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  1. Yes! It hurts so good. I've got one of those spiky ones so I can really dig in. Haven't experienced childbirth, but it does hurt mightily! I think it was just a few weeks ago that I really rolled out my legs (including the quads and hips) and it hurt so bad. I was sweating from the pain and oddly enough my muscles got warm from all the massaging, but afterwards I was like a strong noodle woman.
  2. I did many burpees last Friday, so I'll take the +1 STA!
  3. Day 31 Update I finally did me some hill sprints. 3 miles total with 2 sprints of 1/12 (or so) of a mile per mile. My calves are wicked tight. Sleep calls.
  4. Day 29 Update - I ran and stuff Hooray for my foots feeling better! I just ran my first 4 miler in 3 weeks and it wasn't even that bad, though my calves were pretty tight from making sure I didn't sneak in any heel strikes. Other than than that, I had a good morning routine which included my GMB Elements training, some solid assisted pull-ups (I'm so close), a handful of push-ups (need to work on these... maybe next 6WC), and a much needed stretching session. Tomorrow, I've got Muay Thai and my first BJJ class with a gi!
  5. Day 29 Update - A sore lower back and strong upper Pretty light day for me today. I knocked out GMB elements and my pull-up practice sets before work, then the busy of work happened and I typed code all day long. I incorporated some isometric holds at the weak points of my pull-up (top and almost bottom) and felt some very nice muscle engagement. I'm not certain, but I have high hopes for this quest! On the other hand, my lower back is still hurting a fair bit from my BJJ sessions (ground fighting works all sorts of wierd muscles). I'm going to try for a run in the morning (maybe after coffee so my feetsies can loosen up a bit).
  6. I don't think I really incorporate anything that is Krav Maga specific. I frequently think about using some technique or another, but most of them are too brutal (ie. groin stikes) for friendly sparring. I did learn pretty good striking form from my Krav Maga instructor, so that has certainly helped. Yes! I'm definitely re-energized for the next too weeks. I'm pretty excited to finish up my main quest and also a bit nervous about my pull-up and running goals (both serve as motivators). Good luck to you on your final two weeks!
  7. Running a bit late here, but I've got Mini-Quest 3 and Mini-Quest 4 in my last quest update. Huzzah!
  8. Day 28 Update - Week 4 was a rebellion free week, but I am recommitting: So... it's been a while. I guess I'm hitting that mid-6WC slump thingy everyone keeps mentioning. I have not been lazy, I have just been a wee bit distracted by the exciting that is MMA gym and the trials of a new project for work. As far as quests go, I'm doing OK. Here's status updates for each: Main Quest: Vanquish GMB Elements: Looking good here. I've been sticking to these pretty easily, especially since they are max 15 minutes of work. I can usually do these before work or during my lunch break. I'm still having a tough time getting my sprints in as the weather here is very hot and my heel still plagues the early morning, but I'm going to try for doing my sprints in the evenings on my non-training nights. Side Quest: Defeat a Single Pull-Up: This one is tough. I really can't say for certain that I will be able to complete this by the end of the 6WC. I'm currently still stuck in the middle of the pull-up, such that I can activate my shoulders nicely, start to bend my arms, can't make it half-way, but from halfway I can get to the bar. I'm still working the assisted and negatives and will try to up my reps next week. Side Quest: Defeat a 10k Run + Incorporate Interval Training: I'm not too worried about the 10k aspect of this as my new MMA training is giving me new found strength, but I really need to bust my butt to get another 10 intervals sessions in. Life Side Quest: Spawn a Morning Routine: Every weekday I manage this (minus the early workout) and feel very happy about how easy this routine has been incorporated into my daily activities. And now for some catch-up work: Week 3 Challenge: 1. I'm having a difficult time progressing with my pull-up quest. 2. I found this post regarding a nice link to an article on pull-up progressions. 3. As per the article, I'm going to start incorporating hollow body positions and isometric holds into my pull-up work. Week 4 Challenge: 1. Goal allocation: -Main Quest: Vanquish GMB Elements | DEX 3-Side Quest: Defeat a Single Pull-Up | STR 3-Side Quest: Defeat a 10k Run + Incorporate Interval Training | STA 2-Life Side Quest: Spawn a Morning Routine | WIS 2 2. Mid Challenge Summary: -Main Quest: Vanquish GMB Elements | 100%-Side Quest: Defeat a Single Pull-Up | 50%-Side Quest: Defeat a 10k Run + Incorporate Interval Training | 20%-Life Side Quest: Spawn a Morning Routine | 100% 3. Challenge allocation: -Main Quest: Vanquish GMB Elements | 3 @ DEX 100% = 3 -Side Quest: Defeat a Single Pull-Up | 3 STR @ 50% = 2-Side Quest: Defeat a 10k Run + Incorporate Interval Training | 2 STA @ 20% = 0-Life Side Quest: Spawn a Morning Routine | 2 WIS @ 100% = 2 4. Signature: STR 2 | STA 0 | DEX 3 | CON 0 | WIS 2 | CHA 0 Okay, this is a long post. One last thing though, MMA (well, really just Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is awesome! I love getting to spend more time working techniques at high intensity and the daily sparring matches (we spar for the last 30 min of Muay Thai & BJJ = 1 hour of sparring ). Yesterday, we did many kicks and I learned a pretty sweet leg lock. Amazing.
