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  1. Same here! Plus NF tends to be on the healthier spectrum over people attempting to escape fully from the world. Aww sorry about the son-in-law Walking on egg shells is never fun. Yay for making it NF especially with your fatigue!!
  2. I need to get better at this... How on earth are you microwaving fish?? (My mom is allergic to most fish, and questions food posioning for the food she can eat... Otherwords I know i can eat tuna straight from the can... but its TUna from a can.... Been trying to work on school work... After going to see a site of a National Monuement (Pipestone...) for my Sacred Landscapes class. I sent myself to Perkins to reevaluate my school work. It helped, finally have all my notes organized. An ACED an exam I didn't study for, but was able to use my well orgnaized notes. I at least know how to reference for this professor (He gave a 30 min time limit, so if you do Ace it with notes you probably at least had an idea). Whelp more to go.. Maybe more time at Perkins at the future (or at least lattes when I get work done). Blah, it must be the atmoshepere or something.
  3. I remember from another fitness site that said if you just changed up every 4-6 weeks it'll keep things going! Happy you are keeping up with the gym and taking care of yourself. Hope the fetish group is a positive community to be a part of!
  4. The question is what happens when Jacob does get your attention... Good luck with all your goals! Hope you aren't getting overwhelmed, beutfiul fun challenge as always!
  5. By the way, I've been thinking of this for awhile... Already shocked of the changes on life in less than 2. Am curious of back tracking now of just observing of my life in the last year! Thankyou! Will find to read your own story soon! Updated the master list. Thinking of noting things, but I think will be easier to dived after a few challenges.
  6. Aww the conudrum of anything with people. I was debating to go back on it, but the goals of the app don't go with my life (Senior year of school tends to do that).
  7. Thank you!!! Yesh, and i keep having dreams that i get the job. Waking up and searching it not there yet... Gah need to get lost in my homework, but that's tough Yeah onto the next steps of figuring out keeping which food around. On other note... if I get the job. There will be only one place to get food within easy reach, unlike where I live in a college hub area (the city only five miles long at its widest). Up North, I'll have my own space but cooking everything when tired... Eating cold beans out of a can? Probably will happen. A wake up call... This weekend I spent more than usual time outside. Hung out with an easy friend that followed on to an errand, that ended in a day out. I wandered REI, realized I needed to get my homework done so I good do fun research...... So onto DISCIPLINE.... fun... FUn goals. MILESTONE MARKERS I'm opening up HabitRPG again and doing tracking for goals like @Chris-Tien Jinn. Getting to gold markers through certain goals. Mainly daily habits (that take less than an hour) and gain more through tasks.... I would like a new water bottle and gloves for my class trip on Thursday, and for rest of Winter. (Going to the National Momument Pipestone). If I don't reach the gold goal, oh well. I have other options. But need something to concentrate on. As I will be tired on and off! ANd my goals matter for longer term!!!
  8. OOh nice, I didn't use Spotify with my little stink of Rising Heroes, for me it ended up being more overwhelling.... Need to look back and see what I am interested in... Sorry for the bad crossfit session, may the recovery get better! Also working on cleaning out my own closet! (Bag up and label clothes that I know will fit me in weightloss). If anything has negivity attatched..
  9. That's so cool, and makes more sense of remembering reading your stories a couple years ago! Some of them stuck in my head of wondering how to write my own, me just writing is the biggie. Ooh yeah I can see this. When I lived at U of M, Morris (which a good porition of the students use compared to MSU, Mankato) berries were also a big deal. They only served when showing off to "tour days". Else there was more than once I bought a 2 pint for $6 strawberries, my friends looked at me "why". And all I could think was, this is the one healthy treat I crave and we never get (could get pizza and coke everyday at the dining hall). Personaly if it wasn't for the universe guiding away from studying gamifcation, I would have made this into an independent study somehow. OOh that's very nice, not bad to hear when someone is willing to keep you around. (Soooo close to being caught up...) Will finish tomorrow!
  10. (Double posting for the sake of just being caught up). This used to be on my regular listen for a couple of years!! Now in a relationship, I listen to it minimally... I'm the jealous type don't need anything extra to add to it. I however do break out into dance almost every time I do hear it on the radio or suggesntion. I feel yah on these fitness levels! Personally anytime I look at any workout I know I'm sticking with the warm up and than the flexibility (doing research for flexibity with my back and such). Realizing as I turn 25, it doesn't matter how quickly I get there. It matters if I help myself for the future better! Good luck with the military buddy! For food, I know we discussed this. But how do you not just eat everything in one sitting? How do you have food leftover... Maybe I'm underesitmating all my food. May you see what you need with all the parts of you for figuring out what you need in this lifetime!
