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  1. Congrats on being so close to your goal. I totally am eating cupcakes right now and just stopped while reading this. You are inspiring!
  2. Pushups are really hard but I know you will be able to do it!
  3. Really great progress. That's so cool that you could give something from your garden. I think I might make that a new personal goal for myself!
  4. Good luck on your test! That sounds really exciting
  5. Thanks for all the support guys! This weekend I was more restrained and I am getting back to my old good habits. Now that I have moved I don’t have access to my beloved trainer, Rockell, but there is a JCC 2 blocks away so I plan to start training there. I have been doing a few youtube videos here and there but what I will probably do is get her to give me a couple routines I can do on my own while I seek out another trainer with a similar philosophy. I have seen that some of the Instagram “fitness models†who have the shape I desire offer online “personal training†but I wonder how ro
  6. Hey Everyone I was at a work related conference for the last two weeks and did not make my health a priority . I ate all the junk food Chicago had to offer and gained 8lbs in the process! My face is puffy and I feel like trash. My birthday is in a week and I booked a beach house to celebrate. I feel bummed that I won't be as fit as I planned but I am starting today to fix it. I will come back after work with more details!
  7. lol I actually text him the day after and he responded. The ball is now in his court
  8. Thank you so much! Spanx with a wrap dress makes for a very forgiving silhouette.
  9. Week 1 Recap Week one is what I would consider a success even though I didn't meet all my proposed goals for myself I have seen an immediate bump in quality of life. Being more proactive about reaching out to people led to me being invited to lunch, happy hour, dinner, a barbecue, and finally a date. This is a huge turnaround from last week when all I did was go to work and the gym before collapsing to bed. The boost in activities very negatively impacted my gym time and I only burned 2/3 of the calories I had planned to and I gained back one of the pounds I lost. Meh... Because of this I thin
  10. Cheers on starting the challenge and greetings from another low carber
  11. I just came in here to say I love all the gifs, memes, and motivational photos. I can echo everything being said above. Sometimes you don't want to go, sometimes while you are doing it you want to continuously stop, but at the end you will be pleased
  12. Wow I didn't know that it was possible to Joust outside of a Medieval times arena in 2015. That is so cool. In terms of jousting are there competitive weight divisions? Maybe a goal could be to compete in one weight class down?
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