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  1. In the last two years I've tried two summer jobs in my field of study (Recreation Parks and Leisure Studies). 2018- City Landscaper (met great people, dealt with mean girl drama, really learned what its like to have a job in the dirt, learned I liked weeding- at my pace) 2019- City Zoo (great zoo, faster paced at times, again interesting social learning time, I HATE CONCRETE- feet and body just hurt) This Year: (Lake view of swimming/fishing area at my summer job). Minnesota is known for being Northern MN, but being a few lakes away from the Canada is up there. It's the known place for people to escape and get a break, its known in my field as "pretty good damn thing to get on my resume". Where the land of the moose, black bear and wolves hang out. I get a summer to hang out! I am staying/working at a rustic camping resort (cabins and campsite for rent, along with boats). Yes even in crazy chaos of COVID-19, I decided to do this for sanity/career reasons. Goals: Experience the SUMMER -- Just a slot of everything I'm trying, so many skill opportunties from canoeing to learning how to bbq Allow the Quiet -- A chance to meditate and journal cannot get better than this Observe Money -- Summer job, more to do to do but more money than usual, need to work on saving up Maintain my Base --- Keep picked up and clean, but also comfertable enough to relax and eat up good food Plus -- (area of other to dos) -Need to do some paper work that has been late...