  9. Yes! I completely agree about the minimalist shoes. I used to get pretty bad shin splints when I ran, especially if I was just getting back into it (I will always be trying to be a runner), and after one particularly bad run I looked up why I was getting them. Turns out, heel striking flexes that front shin muscle and I was actually cramping the muscle. I had some Merrell Vapor Gloves before and just turned them in for a pair of slightly more casual looking Vivobarefoot Stealth. My running (which I am aware I haven't been doing much of) continues to improve with the minimalist shoes. I think the heel problems are stemming from a couple weeks of using my stand-up desk on bare wood in bare feet. I would ache so bad at the end of the day, but just thought I needed to get accustomed to it. I was so wrong. Fun MMA details to follow.
  10. You should just join. Most places are really considerate of people who are a bit out of shape. Especially jiu-jitsu, which is usually a really relaxed group with varied ages and physical abilities. See if you can swing a free class and see if you like it. And yes, I use a foam roller (I highly recommend), but I'm a little wary of putting it anywhere near my lower back because you can strain it more if you collapse over it. So instead, I just ordered a spiky lacrosse ball to use for my lower back and feet which looks delightfully painful.
  11. Day 22 Update: So I've been keeping on. My morning routine is pretty much set and I certainly have no issue getting up early anymore. Running is still a challenge, particularly with the temperature being what it has the last couple of days (very hot). So I haven't managed any additional runs, but I plan to wake up extra early (to warm up my foot muscles) and run before my morning routine. The GMB Elements program is getting more intense as we've finally worked our way up to 10 minute flows (most awesome). My pull-up is not quite there, but I'm feeling a lot more strength in my back. Since my last update, I've kind of made a big life decision. I joined an MMA gym! As some of you may know I do Krav Maga, but as of late it hasn't been satisfying me. I joined my Krav school when it first opened in 2013 and consider the instructor and many of my fellow students to be friends (we are a pretty small, tightly knit school). So I love the school and the Krav, but I wanted more free sparring and rolling. Holding classes only twice a week for 2 hours leaves very little time for non-Krav techniques and almost no time to just spar. So after a lot of debate and guilt about leaving the school I signed up for a 2 week trial at a nearby MMA gym. Thus far I've been to 2 Muay Thai classes and 1 BJJ class. They have been awesome and exactly what I wanted: a really good workout, a focus on sparring and really friendly, helpful instructors/students. I'm super-duper excited to go again tonight though my lower back is wicked sore from BJJ.
  12. We shall be happy! I ran about 2 miles at the nice little 9 minute mile pace. I felt pretty comfortable the whole time, but my Achilles tendon started to ache midway (probably because I was running on my toes to avoid the dreaded heel-strike). It's definitely a good idea to take breaks from a long book. I'm about a quarter of the way through Les Miserables, which is fortunately divided into sub-books, so I will take a multi-book hiatus from Les Miserables and return when I'm ready for some dramatic French-ness. I find that if I go too long without a fantasy or sci-fi book I get a little antsy.
  13. Day 18 Update: The Pains of Badassery - Book 3: The Return of the Heel This is getting really frustrating. I'm still able to workout every day, but the pain in the morning is so bad that it's ruining my little morning workout thingy that I was so proud of. In addition, my work schedule has really ramped up and I don't have any midday gaps for exercising, thus pushing my workouts into the evening which I don't really like. I have an appointment with my doctor on Monday and though it will probably require a referral, I'm hoping I can kick this thing soon. I haven't run since week 1 and it's kinda stressing me that I might not be able to make my 10k side quest. I must take action. So I'm going to do my normal bodyweight workout tonight, then go for a light jog (maybe 2 miles). I think I've been a wee bit afraid of running since this thing started, but so long as I keep my form and don't lazily fall into heel striking I should be fine. If it pleases you, I would greatly appreciate heavy scolding if I fail to do this.
  14. Aaah, Infinite Jest is so very, very long. I've been meaning to take a stab at it, but my list of books is so long and Infinite Jest = 10 normal books... so I haven't. I'm in the midst of The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan and currently on The Great Hunt (book 2 of 14 ). I had made it to book 4 when the series what just starting and I was like 13, but for some reason stopped midway (I think LotR happened). Doesn't Infinite Jest have a ridiculous amount of footnotes, ramblings and side stories? How is it treating you?
  15. Good work thus far Riverleaf! Just stick with it and remember to keep busy. Here's a little motivational quote for you: Have fun getting fit and happy!