  11. Which games you speak of, Brawlhall or more? Truth for this! You may have not gone where you thought you would be when things went well, but you are in a better place. Even despite the chaos, you not only cleaned up your mom's area in no time (I had a bed for over 6 months before I dealt with it from my dad's passing). Your updates were often, you did to keep sane. Yes the sugar is seductive and doesn't help, but you are dealing with an uphill battle with support being mainly online (and you STILL HELP othres when you can0. THanks for reaching out to me, will get caught up here later today. Glad you are here
  12. Putting that into future job areas to watch!! I will have a look into, and perhaps another idea for my pracitcum/internship next year. I was advised to look for a learning community/agency to get full benefit on finishing up my major. Okay another celebration! I am 299lbs! (Since I attempted Whole30 when working at Zoo last August). And I don't feel like I'm losing anything. I don't feel like I"m starving, my menses cycle decided to push refresh. (I gained 25 lbs after getting implant birth control, that's the only bad side effect. Since my menses has stopped or quieted down from the angry cramps that made me ill. Just taking time to manage where my body is at). I started using MyFitnessPal (Bouncer333) for a couple days. Realized the lack of mindfulness I've lost.And found my inner hunger montior has a correct voice, its just me feeding correctly I need to work on (I don't have a lot of veggies and meat on hand). I'm thinking with this knowing of darkness, having been in darkness for awhile. (My zoo job had me bummed about life for awhile there). Makes the good stuff extra sparkly! No work today. As my class is meeting at a local state park (American Indigenous POV of a park I"ve been to for Rec and Park). (realizing I live close to state parks and don't go check them out as much as I would like since I got a car). My parent's "don't pay for a park thinking". However, State Parks I feel are safer on solo walking, when you run around on icy trails.... And walking around down and up icy trails will be a good workout.... Maybe worth the price...
  13. Man really??? Right with the boundary waters........ WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF THIS! Even from professors. Aww its a comunity college (not looking down), I think someone from my high school went there. But didn't do great and went into the Navy... I have a a feeling this school was made so people could get the certification needed for jobs that are in the area. Since everything could be so hands on, the most nationally known area. I could see getting certain experience and such would be great for the larger National Parks.... Them being a community college is the only way I can see why I never heard of it (something in my soul told me to get a 4 years). Next year's MN conference is in Brainerd, so I wonder if I'll see that college when I go next year (free for Students when one volnteers, but also my school pays for the rooms).
  14. OOh you know somebody from YELLOWSTONE!!! Tell you the truth that is close to celebrity level when talking about jobs with my professors. Idk if I ever will be a park ranger (this job will get me a better idea on skilling with my "dude don't do that" talk and getting heavy criticsm. The one college I haven't heard much from (hear more about Wisconsin here, despite that part of SD being close). Interview went fantastic! More than once she has repeated on "you will do well here". Its a family business with the new generation taking over (close to my age), looking for peeps to be able to switch between jobs (from cleaning to office work). Cleaning up after bears will not be a problem on my "handling disgusting moments". Cheap housing, with my own studio apartment (my own SPACE) with 2 days off a week (which is amazing for this type of work). I forsee sunrise hikes this summer... Work day doesn't start still 8 and ends normally. She is calling up my past jobs, had talked with an old Zoo coworker right after the interview. Only one I'm worried about is Como, since I got sick a few times. He said I shouldn't worry too much. My musuem boss messaged me less than 30 mins after my interview that she had a chat with a nice woman asking about me. So started off on a good note (my boss loves me there). So now to focus on life... Like work and school work while all this cool stuff happens (shaking from the awesomeoness). First time I've ever had someone get through the paperwork quickly, not wanting to lose me. Next week I could be hired! Not even halfway through the semester and I could have a job lined up
  15. That makes sense a lot more for the last few years, mourning on not having the parents I have wished for. With my growth, in the end I'm very lucky. Despite the ilnesses my father was more than on task on being protective (my mother had to teach him to, and he was on full mode). Just how ended it up was junky, the layers of it. But I know now more than enough of you understand and deal with it daily. Interview in 1 hour... will upate after.