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  1. Last week I: Got my workouts in (though yoga instead of walking/gardening) - q1 Wrote once before work - q2 Abstained from diet soda at least two days - q3 Budgeted! - q4 This week I've held out on sodas today, went for a good long walk, have a budget hour planned for Friday and have my writing times scheduled. Looking good so far! We're hosting Thanksgiving this year (13 people!) and I'm a touch panicked. But I think it's going to be ok anyhow. Lots of prep work so far. I'm also leaving for a work trip on Sunday. Last one for the year. To a strong last week! Sent from my Pixel 2 XL u
  2. Thanks, Manarelle! Trying to stay focused. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  3. I don't even know what week of the challenge this is. Week....3? One so far. I've been so overwhelmed with just getting back into things. But I commit to going for a walk sometime tomorrow. Probably the afternoon. Achieved! I didn't keep my journal on my trip at all, so I'm going back and filling in the missing details. It's...a lot but I'm doing a good job of it. I had at least two days this way (maybe three?) We don't have any more diet soda at home so I'm not going to buy any and that should make next week easy.
  4. Only one week, thankfully. The second week was pure vacation time. Rode a bicycle all over Amsterdam, went to all the museums, generally got a lot of sleep. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  5. Returned from a two-week international trip (conference! solo vacation!) on Friday and am trying to find my way back to my regular everyday life. As with many vacations, I was walking at least 5 miles a day, every day, and now I'm uh... sitting at my desk. Again. For the remainder of this challenge, I'd like to keep up some quests from last challenge, with a new one (Q3): Q1: Workout three times per week. Walking & gardening. Q2: Write twice per week before work. Q3: One workday per week with no diet soda. Drank almost no soda on va
  6. Week 3: Q1: Workout three times per week. - Did a bike ride & two walks. It's nice to be more focused on walking because I make slightly different choices in my daily life. E.g. walking to my training instead of a Lyft. Q2: Write twice per week before work. I wrote once before work and once on the plane. I'll count it. Q3: Weigh myself daily. Still getting this done. Q4: Complete one hour of YNAB/budget work every week. Failed again. Week 4 I'm at home all week and lots of stressful things have ended, so I see no reason I can't get 100%. I have time
  7. Super helpful realization! The dress seems like a very reasonable purchase, plus it looks great!
  8. Oh, also! I finally installed tapatalk so I can stay up on the forums when I'm on the move. That should be helpful.
  9. Report for last week: Q1: Two out of three achieved! For a travel week, that feels like a big win. Q2: I had one writing session I planned (on the train) and other small ones throughout the week. Q3: I don't weigh myself on the road, but when I came back, my weight hadn't spiked like it usually does Q4: Wah-wah, budget time was the one that lost out. On the whole, a very successful week. Found myself generally making healthier choices (fewer beverages, less sugar, walking faster, taking stairs more). Going forward on future trips, I'd like to standardize my breakfast, standardize my b
  10. I'm doing great so far: Workouts going well (got in a nice long-ish walk on Wednesday!), weigh-ins are happening, writing is on pace, and budgeting time is done. That said, today I was practically falling apart with this generalized anxiety/overwhelm and that wasn't good. Spending a lot of time tabbing between windows, bouncing between tasks, etc. Felt like I couldn't focus at all. I did some journaling and just identifying that the feeling was happening went a long way--got me out of the anxiety spiral (along with some time laying on the ground looking up at trees).
  11. I love the expression in the last panel And good luck with the posture improvements! I know I could stand to be way better in that dept.
  12. Week 1: Nailed it on the workout goals, got 50% on the writing goal, got 90% of the weighing myself goal, 0% on budgeting. Overall I'd give it a B-. Week 2 outlook: Today I squeezed in a short walk due to family obligations & work. But I still did it! I also got in my one hour of budgeting work which was AWESOME--it's been way too long. But...I missed today's weigh-in. Tomorrow's writing session may be cancelled due to a weird fluke in my workday--but I have a backup day planned for Saturday. Next week is a travel week and I am trying to plan for it now. I'm go
  13. Update! Q1: Workout three times per week. (2/3) -- On track, and tomorrow is gardening time! I'M EXCITED! Q2: Write twice per week before work. (1/2) This was supposed to happen today but things exploded (yay housewarming party) and I ended up running errands before work. Might be able to squeeze this in tomorrow but it doesn't look super likely. I'd like to get my zine finished and printed before I go out of town (end of next week) since I'll be doing ye olde travelling > zine fest 1-2 punch. Q3: Weigh myself daily. -- On track, this is going well. I
  14. Solid goal. Sorry it's still bothering you; I hope a restful Friday goes even further towards healing. <3
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