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  1. Here's an update as I forgot to do one yesterday. 7/28 - Because I was slightly pressed for time, I only walked .93 mi. However, I did make my 1st paleo meal! Paleo Deviled eggs with a few pieces of celery and carrots. You simply substitute mayo with Avocado and viola: healthy, yummy, goodness. 7/29 - I have yet to walk since its extremely hot today, but I finished my Angry Birds workout! It's pretty rough, but I am almost able to get each exercise in 2 sets. I would like to be able to do 2 circuits before I move onto the next level so that's the challenge! Also, as far as Life Goals goes
  2. That's great! Way to stick through it! That's totally worth a few exp. points IMO. I'm always tempted by a quick and easy meal as well. Taco Bell is totally my go-to after a stressful day. Hopefully, I won't be tempted by it any time soon! What is BBWW?
  3. @ComradeTalls - That's intense! Here's to conquering that b**** over and over again. Orientation went really well. I mostly did paperwork, but that ensures that I actually get paid and benefits...you know, the real important stuff. I'm actually in the process of becoming a fully certified teacher. My program is very straight-forward: pass your content mastery, get hired as a full-time teacher, take a few classes, pass the PPR, and I'm certified. The program lasts 1 year so that's pretty good. What do you do?
  4. Just wanted to pop in to check out your challenge and say that these are some awesome goals! I especially really like your archery goals. That's pretty neat. Aim for the bulls eye!
  5. @Kyalia - Thanks for the encouragement! I'm glad your first day went well too! So about a couple days before I signed up for NFR, I was planning a hiking/camping trip with a buddy of mine around New Years. I picked 50 somewhat randomly and also, the last hiking trip I went on, I weighed in around 215-220. I guess you can say another motivation of mine is this trip! Also, I really like that progress bar in your signature and have seen several people with the same thing. How can I get one? @ComradeTalls - Thanks bud! I'm about to leave as soon as I type up this comment! Yikes! How hot does it
  6. Well, after a long day of driving around and getting ready for my new job orientation tomorrow, I was actually able to do some challenge stuff today!! I walked my dog (Nova) and went 1.45 mi today instead of the 1 mi I planned on so yea!! I'm getting things done! Also, I began my AngryBirds workout by doing 1 set of the minimum requirements of each exercise. So... Honestly, I feel a little sore from working out, but I feel like I can actually complete this challenge! I know its the first day and I'm still pretty pumped up and excited, but the euphoria may not last long. Good thing I h
  7. Hey, Check out my challenge! I would totally love more people to give feedback and hold me to this challenge. I'm totally psyched to be doing this and I can't wait to see everyone on the other side! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/68931-new-playerpress-start/
  8. This sounds awesome! Way to go buddy! I can't wait to see you cross that finish line at the 5k.
  9. Yea, my biggest thing with paleo is that I can lack the motivation to not pick up a quick meal like pasta or a sandwich. I used to be tight on money as well, but that is changing. As far as weight loss goes, I will probably plateau right around 20-25 lbs so I'll be going harder by the next 6WC. I'm so pumped up now! I can't wait to see our results after a few weeks. Let's Git 'er done, friend!
  10. Wow, that looks absolutely amazing! I will most definitely try that. I love mushrooms and chicken so this is perfect, thanks! As far as measurements go, I am more science-minded so I use the metric system for a lot of things.
  11. Introduction: Hello, I'm Tael and this is my first challenge. I really enjoy the outdoors and want to go hiking/camping more often, but my endurance is almost nothing. I used to be more active in college, but since then have gotten more used to the sedentary lifestyle of working as a tutor and sitting down with kids for long periods of time. I joined the rebellion because I would really like to get out and explore forest/mountain trails. I'm pumped up about working out alongside a group of people holding me to my goals! Main Quest: Lose 50lbs by December I currently weigh 243 lbs at
  12. Hello, I'm Tael and I recently StumbleUpon'd Nerd Fitness one day while bored and waiting for the summer to end. I've always been on and off at a gym during my college years and been able to eat somewhat healthy foods. However, since I've graduated and have taken a more sedentary lifestyle (no more walking miles to class and whatnot) I would like to get back on track with my goals. Also, I live in a up-and-coming town and have found myself kind of alone now that most of my friends have moved away for work reasons. So I feel very optimistic about finding a community of nerds/gamers/etc. who e
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