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    [traaki] Respawn point

    Week 3: Q1: Workout three times per week. - Did a bike ride & two walks. It's nice to be more focused on walking because I make slightly different choices in my daily life. E.g. walking to my training instead of a Lyft. Q2: Write twice per week before work. I wrote once before work and once on the plane. I'll count it. Q3: Weigh myself daily. Still getting this done. Q4: Complete one hour of YNAB/budget work every week. Failed again. Week 4 I'm at home all week and lots of stressful things have ended, so I see no reason I can't get 100%. I have time set aside for budgeting today and should be good to go on the rest. Finish strong!
  2. traaki

    [traaki] Respawn point

    Friends. In case ghosting on the last two challenges wasn't enough to show you that I'm a dang mess right now, I will say it plain: I AM A DANG MESS RIGHT NOW. I've realized, though that I'm enough of a mess to respawn!! YES! Everything fell apart and we're starting again. I admit to failure and am here to focus on some habits that support me. I have a massive backlog of shit to worry about but I'm just going to move forward. This isn't about clearing the backlog, but about building in the time and the habit to dedicate time to things. The backlog (I hope) will start to take care of itself. New challenges: I am going to be travelling more for work. I have a new job and that's pretty overwhelming. We have a massive yard that needs care. New opportunities: I no longer live with two diet soda fiends and can control my diet and time more than I used to. Q1: Workout three times per week. I've been working out, lackadaisically at best. I want to be working out with an end goal in mind and the thing that feels best right now is walking. So I'm going to be walking twice a week of at least 30 minutes each time, fast enough to get my Heart points on Fit. This will happen during my normal workout times. The third workout (Friday) will be a gardening session. Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, pruning things. It doesn't actually matter how much I get done on this as long as I'm outside and getting filthy. Q2: Write twice per week before work. Areas of focus: 21 Day Poetry Challenge, producing my zine, finalizing Patreon rewards, posting to Patreon. Q3: Weigh myself daily. This is pretty productive for me--I have a weight trend tracker I use and the more I do this, the better my results seem to be. Q4: Complete one hour of YNAB/budget work every week. Ideally during a regular time, but this *must* happen each week. -- I'm working on my goals for the last three months of the year -- those will go up soon and will be less habit-focused, more task-focused. Probably I'm going to start putting those in their own thread.