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  1. I live in sac. Looking for a buddy to meet up with. Would love to meet when possible!
  2. Looking for an fellow revels in sac. We can keep each other up to date on progress. Any one interested?
  3. i would love to know what the new leveling system will be. So excited for the new year!!!!!!!!
  4. I will Follow This !!!!! I wish you luck! and f=if you ever need help I will Rush to your AID!!!!!!!
  5. For my second challenge i would very much like to be healthier than i am now. so using a journal and calendar these are my goals Lose Weight (STA +3) I did not meet my weight goal last time, so now i will try again at a lower lbs. My target weight will be at 10lbs. To lose this weight i will need to workout for 6 days a week. It will be a combination of cardio and body weight training, (actual weight training when i can) Calendar. Journal and calendar A= 30 days B= 22 days C= 15 days D= 7 days F= 0 days Eat Healthier (CON + 2) I have already started to eat healthier, by changing my diet by one thing. But i Can Do Better. I will eat one serving of veggies and or one serving of fruit once a day for 5 Weeks. Written down in a journal A= 35 days B= 25 days C= 17 days D= 8 days F= 0 days Stress Management (mentally) (WIS +3) I say that i dont have a lot of stress, but people have told me otherwise. So to get over this, or to mange my stress, i will take one day out of the week for myself to do de-stressing. E.G.: meditation, taking a simple walk, a bike ride (neither will be counted for fitness) just time for myself. A= 5 days B= 3 days C= 2 days D= 1 days F= 0 days Side Quest: Playing guitar (WIS +2) As a side quest i pick learning to play the guitar. It has been one of the things i wanted to do but never did. So as a side quest I will play the guitar for 30 mins a day every week. Mark on my calendar and written in my journal A= 210 mins B= 157 mins C= 105 mins D= 52 mins F= 0 mins
  6. HELLO!! my second challenge takes my here. I wish to make a my life a little more healthier. so i am glad to meet all of the adventurers *bows respectfully*
  7. If i got one A one C and two F's do i level up or no?
  8. ok so doing the math and adding everything up 14 days of working out amounted to STR 2.37 no soda for 6 weeks amounted to CON 3 however there are zero miles ran (we didnt keep track of how much we ran) STA 0 and no chapters written WIS 0 but i did compete in the wipeout run, and it only took a good two hours to finish. Given that I've never done anything athletic in my life that its self was an achievement. But i dont know if this means i level up or not.
  9. i kept a record of all the steps i took from the last time i updated. and all together it was 30.17 miles
  10. Hey yeah, and no. I'm busy and tired. but that might be the weird combination of trying to workout and my body trying to get use to it. I've manage to keep my workout to walking for two weeks straight.
  11. wow this is late. so I just started working again (training). So I really missed some days. and instead of running, like I maybe should have, I walked about 4miles today. so there's that.
  12. one I did not lose a week. I never recorded my walks ;-; however coming back into it now I managed to walk. 4.33 miles today!!!!!
  13. day three. not gonna lie, way to hot to do anything but be lazy. however, I did go for a run with my sibling again. and did the same as I did on Monday.
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