds good so when I'm out of ideas for something healthy to eat / meal planning. You're a one-stop shop for major motivation! Sounds like things have been going well? The job hunt sounds frustrating and I'm so sorry. Job hunting is seriously one of my least favorite things. Second only to a visit to the dentist. I hope something comes your way soon! Is there such thing as a professional bullet journalist? Cuz you could make beaucoup bucks doing that! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Bean! Holy moly. I just caught up on your thread and I have one question: where did you get those super powers?! Spider bite? Nuclear spill? Struck by lightning? Cuz I need to get myself in on that action. You have accomplished sooo much in this Challenge! You might best yourself up, but I have to tell you my mouth was literally agape as I read through all that you accomplish. It is no easy feat all that you're doing. You are an inspiration! I hope you get more opportunities for self-care! Good luck this week! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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