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  1. Damn it Willy, I'll never catch you on squats... I did a bunch of triples with 100kg today and it felt like death. You are getting really strong my friend!
  2. T-bar rows are AWESOME. You can feel your back muscles crying for mercy after each set. The downside is that, once you are over 70kg or so worth of plates, the unloaded end of the barbell may lift and the whole thing could slide forward. I found putting something heavy over the free end of the BB solves this
  3. And make you feel bad when your bench isn't getting better and your gym buddy is benching like Bruce Willis in "Unbreakable" BOOM
  4. This makes me want to try running. Buy I know I'll probably go NOPE after 5 blocks if that
  5. Heck yeah! Glad your CBT sessions are going well. CBT does not have much street cred around these parts, mostly due to the University of Buenos Aires being overtly psychonalitic.
  6. True. Especially considering what Netflix charges for their service. Loving the zombie theme, following!
  7. Yay, musical numbers! Pretty much my every challenge wrap-up of this year Following!
  8. Great progress, brother! And this is why you are indisputably the best.
  9. This last few days went fine. My strength is not where I want it to be and it's taking more than I had anticipated, but it just feels incredible to be back under the bar. That week without lifting seemed to last forever and I don't wanna spend that much time out of the gym unless is totally unavoidable. I had an appointment with a nutritionist today, which was really meh. After asking me about my eating habits, food preferences, etc. I was especting some sort of customized (to a minimum extent) meal plan. Instead she printed a pre-made plan and handed it to me like it was the Dragon Scroll. Said plan contained some foods that are a bit of a head ache to pack for lunch and some that I had explicitly told her upset my degestive system such as pasta or bread. While l don't plan on following the diet plan to the letter, I recon the weekly weigh-in and BF% meassurement will be of much help for keeping me on track. Let's face it, if I didn't stuff my face with bad food and beer on the weekends I'd be much leaner today.
  10. I bet that's a rather interesting story. Hope it gets returned to you asap!
  11. It has been kicking my butt so far. The worst part was the cough. But I'm feeling better now. Thanks! I'd say black plague Thanks! 10/09/2017 - Monday First day back at the gym. I still have random cough attacks that make me buckle but it seems that during exercise they are less frecuent. I'm taking the prescribed medication and it shouldn't last more than a few more days. Deadlifts went alright. Final working set was a 120kgx5 that felt like 200. This week I won't be hitting PRs, instead I'll get my body used to working out again. By next week I should be back on track
  12. Been in full plague protocol since Friday. I had planned to go lift today but it's just not happening. The cough is so harsh my whole body aches from it and my head is beating like a drum. Working at a call center isn't helpful either...
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