  16. Yep, travel is really hard on routines. I try so hard to keep my schedule, but I invariably flop on a late night or- even worse- an early breakfast. Are you the book reading type? I always read for about 30 minutes before bed and it settles me quite nicely. I have a book that I'm reading and a bunch of articles on instapaper layaway just in case I'm too amped for longform reading. Ah, thanks for the advice! It's really nice to hear this has happened to someone else. Now that you mention engaging the shoulders, I realize that at my current point of failure I'm not really engaging anything. I'm not really struggling there, but more stuck. I'm gonna play around a bit in my assisted pull-ups and find my weak point.
  17. I would do as others have said (try to limit jumping) and also try to do it not in the morning or evening. There is hardly anyone around in a hotel in the middle of the day or right after work, so you're unlikely to bother anyone. If you have a lot of room, you could move the mattress to the floor and use it as a dampening mat. Extra jumpy and lots of fun! Good luck figuring it out!
  18. I'm trying some home treatment first, it seems to be working well. If it gets bad again I will see a doctor about it. Thanks for the tip! It works so great, especially at night when my muscle gets a tight and cramped. This was also a pro tip! I found it to be cold and painful in a beautiful way. I have these round ice cubes, so I just put those in a paper towel and kinda rolled my feet like you would with a lacrosse ball. Thanks for the encouragement. It really helps. For your evening routine do you plan out your next day in advance? I've been meaning to do that, but my evening have an abrupt, "oh dear I am totally exhausted" way about them. I'm going to give it a whirl though. Maybe I'll follow your model and avoid screens for the last 30 minutes, then use that time to plan and get some reading done. Much better. I'm back on my game now. Thanks Accountabilibuddy!
  19. Day 15 Update: I am return!! Sorry for all the distance these last couple of days, I've been pretty bummed/stressed about my heel. Thanks for all the encouragement and tips! I'm pretty much "heeled" up now. Yes, I punned. Let me tell you, I've learned all sorts of things about feet while treating this thing, the most important being simply that feet need some attention. So the muscle on the bottomsies of my feetsies were swollensies, so I treated them with lovesies and caresies. Twice daily massages, alternating hot/cold soaks, and k-tape (thanks @Meesa) have greatly improved my situation. I am still healing though. I have a lot of tension in my feet in the morning, so the morning workouts had been pushed back to the late morning when feet are loose enough (though I did stick to my morning routine otherwise). I also dispensed with the sprinting and jumping since that uses the foot muscles a lot. So I've mostly been working bodyweight exercises and my Element program (which is slowly getting awesome). My plank is now strong enough that I can jump into it like a ninja-spider-ju-on-demon thingy. 'Tis awesome. I've also been working my pull-ups, mostly by doing a mix of negatives and assisted pull-ups to failure a few times a day. I feel much stronger, but have this weak point where my elbows are bent at ~135 degrees (so early in the pull-up). I just can't get past it, even though I can do a pull-up from a more bent position (~90-110 degrees). Do I just need more muscles? Or is there something specific I should be doing? Any ideas? Anyways, today I'm back. Woke-up early, jogged a bit then did my morning workout in the park (there were a lot of ants). Returned home, stretched showered and coffee-d myself. Then I learned some more statistics (trying to solo learn machine learning is hard ). Now onward to work!
  20. Mini-Quest 2 Part 1: Look below and ye shall find. Part 2: Joined the Late starters, ASSEMBLE! Accountabilibuddies group. Part 3: Followed and encouraged many a person at this point.
  21. Nice job completing the 3 miles without stopping! You just won the mental game, now onward to the physical one. A half-marathon goal is really intrepid (and I like it!), but maybe you should set a mid-level goal also. I'm training (if this heel pain ever goes away) for a 10k by the end of this challenge with the hopes of doing the Brooklyn Half Marathon next summer. Maybe a 10k or other shorter race distance would be good for more short-term motivation. I look forward to your indubitable success!
  22. Sorry to hear about you dog, that's awfully sad. On the other hand, great job with keeping your motivation and sticking with your quest goals. Many people would (myself included) would use a big event like that to shake off their responsibilities and maybe wallow a bit, but you're still with it. Good job thus far!
  23. Nice set of goals your have there! It's very cool that you are into caving. I bet it can be really great exercise depending on the cave. You mentioned that everyone has a reaction to your interest in caving...I think I'd fall into the "intrigued" category. To satisfy my intrigue, which was the coolest cave you've ever been in and why? Look forward to following your progress!
  24. Haha! That's great! Maybe we can start you off small, something like a jockey, and work our way up to a beef-tastic, big, tall strong-man type? How did your first plank go? Did you get a good time? Good luck with the challenge!
  25. Hello kind sirs, madams and ruffians! I am most inclined to join this here gang. I just had a small injury so I'm definitely looking for some motivation and accountability to get me through this challenge.
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