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  1. I’m not allowed to sit that long for my health! Lol I get it! but I did really enjoy it still!
  2. This weekend was cray yall! I was able to stay on track, lose weight and avoided the bad food at the party. My goals took a side line with how busy I was. I barley had time to eat let alone work out, stretch, or spend anytime on myself really. BUT THE PARTY WENT GREAT! Perfect weather and lots of friends and family. The boys loved it, and that is all that matters! Everyone also loved all the food! Which I love. I am a feeder and I love when people enjoy what I make. HERE ARE SOME PICS! Bad weather all week so I don't know if I will get my hour walk/run in. But I did it this morning and got my time down! I really got to focus this week and get down as much as I can. I am getting a girls weekend this coming up Friday and I WILL be splurging. Omni hotel in Dallas, girls in town, its goin down! Also, shout out to the leader of The Pack @Wild Wolf Our 11 year Wedding Anniversary kind of came and went on Friday. He had to work all day and I was up late getting ready for the party. But, when you have been married 11 years, are raising 5 kids and have been through the shiz we have, you don't need some big romantic gesture to know how much someone loves you. Ryan, I hope you know everyday how much you mean to me. We have been through so much together. Started our marriage young and with a baby. We were kids trying to figure out how to be husband and wife plus parents! We have come so far and I am so proud of the man you are today. Claiming you as mine is one of the greatest honors I have. God has brought us through so much and I know there is more to come, but as long as you are by my side I know we can handle whatever comes. Happy Anniversary to my one and only, my werewolf
  3. Wait....are you watching me on the gram? Busy day today. Got to get ready for the boys birthday party Saturday. Gonna be a lot of people, and I am making most the food from scratch to offer healthy options. We have kids with allergies and my mom who has diabetes. I want to show you can eat good even at a birthday party. I'll post my menu for the party once I finish it. My meatless day yesterday was delish! Its getting easier and easier to eat right. Portion control is my struggle. Ryan is off today and wanna get a walk in later with him while the kids are at church with my mom. MY LEGS ARE SORE! Need to walk to walk to break up this lactic acid. GOOD NEWS IM DOWN 2LB. Granted it is still weight that I gained over the weekend. But, down is down! and I am happy with it. Okay y'all, going to clean the house domestic ranger style.
  4. Yesterday was a total loss. Ate GF and DF but that was it. Making up for it today. Goals- -80oz of water a day. On track for today. -stretch daily* Will do this before bed -Walk/run at least 5 days a week for 1hour. Only got half a mile walk and half mile run because it is pouring down rain here. But, I am gonna count it. -Get running mile under 10min by end of challenge* Current best mile. -Workout 5 days a week. Got my workout done today. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMegHKxgK/ -Smoothie/greens for dinner* About to make a giant veggie bowl, and then smoothie later if I get hungry. Will update with pics. -have 1 meatless day a week* -read 1 hour* Still need to complete -prayer/devotional 1 hour* 20min done. -track food daily Done. -gluten free and dairy free
  5. I will have to give those a try! I drank a ton of water yesterday though!
  6. Well started this challenge with a bang. Had one to many Mimosas yesterday and I am feeling it today. I had big plans for kicking off my Monday strong. But alas, I am still in bed, with a huge bruise on my thigh from falling out of my chair like a light weight yesterday. Needless to say I enjoyed Mothers Day a little too much
  7. I’m running this challenge too! Not drunk. But, apparently there is a club in Dallas that meets Sunday mornings to run, hungover, and drink more after their run.
