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  1. I signed up to the 2/6 thing (and requested to join the group). I haven't been in DC in ages and not about to drive so I'm thinking I'll go in via metro. Where would we be meeting? Be aware - I may chicken out.
  2. Just an update that I'm here. I'm working out like I said but skipping the mini-challenges. The life quest is kicking my mental ass and my therapist had a family emergency to deal with so I won't be seeing her till after Thanksgiving. I'm okay for the most part, just got a ton on my mind and don't have the energy to come here an post like I was.
  3. It seems like it's going to be good, once I get past all the red tape, get accounts, and such. So right now, lots of shoulder surfing and learning how to solve a rubik's cube of all things. Yes, the bear crawls are hard. Well they start out easy enough and then around 20 or so, I start to feel it. Then I hit 30 and I'm like only 20 more, then I hit 40 and want to die but I push through. I'm not going to hit the 250 but I'm at least doing what I can, when I can. Thur - worked out Fri - yoga Sat - worked out Sun (today) - yoga Yesterday I hauled a lot of stuff out to Goodwill and the count
  4. Sunday was rest day Monday was the start of my new job and workout day Tuesday was yoga and an impromptu Life Quest thing. I guess I made progress? I didn't expect to see B that night but he contacted me out of the blue so we hung out for a few hours. And we talked. He knows I like him. He likes me. There's been... thoughts on both sides. He's understandably unsure though. Would I be a rebound? Would he be a rebound (probably not - discussed it at length with my therapist already)? We work in the same office now (as of Monday), would that make things weird? What if it went sideways? I was
  5. OMG I totally blitzed on the mini-challenge! I kept meaning to do the jumps and just forgot. /sigh But hey.. I did cook the acorn squash on Sunday because I figured I would do the jumps for the challenge and the cooking thing as just a pet side quest! I didn't mention it anywhere though. It came out really good! It's called 5 Ingredient Breakfast Stuffed Acorn Squash and I found it on the Paleomg website. I'm gonna cook the egg separate next time. Even after 20 minutes, a tiny bit of the egg was a tad more runny than I like. Friday was workout day and Saturday was yoga. Now let me see w
  6. omg i did a pull-up!! okay i had to jump to get into the up position but i didn't need the chair for a leg assist and i didn't immediately fall or let go of the bar. i was so shocked i just stood there looking up at the bar like a loon! then i tried again just to be sure and then again for a third time. for the 3rd attempt, i captured it on video. and then i did something i've only ever done once in all my 40something years - i shared it with some friends and my family. mmm not sure i'm brave enough to share it with the internet at large but promise, there's video. I've watched it a few tim
  7. Thu - yoga and a walk happened. It's kinda neat how things change over time and I notice little things are getting easier. For instance, getting into downward dog was only possible a few weeks ago if I used my knees. Last night, without even thinking, I went straight into it from a plank. I nearly fell over when I realized what I did. Speaking of downward dog, how do I keep my hands from sliding? it's not bad but they do slowly start sliding and then I have to shift about in the middle of doing whatever thing I'm doing.
  8. Wed was workout night, which happened late in the evening after my 2nd horse riding lesson. I don't think I mentioned that on here anywhere. I've ALWAYS wanted to learn so last week, I started lessons. Not only did I ride last night, I trotted! Well the horse trotted - I just held on for the first few tries. It did not help that she was anticipating and going into the trot before I was ready but I caught on to her. For the last few tries I practiced posting and steering. The posting felt super weird at first, but I started to get the hang of it. Then I got stepped on by another horse! No
  9. Mon - workout happened. Started the beginner shrimp squats and holy crap - who dreamt up that fresh hell?! My legs hate me. On the bright side, I did not fall over! Also started the 3/4 (I'm so not typing that out) push ups and they were a struggle but I did 'em, which made me very happy because not that long ago, I couldn't. Tue was yoga night. It was Day 8 with Adrienne so if you're familiar with it, she shows you crow pose. I decided to give it a try. Yes, I fell over BUT I did not face plant - win in my book! Life Quest... oh boy.. So there's this boy - we shall call him B (cause I'm o
  10. Hold on. I need to get a small child or my brother to do the jumping. I've always been so bad at it in video games that no joke, I had other people do those parts for me! LOL
  11. In my last challenge, it was all about gaining more control over me, getting stronger, and being the badass that lives in my head. I definitely have more control over me. I realized I can get myself down to the floor and then off of it again with relative ease when just a few months ago, it required serious grunting and help if it was within reach. And not because of weight but because I simply have been doing nothing but getting myself from Point A to Point B for eons so all my muscles were essentially useless. I am also getting stronger, not just physically, but mentally as well, which w
  12. Wed (after bike ride) - worked out Thur - walk + yoga Fri - worked out and adulted 5 ways from Sunday Sat - yoga and more adulting. like seriously adulted then i want to someone else's house and adulted over there for a little while before we experimented with making mojitos for the first time LOL Sun - I'm a little sore from some of the adulting. Shoulders, calves, and hips (I was pulling up bushes on a steep hill) are barking a bit this morning and I want to finish the work in my kitchen which is painting the ceiling.
  13. I came home and jumped on the bike! LOL No not really. I haven't ridden in 20+ years so it was more like what the hell, where do my feet go, I'm too high in the air, why is the wheel going that way, oh god I'm going to fall on the neighbor's car! Fortunately, I did not fall on her car. I managed to hop off and get myself situated. I only rode for like 10-15 minutes but the inclines in my area? Holy Hell My LEGS!!! It did take a bit to figure out how to operate the grip shifts. Last bike I rode was a 10 speed so the grip shifts were just weird. The front one especially because it took me a fe
  14. Saturday = uh oh yes yoga! And I made my first ever chili and used the crockpot to do it. It was awesome! Sunday = that was the rest day. I took my newly purchased Target bike to REI and wow - glad I did that. It was ALL messed up. Had I tried to ride it, there is a very good chance I could have been severely injured due to all the things that were wrong with the way they put it together. So.. note to all you folks. If you aren't familiar with bikes (I'm not) and buy one from a place that does not have a repair shop, take it to a repair shop before you ride it. Monday - workout happened. G
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