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  1. Thanks friend<3 You are probably right. I was soooo gassed today though. Taking that much time off has taken its toll for sure.
  2. Trying something new! Hope y’all like it!
  3. Aye! Have you ever seen Wolfies eyebrow game? He passed it on to Trixie!
  4. ❤️❤️❤️ We have a “Costco protocol” when Wolfie gets home. He basically strips at the door and immediately takes a shower. While I wipe down his shoes and non washables with Lysol wipes. He also gets the “safety talk” as he is leaving for work~ “ Wear gloves. Change your gloves. Don’t touch your face. Wash your hands. Don’t touch anyone or let anyone touch you!” it’s really surreal that I have to even think about these things right now. Where are we? The twilight zone?!
  5. How is this for bright?! About to do a second workout with @Wild Wolf. I think i talked him into doing Barre with me! ❤️
  6. Thank you! It was a huge headache but glad to have it off my back. Still waiting to hear back from the CPA how much we are getting back and actually get it filed. But it should be any day now! Thank you friend!!! Put it off as long as I could lol
  7. I’m still here! I have been trying to get on the computer for a proper update. But, I’m always thwarted by boys. However, huge challenge goal achieved!
  8. Update- My week has not been easy. But, I have stuck to my challenge goals. I have been struggling mentally and had a couple emotional break downs. But, I am still here and pressing on towards the goal. 1.KEEP UP WITH THE WOLF-I have done my workout everyday and even pushed to not follow the modifier this week.I have my last 21Day Fix workout on Monday. After that I am starting Barre Blend.Its a fusion of ballet barre, Pilates and cardio.Its 8 weeks long with 2 active rest days a week. I"m really excited to start this. Especially with it having the ballet aspect. 2. LEAD TH
  9. Ya'll make me laugh! lol Also @Mr_Willes I planned to update but Trixie is not making that easy right now. (Edited to add- Trixie is the Hulk. I am Loki...Just to be clear) Being solo most the time with Wolf working 2 jobs makes it hard. I will try again when Wolfie is home. Hurry home! @Wild Wolf
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