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  1. Thanks for understanding, and thanks for the hug x
  2. [OOC] Ok, so I thought I could do this that I was in a good place... but the reason I didn't post yesterday was because simply the act of posting on a regular basis, together with my anxiety around this led to my ED triggering for the first time in months, I'm just not there yet. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry to wuss out, especially to Dagger and Loopus. Thankyou for being wonderful enough to give it a shot... I'm sorry again, but I'm having to run away from this right now. Sending happy vibes and wishing everyone well
  3. [OOC] And now Jan 2: Thank you so much for making me smile by posting Dagger! I've got to admit that this is my first time trying to host a forum rp, I'm hoping that it'll all go well. I've taken part in a fair few and hosted in game events, but first time and all for this. I totally get that anyone posting here other than myself could be irregular or random. I get that there may be folks that only interact once, I'm just honestly chuffed that I've got one response at all to this! *runs around her flat bouncing grinning like a loon* [IC]
  4. I think I may have just fallen in love with your puppy. I'm going to follow you like a stray, partially to share motivation, but tbh mainly to get a chance to see more beautiful hound photos!
  5. Oh my Peruvianchucknuggets, there's just so much here that I'm going to stalk you like a crazed Bieber fan! Stories and writing and Scottish forests!
  6. Gosh, bullet journaling, like writing a diary but lazier I LOVE IT!!!!! Sending you huge amounts of good luck vibes for Wednesday, I'm sure you've got this thing!
  7. Does it help that because you are wanting to be a bad ass, because this is the first time I've met you, that this is the only image of you that has come to my mind so you are now indelibly written into my conscious as a bad ass?!? Yup, you're already winning right!? At least one person out there in the universe (me) thinks of you that way Just remember, bad ass' don't worry about failure. If you fall it's just so you can do one of those hero jumps back up again. Sending high fives your way!
  8. Sending understanding vibes your way Xantae, this is also my third re-spawn. Your goals are fantastic and hugely achievable, here's hoping that your motivation continues and your support grows! This! When I've been around before I get active on everyone's posts, then when it gets to the point that reacting and responding takes me longer than half an hour of my real life time, I fizzle and end up retreating from the forums. (Hoping not to do that this time as I'm tying other things into my motivation to keep on posting here.) You've got this thing, on
  9. Jan 1st: Further posts from me should be an awful lot shorter!! From yesterday. I'll be posting another today, the forum just wasn't up yet < eager eager. [IC] Sisyphus attempted once more to squeeze his extensive gut into the form fitting body armour. Yes, this proposal sounded more attractive than rolling a stone endlessly up a mountain in Hades, anything for a change of scenery, however it was still degrading to think of himself, a mighty and cunning monarch debased to the point of taking orders from others. He sighed. “Rem
  10. Actually you come across as someone with the strength to try to fight and find a way out. Your dad sounds like he has a lot of issues, I hope you have the strength to continue being patient with him, and hope also that you manage to not make any more of his issues, yours. So much zen love your way. And the Larkin poem: They fuck you up, your mum and dad.They may not mean to, but they do.They fill you with the faults they hadAnd add some extra, just for you.But they were fucked up in their turnBy fools in old-style hats and coats,Who half the time were soppy
  11. I'm quite glad there's not a huge amounts of machines I always wondered how much time folks had on their hands to sit on one machine for so long without moving on and swapping back. Spent half of gym time lurking.
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