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  1. Glad your mental health is staying better than usual. Just a thought of maybe instead of making a goal to see/check on the river the lowest stress way possible (even driving there...). To help maintain the mental wellness and low key move your body differently by going to a different environment.
  2. Finally caught up! Wow so cool at your fast probelm solving left and right! (I know its a little slower in real time.. .but many many changes you have kept up in the last few months). I hope the calorie change will help change up the platue, and with how your going it should be fun to troubleshoot when you can. I understnad there's issues of not eating enough, but I'm on the other spectrum of noticing when I had just a few less hundred calories a day... It's a process. Here to chear yah along!
  3. Yeah... I personally got very caught up on the other parts. Now to make it up! I do have to say my group members telling me that's how they are meeting goals got through my head. And my ojibwe professor pointing out at a meetup that I was showing up. So simple but soooooo gets distorted for me.
  4. Yup, I just realized 1 of the main references I've been using is a bit old for how much I have grown in just the last few years. I need to ask 2 asst. managers for the practicum search. But ended up calling my mom's fiance about it, and he said I could use him for a reference. Meh for professional but fits the part time position needs. So I have 2 out of 3 references for work/education and 1 personal. Now to finish it like I need to do so for my assignments
  5. And the cool part is that I didn't eat out this week, except for finding a bottle of pop for work! (Which I skipped some days... because the vending machine at the place I clean now only has diet....I got one once and regreted it). A VERY BIG WIN... since I usually find excuses left and right. ----- School stuff hit a slump this week... I need to show up to attempt ... Will I pass my classes? Will I not? Who knows.... Group project, figured out what I'm stuck on... and letting the group down kind of feel. Ended up taking the weekend off from working extra, so I ca
  6. Whoot for getting the exercise in!! And raising a 14 year old that is starting high school soon! Whoot for the fancy washer!! Finally caught up, glad things are staying safe enough.
  7. Thanks all for your pokes! I've been doing pretty good actually. And honestly finally typing in due to main computer hating the internet for some reason... Though may have needed to space myself from the world during the election last week. I had my own hopes but the energy of the whole thing was like being in a windstorm. While the weather was actually fantastic... School stuff, finally kind of moving through. My class update: I'm moving through, during a zoom chat I finally looked at my grades. Yes I'm getting by this semester but am tweaking it a
  8. Appreciated.... And definitely, the one thing that gets me excited is the next thing that controls my sleeping schedule is a full time job.
  9. Thank you! Thank you! Aww poor kid, but yeah definitely the feel. I personally had some rose colored glasses at times in my future.... but it was probably more to get the greener side. Yes, yes. And the whole grounding helps to not think about it so difficulty...
  10. Thank you More toward hitting the last month of my college life... and feeling like I can fudge it up. Been in school for many years (4 years at this current school, 3 years back in 2012....). So even the idea of not signing up for classes next semester is weird... outside looking for my internship... Covid just makes it extra interesting... Thank you and glad you are here.
  11. Funny enough I think my bf has the same tolerance levels (lower for fluffly animals). But I am the exception.... And honestly me strengthening my neck is a big part of hoping to do more weight bearing exercises to see if it helps releif whatever my body is craving... Slowly getting there.
  12. Okay so I decided to throw Ojibwe in my posts until further notice. I hate studying right now, but found I am learning enough to not totally botch up what I mean (90% am mainly learning verbs with some nouns... with some grammar that I may or may not get right). ---- Aabitose-giizhigad - Bezhigo-anama'e-giizhik, Niso-giizhigad (first time doing this phrasing) Wednesday - Week 1, Day 3 Grounding: Had a healer meeting, bascially had a thumbs up that this is the right track and keep at it. (Other stuff happened). Grateful: I was flippin' gr
  13. As I've personally seen you mainly rock the asymmetrical, I appreciate the compliment very much! Hehe I think my weight limit for sitting on me is 300 lbs. I personally have a tactile need where I really need a weight blanket (but don't want to deal with maintaining it...)| Miigwech niibowa!!! (Thank you very much!!!) Everyone! My anxiety and fatigue was a major challenge Aabitose-giizhigad (Wednesday) that even was on the other side.... Thank you @Teros I enjoyed washing my hair for the first time I think in 4 months... whole new experie
  14. I had found you hehe, just didn't get around to replying for yah! Busy busy the time ended up being. here's the next challenge for peeps:
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