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  1. It wasn't a waste, and I did learn some stuff about taking on too many challenges at once.I'm still figuring out the diet - it's not so much gastro issues as fatigue and some other stuff. But the fatigue...it's crushing. I'm ready to be past all this. Many days I'm a zombie at the moment. (Look how long it took me to respond to this! I've had this tab open since I got the notice you posted, sheesh.)
  2. Alright...as much as I hate to admit it I bombed this challenge. Not what I was hoping for my first challenge back, but I'm trying to have a little bit of grace for myself. Long story short I bit off more than I could chew - too many changes at once without a clear goal in mind for all of them. I'll be reworking them for the new challenge. Quick wrap up: 1) Get back into the gym - Wasn't able to keep this going after the second week. Combination of poor schedule planning and fatigue. 2) Whole30 dietary reset - Made it through the elimination phase and am wor
  3. Yes, I would be studying to get back into documentary photography, just not as my bread and butter. I had to look up what applied intelligence was. Sounds like a pretty broad base of applications like you said. Have you read Michael Chabon's The Final Solution? So far so good, this week. One gym visit down and plugging along at the rest of my challenge goals.
  4. Funny thing about not using technology in the evenings - you forget to login to social sites... Thanks! There were some rough months in there, for sure. The diet has been the most challenging part of the challenge so far. I've lost a bit of weight, which seems to be a perennial problem. And I'm hungry. A lot. I've tried upping the sweet potato count but it doesn't seem to have an effect yet. I think it's just a matter of transition and change. We'll see how things level out. The symptoms seem to flare up one by one and then die down a day or two later so far.
  5. Long time no see, fellow rebels. I was planning on transitioning to an intermediate lifting program back in September and then life happened and I've been on a yo-yo of okay days and really-not-okay days. The endocrinologist I've seen recently said family history and long-term labs point to a thyroid issue - so I'm trying to rebuild from a pretty low state. Some days are better than others, some have been almost normal, but none have been symptom free yet. So, with that said, and with a hopeful eye cast toward the future: 1) Get back into the gym - I want to re-establish my previou
  6. Aright...so I was out for a while (5 months?) as this progressed. I've spent that time in a lot of tired fog bouncing around between doctors (attentive, informed, kind doctors) as well as a couple of trips to the ER for kidney stones - yeehaw! Long story short I had a follow up with an endocrinologist this morning who has been monitoring my thyroid labs and had ordered a test to check for immune system responses to foods. She said that although my antibody tests were negative, family history, my symptoms and the long-term look at my thyroid and other labs since this whole shebang started
  7. This has all been informative and very helpful - knew this was the place to turn to! Much obliged to all of you for the thoughtful and in-depth feedback. I don't have the energy to do it right now, but I want to come in later and ask a couple follow up questions to some specific points made. Again, I really appreciate your feedback! Stay on target!
  8. As usual I've written much more than I expected to. Little bit of my current story up front, actual question at the end if you want to skip. I ate a vegan diet for five years. I initially switched to it to be healthier, and to encourage my family to be healthier by having it rub off on them over time. It sort of worked. Not really. All that I really managed to do it seems was give myself some nutrient deficiencies. Low iron storage, low B12, low testosterone, more than likely low protein, and deficient levels of Vitamin D. I was starting to drag the last several months (looking bac
  9. It's never a bad thing for me to be reminded to eat more. But as for programming it feels like I'm due for a change. I'm chalking up more days in the gym that feel like defeat than victory. I'd just like to have a more solid plan in place (and some knowledge to back up why I'm doing what I'm doing) before deciding to switch programs.
  10. Whelp, this turned into a bigger post than I planned. I'm sorry. Didn't realize I had so much to figure out. Fitness Goals Strength (a little size gain would be welcome vanity-wise, as well) and conditioning(? - not sure that's the right word). I volunteer on a tall ship, and a strength increase would be really helpful when trying to haul lines and sails. But, it's the kind of gig where you need that strength all day every day when we're at sea (about two weeks out of the year) because even just trying to stand still uses muscles you forgot existed, let alone climbing and ha
  11. Thanks! I haven't tracked calories very exactly, but I keep a running estimate going throughout the day. Not the most scientific, but it's what I've been doing so far. I try to underestimate so that I end up "forcing" myself to eat more. I might add more specific tracking to a future challenge. Thanks for sharing your experience. Also, I finally posted the rice and beans recipe that I liked the most in the scullery. Catch ya on the flip side.
  12. Here's a vegan version of Cuban style black beans and rice (Moros y Cristianos) that I've been making and enjoying recently. It's usually made with pork - if you want some "meatier" flavor you could try experimenting with some dried mushrooms and/or a splash of soy sauce. Some spicy salsa has been enough to add some punch for me. Yields 8 servings INGREDIENTS: 3 cans (15 ½ ounce) black beans with liquid 4 cloves of garlic, minced 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 cup grated onion 1 cup grated green pepper 2 teaspoons salt 1 bay leaf 1 tablespoon ground cumin 1 ta
  13. I think it's going well, thanks for asking! I hit a new PR on dips today (13 over three sets), and am up about 10 pounds give or take since the start of January. Been having trouble breaking that 10 pound threshold for some reason (been there for two weeks) but I'm doing my best to just take it in stride and keep lifting and eating. I picked up the ingredients for my last pot of rice and beans for the challenge today. I'll do some prep and portioning tonight when I get home so that I can just drop everything in the pot tomorrow afternoon. Gonna go back to the Moros y Cristianos recipe I us
  14. Well played, Manarelle. Well played. I'm going to remember that one. Thanks!
  15. Quick update - Am plugging along. The globo gym I go to recently closed the location I use and grandfathered us into a "higher level" club nearby. I haven't yet used the equipment there, and I'm a little intimidated, as it's much more open and visible than the last location. I'm more comfortable with the free weights in their own section a little less visible to the main group, but that's life. Here's hoping I can ramp up the self-confidence to get going in the new place. I made a pot of red beans and rice, and dropped some quinoa in as well for some more protein, but I don't like this rec
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