  8. I am not doing points or penalties for my goals. More just to remind myself of what I want todo with any extra time I have. I may need to simplify though. I have yet to have a day of hitting all my goals
  9. Oh heeeeeey! Yep, its me. The long lost Domestic Ranger. @Wild Wolf better half. I am here because I need accountability and encouragement to shake these last 35lb! And I couldn't think of any place better then with the nerds I know and love<3 I started my health journey the beginning of February and I am down 38lb. This is not about skinny , this is about feeling better and getting stronger. I have never been this consistent with my health in my life. I feel so much better already and am excited to see what added strength training will do! I also have started interval running! I have never been a runner, even when playing competitive basketball I was always the last one down the court. Y'all know my life be nuts with running a home business (I also am working as a virtual assistant) raising 5 Pups, homeschooling, feeding the Pack and keeping a some what clean house. But, I am determined to make time for me and what I need to be a healthy and fit Mama Wolf. Thus this challenge theme! I am not one to type out a bunch of words and do an awesome story based challenge like my Hubs. However, I am a sucker for gifs. Goals- -80oz of water a day. -stretch daily* -Walk/run at least 5 days a week for 1hour. -Get running mile under 10min by end of challenge* -Workout 5 days a week. -Smoothie/greens for dinner* -have 1 meatless day a week* -read 1 hour* -prayer/devotional 1 hour* -track food daily -gluten free and dairy free Things that are starred are new protocols to implement.
  10. Thanks friend<3 You are probably right. I was soooo gassed today though. Taking that much time off has taken its toll for sure.
  11. Trying something new! Hope y’all like it!
  12. Aye! Have you ever seen Wolfies eyebrow game? He passed it on to Trixie!
  13. We have a “Costco protocol” when Wolfie gets home. He basically strips at the door and immediately takes a shower. While I wipe down his shoes and non washables with Lysol wipes. He also gets the “safety talk” as he is leaving for work~ “ Wear gloves. Change your gloves. Don’t touch your face. Wash your hands. Don’t touch anyone or let anyone touch you!” it’s really surreal that I have to even think about these things right now. Where are we? The twilight zone?!
  14. How is this for bright?! About to do a second workout with @Wild Wolf. I think i talked him into doing Barre with me!
  15. Thank you! It was a huge headache but glad to have it off my back. Still waiting to hear back from the CPA how much we are getting back and actually get it filed. But it should be any day now! Thank you friend!!! Put it off as long as I could lol
  16. I’m still here! I have been trying to get on the computer for a proper update. But, I’m always thwarted by boys. However, huge challenge goal achieved!
  17. Update- My week has not been easy. But, I have stuck to my challenge goals. I have been struggling mentally and had a couple emotional break downs. But, I am still here and pressing on towards the goal. 1.KEEP UP WITH THE WOLF-I have done my workout everyday and even pushed to not follow the modifier this week.I have my last 21Day Fix workout on Monday. After that I am starting Barre Blend.Its a fusion of ballet barre, Pilates and cardio.Its 8 weeks long with 2 active rest days a week. I"m really excited to start this. Especially with it having the ballet aspect. 2. LEAD THE HUNT- I have been cooking and feeding the pack well. Also, avoiding temptations. My brother came over Thursday to help me get caught up on laundry(Like I said this week as been rough. I feel like I am drowning and holding a baby)and I got him and the boys Costco pizza. Which is my favorite! I have not had a single bite though. Even though I really wanna warm some up in the air fryer right now! ( I don't know what is going on with the fonts. But, I am over it) 3. DON’T OVER HUNT- This has been one of my harder goals. I have really been trying to control my portions. However, I am so busy through the day I don't eat, or drink really. Then when I finally get a moment in the evening I am starving. I also like to snack when I stay up late while Wolfie games. I am picking clean foods and snacks though. 4. MAKE TIME FOR THE PACK- I have been cutting back the boys screen time this week. Though, I have realized they can trash the house even more when they are at active play and not just playing video games or watching videos. They went to home school gymnastics yesterday and we went to a family game night at church. We had a fun time! Then Wolfie played a game called Trash Pandas with them when he got home last night. They really enjoyed that time with him. They love their daddy dearly. 5. NEW DEN- I wanted to have everything done for taxes yesterday. BUT, that didn't happen. However, I have worked more on them this week and sold more LuLaRoe today. I wish it was easier for me to update regularly. The kids and more so TRIXIE keeps me very busy. I am still pushing though and wanting to make this my best challenge yet!
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