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  1. vaseline is a lifesaver for irritated skin but it feels. so gross

    1. fitnessgurl


      Coconut oil might feel better.

  2. Well that explains why cutting fraps out of my diet is so difficult...
  3. my cat's trying to eat my hormones, kitty no don't dope up

  4. Garlic is never a maybe, always required I usually make migas when I have breakfast (which is where the "except for eggs" comes in) and that could probably be adjusted. Right now I add a veggie sausage to it and whatever leftovers my partner left me.
  5. I do love myself some soy, so I can just start buying more tofu and my partner can deal with it. I've never heard that about the carbs:fiber ratio tho! I'll try to stick to that at least, it should be easier than stressing about specific limit for total carbs. Thanks. I do have a hemp powder but I'm not entirely sure how to incorporate protein powders in not-smoothie foods? Not a big smoothie fan, or a fan of liquid calories in general. It also... is a bit old so I might have to replace it.
  6. I'm mostly vegan except for eggs and I was just puttin some things in a calculator and got the following output for macros: I'm not AS worried about the protein by itself because hey, I still eat eggs and the occasional meat stick and that helps, but I have no idea how to get it in without goin WAY over on the carbs. Unless I want to switch to a 100% eggs diet, in which case the cholesterol will probably kill me. What's a good way to go low-carb while staying vegan or mostly vegan? What type of stuff has quality protein but low net carbs?
  7. I'm not strictly vegan, but I went mostly-vegan, cold turkey, because I moved in with my vegan partner and we cannot afford to buy separate groceries! I do still buy eggs tho, gotta get my protein somewhere since I hate beans and lentils so much. Other than what's been shared, my biggest tip is to find out delicious ways to cook veggies, and find out what vegetables you like. A lot of people have problems putting more veg in their diet in general, and I'm pretty sure it's just because they don't know how to cook them. A simple way to make most things delicious is just sprinkle them with oil and salt/pepper and roast 'em on a cookie sheet at 375F or 425F until they're crispy and tender. And do your grocery shopping often! Some vegetables go bad really quick, don't try to buy them in bulk. Stuff like broccoli, onions, peppers etc can be cut up and frozen, potatoes and squash can keep for a really long time, but leafy veggies and replacement meat products generally don't fare quite as well. There's also Teese! I've never tried it, but it's soy-free. Daiya's my fav vegan cheese though, try making enchiladas with the pepperjack.
  8. It's the BEST cardio when you can do all the songs on the hard mode haha. I destroyed so many dance pads once upon a time.... so many. I haven't played it in years tho so we'll see how that goes.
  9. Right so I joined here in. September? of last year and everything was going fine. I was doing the BBWC 3x a week, eating a (mostly) whole food diet, and getting steps together for what was supposed to be a really big important surgery! Cool! Anyway, very late September I flew all the way out from NYC to Rochester, MN for a consult for said surgery and long story short I was denied it and forced to take antidepressants to make them even reconsider (also turns out I'm contraindicated for SSRIs due to a heart condition). The shock and disappointment put me in a really bad place and I could hardly get out of bed, much less do an actual workout. I also sadly ended up returning to my old Frappuccino-a-day diet. I've been working since then to get out of this rut, and I think I'm finally getting back on track. In addition to finding a different, more local surgeon that I'm waiting on a referral to, I'm working on eating better again and as of this week I've started working out again. Not the BBWC yet, just warm-ups are killin me right now. 2x a week, with supplemental cardio in the form of DDR as soon as my new pad for it comes in the mail hopefully tomorrow. I'm also trying to make sure I walk a bit every day, which is not hard when you take the subway everywhere and have to climb up multiple flights of stairs to get on and off it all the time. Fingers crossed that I can keep it up this time!
  10. apparently i started forgetting to track my activity on friday... i'll start again once i return from my trip

  11. Why are planks so hard...

    1. Eleanorsbee


      to stop you falling through the floor into the room below ? ... and to keep ships from falling apart in bad weather

  12. Having nothing but leftovers means frying rice for breakfast.. It's totally breakfast if I add egg.

    1. Raze


      Fried rice for "breakfast" and an omelet for "dinner" who makes the rules anyway!

    2. Raincloak


      it's congee. Or donburi. Or something like that. Totally legit!

    3. bim


      If it's morning and you're eating it, it's totally breakfast. :D

  13. I don't know much about what kind of training you should be doing, but: Are you currently on HRT? If you're taking a testosterone blocker that will help, since testosterone encourages muscle growth. Also keep in mind you won't gain muscle if you're on a calorie deficit.
  14. Actual bad reason I took a martial art: my parents thought it would make me less violent and more disciplined. I didn't learn how to be either of those things, but I did learn that spin-kicking is a complete waste of time.
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